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Magento QuickBooks Integration App & Extension

There are various tools, apps, and extension which makes it easy to do Magento QuickBooks integration. These tools help you eliminate data entry & instantly sync Magento with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Enterprise, or QuickBooks Point of Sale.

In this article, you will get to know each and every step. First, Every person knows about how the accounting process works. When you make a sale or transaction, then the salesperson or accountant need to record the transactions in their books. But If you have to do thousands of transactions on the same day, it would be very difficult for a human being while the accounting software does several entries without making any mistake.

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QuickBooks Desktop is accounting software that is designed to handle all accounting activities. We have another version which is Quickbooks Online. It is a cloud version of QB. This tool will help you to track all the transactions like inventories and cash flow and you can also access all the data while sitting at your home. It is not limited here, it is also used to finance your business.

With Magento Quickbooks Integration you can synchronize the information between them automatically then you can handle your customers effectively whenever any customer purchases anything from you the software will search in the database you are an existing user or new user and you do not need to write one transaction twice first in Magento and then Quickbooks here you can share the same information between them.

Note- If you want to use this extension then you must have an account on QuickBooks if you don’t have then you go the official website there you can create an account the and the fees for using the Quickbook online is 12 dollars/month.

Magento QuickBooks Integration App Extension

Features of Magento Quickbooks Online extension & Apps

  • One time setup and payment- You should only do once setup and payment and connect to Quickbooks online to Magento, in future you don’t have repeat the same thing the synchronization will be automatically done. And you to once to use this extension.
  • Integrate multiple stores- You can easily Integrate multiple Magento stores with QuickBooks using unique configurations for each website as needed and you can also integrate other channels with Quickbooks and sync data with Magento.
  • Customize your order processing- When we do any customization into the Magento that directly effects the order details, for example, adding a custom field. The Webgility enters each and every details into the Quickbooks when sells occur.
  • Record your orders
    • Record each and every order individually and you have summarized by day, week and month with journal entries.
    • You can create sales receipts and invoices.
    • When any product sale by Magento, then it will automatically update your inventory in the Quickbooks.
    • It automatically creates missing products in Quickbooks.
    • You can record transaction details like shipping and billing addresses, promo codes, payment methods, discounts, and sales tax, etc.
  •  Record Magento fees- Magento records related fees as an individual bill transaction and it is connected to a shipping app so you can easily track granular profit.
  • Handle refunds & cancellations –You can create credit memos against the original sale for accurate transaction-level accounting.
  • Pricing manager –You have to only update your price once in Quickbook then it will automatically update in Magento.
  • Get report the way you want- You can easily know your Magento channel is performing with the help of a summary of transactions.
  • Listing- You can easily publish your product from Quickbooks to Magento store which includes images and details and you can also import/export bulk listing.
  • Customizable- You can use the option of extensive customizations otherwise you can choose the paid customization option.
  • Comply with sales tax- You can work for single or multiple tax jurisdictions and you can map sales tax on particular items into the Quickbooks to fill the accurate sales tax.
  • Sync inventory-
    • You can keep your inventory updated on your every sale or return.
    • When you add stock in Quickbook then it is automatically updated inventory.
  • It can handle high volume –It can record thousands of transaction per day and it archives records and use the summary to keep Quickbooks file smaller.
  • Generate purchase order –It can automatically generate purchase orders and vendors’ emails.
  • Market places –It works with more than 50 market places in which major market places are- Walmart, eBay, Amazon, and shopping platforms like Shopify, etc and setting can be adjusted per sales channels.

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How to setup Magento Quickbooks Integration

Step 1- Installation

First, you have to install this file Mageplaza Quickbooks Online Integration extension it is simple to install simply click on yes.

Step 2- Configuration steps for Integration

  • For setup Quickbooks online accounts go to Backend
  • Then click on Stores
  • Then click on Quickbooks Online
  • After that click on the connection
  • Then you have to click on Connect to QuickBooks button.
  • A new page will appear then you have to click on signup fill your information
  • After that login into your account.
Update Magento QuickBooks Integration

Here you will get a whole life-free update. When a new updated version comes then simply r login into your account by filling useId and Password. If you have any questions and need any assistance then you can contact our customer support team. The support timing is available from 7 am to 6 pm PST. We will very happy to help you.

I hope you understand all the points regarding Magento Quickbooks Integration in which you can sync your Magento to QuickBooks. So, you don’t need to record the same individual entries. It saves a lot of time that you can use this time into your other business activities.

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