How To Create an IIF File For QuickBooks?

IIf files are ASCII text tabs and it is a separated value file that QuickBooks desktop uses to import or export lists of transactions. These files make it easier to transfer data from one platform to another platforms which is the best management company in QuickBooks.

Importing or exporting data files on the desktop is easy because QuickBooks desktop format the file for you. However, creating iif files and storing data from another program is very complex and it may be difficult if you don’t have experience formatting delimited text files which makes it faster and easier to enter the information directly into QuickBooks desktop, unless you have a large amount of data to import.

If you use Microsoft Excel to create the IIF file, you may save it through going to File > Save As command then make sure that the save as kind is set to Text (Tab Delimited) then input the iif within the file name box as show below:

How To Create IIf file for QuickBooks

You can create iif file for QuickBooks by using these method:-

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IIF File For QuickBooks

If you are familiar with the method to format and store your IIF document then It is time to import the Quickbooks IIF report we created. To import the Quickbooks follow these steps

  • Open Quickbooks
  • Navigate to File > Utilities > Import > IIF Files
  • The Import window will appear. Choose the iif record which you saved.
  • Click on the Open.
  • Click ok on the message “Your statistics has been create efficaciously”

Use of IIF files

You can use IIf file as these method:-

  • Export lists from one QuickBooks business enterprise record and import them into some other.
  • Import transactions into any other QuickBooks software.
  • Import QuickBooks timer activities into an organization record.
  • Share records between exclusive QuickBooks variants and systems  such as inclusive of Pro, Premier, and Enterprise; or Windows and Macintosh.

Create an IIF File from Excel

If you began exploring a method to import Payroll and Invoice records into Quickbooks then, you could import from Excel by method of creating a iif file.

  • Do shop from Excel, simply pick out Text or tab delimited as your option to keep
  • After you have stored, use explorer to make the folder and the report,
  • Properly click on the view record and give the same as name from .Txt to .Iif. It can be less complicated to do when you have not checked the field below explorer that announces hide extensions of regarded report types.

Create an IIF file for QuickBooks Desktop

If you have QuickBooks Desktop integration then,  create an Intuit Interchange format report after strolling payroll. This file carries away which payroll amounts align with bills in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • After you have run payroll, click on the reports tab.
  • However run the payroll and click on view details.
  • Next go to the QuickBooks and click on the export.
  • The IIF document can be installed onto your computer.
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I hope after reading this post you will understand How to create an IIF file for QuickBooks if you are still unable to create and need any kind of additional help, then you contact Quickbooks ProAdvisor.

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