The way to fix QuickBooks “restore Failed” errors

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QuickBooks is depended on by millions of small and medium-sized groups around the world to deal with their critical facts. As such, it’s the best natural that the software is programmed to take some of the best security measures to safeguard the integrity of the data it stores, organizes, and facilitates to manage. One such security degree is prompting users to properly returned up all their company files (QBW).

Reasons for the “restore Failed” error in QuickBooks

When trying to restore data from QuickBooks backup files, a few customers reportedly witness an odd happening in which the restore operation fails with one of the following messages:

  • “Error: Restore Failed. This is an Invalid Format of a Post QB 2007 Backup file”
  • “Errors: restore failed.  Can’t eliminate logfile”

This Failure of the backup restore operation can be attributed to one of the reason:

  • The backup is being restored over a Present Organization File
  • The Company File Name includes special characters
  • The backup is being restored from a USB flash drive or a network drive
  • The File being restored isn’t a real QuickBooks backup file.
  • The backup has been made in a newer version But is being restored to an old version
  • The Company File is broken or corrupted

Since the real culprit behind the “QuickBooks restore failed errors” may not be recognized right now, finding the exact solution that works might be hard at the start and may require some hit and trials. Accordingly, to cover all bases, in the next section, we have provided a list of the most feasible solution to tackle this error. To discover which solution works best for your case, execute all in the order given in the list. Proceed to the following answer if the previous one doesn’t work.

Methods to Resolve the Error

  • Stop overwriting an existing Company file when appearing the restore: This is a part of the simple file saving ethics. When saving the report being restored, browse to the destination folder where you wish to save it and if the name of the record clashes with an already existing company file, select a different name.
  • Remove Special Characters from the Company Filename: A part of primary document saving do’s and don’ts when saving any file, avoid from the usage of special characters like /\<>!$in the file name.
  • If the backup is saved on a USB flash drive or a network drive, copy it to the local system first:While restoring a backup saved on external media like a USB Drive or on a network, it’s recommended to make a local copy of the backup first so that if the connection to the USB or the network is disrupted, the backup operation doesn’t terminate suddenly. This sort of mishap, while the repair is underway, can also lead to permanent information corruption in the QBB document.
  • Ensure that the file you are trying to restore is a valid Quickbooks File: If you try to perform a restore operation on a file that’s not a valid QBB format (an invalid post QB2007 backup file) it’ll most in all likely throw the QuickBooks restore failed error.
  • Restore the QBB to the same version of QB which was used to create it: It is possible to restore a QBB created in an older QuickBooks version to a newer version of the application, but the vice versa if accomplished will result in an error. For that reason ensure there aren’t any model-incompatibilities when undertaking a backup restore.
  • Repair Quickbooks using stellar Quickbooks Repair Tools: If none of the above hints fixes the issue, your QBW or QuickBooks company file might be severely damaged. To repair it manually you may use QuickBooks built-in Rebuild and confirm utilities as follows:
  • QuickBooks File menu -> Utilities -> Rebuild Data
  • QuickBooks file menu -> Utilities -> verify Data

But, you need to be aware that you will need to study the QBWin.Log or the QuickBooks.Log Files even as performing these operations and they are probably too technical. A much easier and more efficient approach would be to rope in reliable QuickBooks File repair software. Stellar Repair for QB software embedded with an advanced set of rules to repair critically damaged or corrupted QB data files without hampering the file components (just like the company, clients, vendor, and employee information) and facilitate their recovery. The software program can support multiple currencies, offer a preview of all recoverable information before attempting the repair, and extract crucial financial facts (paychecks, payroll transactions, and so on.) to be saved in a new QBW report.

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