QuickBooks Error 3371: How To Fix It?

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QuickBooks is a powerful accounting software tool which is used by individuals, retailers, enterprises and small and medium companies on a global scale. It is a reliable accounting software product and helps you maintain your financial accounts with accuracy. However, if it is the first time you have encountered issues with QuickBooks and don’t know what to do, do not worry.

In this article, we will show you how to fix QuickBooks error 3371 StatusCode – 11118 quickly and instantly.

QB Error Code: Error 3371 StatusCode – 11118

Encountering QuickBooks error 3371 can become frustrating for novice users as it may you from opening QuickBooks file on your computer. This is followed by having an error message displayed as:

[Error 3371, StatusCode – 11118] QuickBooks failed to load the license data. Missing or damaged files are the main reason behind this error.

However, when you click the OK button, it displays another dialogue box. This dialogue box shows the QuickBooks Fatal Error message:

QuickBooks has confronted a problem on startup. It may be because of an invalid software license. Do insert the QuickBooks CD into your system and then install the software again. If the problem arises again, contact the Technical Support Team.

At this point, when you click again on the OK button, it will simply close the message box thus, leaving you helpless and frustrated. Therefore, at AccountWizy, we shall show you the reasons for the occurrence of the error in QuickBooks as well as solutions that will have you up and running in no time.

Why Does QuickBooks Error 3371 StatusCode – 11118 Occur?

Why Does QuickBooks Error 3371 StatusCode - 11118 Occur?

When you open QuickBooks Desktop app or activate the accounting software product for the first time in Windows or macOS, you see certain error messages popping up on your computer screen. There are messages displayed, such as:

  • License properties can’t be initialized.[Error 3371]
    QuickBooks fail to load the license data.
  • License properties can’t be initialized.[Error 3371, StatusCode – 11118]
    QuickBooks fail to load the license data.
  • License properties can’t be initialized.[Error 3371, StatusCode – 1]
    QuickBooks fail to load the license data.

This error is usually caused by one of the following reasons:

(a) A component or file required by QuickBooks Desktop to run is either damaged or missing. The missing component or file may include:

(i) MSXML component: This Microsoft component is needed by QuickBooks Desktop to run on your Windows computer, which helps in retrieving information in the QBregistration.dat file thus, allowing QuickBooks to open.

(ii) QBregistration.dat: It is a QuickBooks Desktop installation file which contains license information for QuickBooks. Every time QuickBooks Desktop is made active, there is a need to retrieve and validate the license information. However, if the QBregistration.dat file is damaged or missing, QuickBooks Desktop will fail to open.

(b) You may also experience this issue if you are opening the file without saving it first. It is required that you first save the .QBO file before importing the file.

(c) Your Windows operating system or macOS is outdated.

(d) An anti-virus program has caused an interruption or is outdated or obsolete that quarantines certain files of QuickBooks Desktop.

Acknowledging the common reasons mentioned above will help you fix the QuickBooks error 3371 StatusCode – 11118 issue easily.

How To Fix Error 3371 StatusCode – 11118 In QuickBooks?

Intuit, however, makes it compulsory for users to have their QuickBooks license information on the hard drive. But, if that file or license information becomes corrupt, damaged, or perhaps, goes missing, then you may encounter QuickBooks error 3371 StatusCode – 11118.

The issue may also occur during cloning of the data, which is usually from the C:/ drive to another hard drive location on your computer. Therefore, in such a situation, you must delete your QuickBooks entitlement file. You will also need to re-enter your license information in order to resolve the problem.

The methods given below will help you fix qb error 3371 on your Windows computer:

Method 1:

  1. By pressing Win + R on your keyboard, open the Run box.
  2. Type (or copy and paste) C:ProgramDataIntuitEntitlement Clientv8 and press the OK button. This will automatically open the directory window.
  3. Locate and delete the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file, then close the window.
  4. Now, open QuickBooks and register the product again.

If this method does not resolve your problem, you may contact us on our quickbooks contact number 1-877-715-0222.

Method 2:

If your Windows operating system is outdated, or you have not installed new updates for quite a long time, then follow the steps given below:

  1. Click the Start button, or tap the Win key on the keyboard.
  2. Select All Programs from the menu and click Windows Update.
  3. At the Windows Update page, click the Check for updates button and wait for the process to complete. You will be prompted to install the necessary updates.

Once your Windows operating system is successfully updated, simply re-install QuickBooks Desktop.

If this method does not resolve your problem, try one of the following:

  • Fix common installation errors using QuickBooks Component Repair Tool.
  • Now do the clean installation of QuickBooks.

You may also contact us on our quickbooks customer support phone number 1-877-715-0222.

Method 3:

  1. Try to recreate the destroyed EntitlementDataStore.ecml file to resolve the license and registration issues.
  2. By using QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool, fix Microsoft .NET Framework, MSXML, and C++ pitfalls. 
  3. Click the Reinstall button and wait for the process to complete.

If required, restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

If this method does not resolve your problem, you may contact us on our quickbooks technical support number 1-877-715-0222.

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The solutions given above applies to:

  • How to fix Error 3371, StatusCode – 11118
  • Error 3371 StatusCode – 11118 QuickBooks Enterprise
  • QuickBooks could not load the license data after cloning
  • QuickBooks error 3371 StatusCode – 11118 Windows 7

If you need more information or assistance to resolve QuickBooks errors like error 3371, you may visit the QuickBooks Error Support link. You may also visit our QuickBooks support to get solutions from other QuickBooks owners.

Have questions, or didn’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us on our quickbooks support telephone number 1-877-715-0222 and let our Intuit certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor assist you right away!

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