PayPal Integration With Quickbooks

PayPal is widely famous for its online payment service. And most US businesses accept PayPal to take payment online. So its popularity forced Intuit to Paypal integrate with Quickbooks. that’s why many Quickbooks user prefers Paypal payment gateway. Earlier when we use PayPal for transactions in Quickbooks.

Then we used to managed manually all the receipts. But now Intuit has updated its Quickbooks app so that we can easily synchronize PayPal data into Quickbooks. So let’s see Paypal integration with Quickbooks.

What Is PayPal

PayPal is a kind of web application where the user can connect their bank accounts, credit cards, or debit cards. And through this, you can pay and receive payment from another person. This type of service also called payment gateway service. These types of services are built very securely, it has various security levels for your online banking. So that nobody can hack your bank account. And that’s why most business owners accept payment through Paypal.

Besides business owners, if you use it for personal use. Then you can transfer money from your account to another friend without paying any charges.

So if you want to Paypal integration with Quickbooks. Then this decision is good for your business. Because PayPal integration can increase your sales, as you know most US people use Paypal payment gateway.

Benefits Of Paypal Integration With Quickbooks

After becoming part of PayPal services you will be able to transfer money to other accounts. Also, you can get many benefits when you integrate PayPal with Quickbooks. Let’s see below…

Boost Your Cash Flow

By integrating Paypal with Quickbooks, you can now make payment online from a large number of PayPal users. Because most the customers don’t purchase the item on websites that hasn’t option for PayPal payment. Due to the unavailable option of PayPal, customers can avoid your business and purchase from others. But if you have PayPal integration with Quickbooks then definitely your cash flow will increase.

Secure & Protected

Papal integration monitors your transaction in real-time. So that you will not face any cybercrime on your bank account. And its called buyer protection, so that more &more customers can visit your business.

Get Set up In Minutes

Paypal integration with Quickbooks is beneficial for your business. You can integrate it by following some simple steps. Because Paypal and Quickbooks both update its procedure to work together. Simply you can go to your Quickbooks and add your payment method.

Accept Credit Card Payments

PayPal payment gateway service helps you to take payment via credit card. And many customers use a credit card for shopping and give payment to vendors. So if you integrate PayPal with Quickbooks. If you do so then you can see, your sales will increase and your cash flow also increases.

Save On Accounting Time

In earlier versions of Quickbooks. We have to manage receipts manually in Quickbooks. And this task is a very irritating task. Because managing the number of receipts is not easy and the Accountant got confused while doing this. So after Quickbooks updates version, now you don’t have to do entry manually in accounting. It will automatically add payment and fees in Quickbooks. That’s why it reduces the time of accounting.

No Hidden Fees

If you want to integrate PayPal with Quickbooks, then you can integrate it without any charges. It’s absolutely free for Quickbooks users to work with Paypal payment gateway services. But if you take and accept transaction then you have to pay standard charges.

Save With Low Card Fees

By the way, you can accept payment via Paypal. By using credit or debit card you can receive payment without any charges. But if you want to take benefits from PayPal fees. Then you can accept transaction at low cost as 1.7% + $0.20 on every transaction.

How To Do PayPal Integration With Quickbooks

You can easily connect the PayPal app with your Quickbooks software. Just you have to follow the below steps.

  • Open your Quickbooks software
  • Now click on the Banking, you will find Banking on the left corner of your Quickbooks dashboard.
  • Click on the Connect button you will see it below side of Quickbooks dashboard.
  • And then you will see the PayPal icon in front of your dashboard, click on it.
  • Then you will see Let’s do It Option, click on it to continue further steps.
  • Now you have to enter the email address that connected with PayPal and click on the Next button
  • Then enter the password and click on the Login Button
  • After sign up go back to your Quickbooks.
  • Then you will see steps for PayPal integration click on the Next button.
  • Then if you don’t have a PayPal account, then you can click on the pencil icon to create one. Or you can select one that you have already connected with PayPal.
  • After selecting the PayPal account from drop-down click on the Next button.
  • Then it will ask you from when you want to do a transaction, specify date inside date column.
  • And click on the Save button and click on the Done button.
  • Congrats, you have connected with Quickbooks.


Paypal integration with Quickbooks is beneficial for your business growth. Whether you have a small business or a large business, if you are using Quickbooks accounting application then you have to integrate with Paypal. Because it helps in the growth of your business. So it’s our advice you to be in touch with us for further any kind of technical help.

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