Why QuickBooks Bank Feeds not working?

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QuickBooks provides lots of features to its users. Bank feeds one of them, this is a very important and powerful feature provided by QuickBooks. With the help of Bank Feeds features you can connect your bank account and also your credit card to QuickBooks Desktop software.

This will helps you to track and monitor your bank transaction details. You can also make a transaction to QuickBooks through the bank feeds options. Furthermore, you compare or match your recorded transaction details in the future.

QuickBooks automatically feeds your transaction with your added bank account. But sometimes it encountered an error in feeding transaction data to your bank or QuickBooks Bank Feeds not working.

Here we will discuss some reasons to encounter this problem and also provides different solutions to it.

Basic Reasons Due to Bank Feed Stop Working

There are basically four reasons due to bank feed stop working and fetching daily transactions to your bank account:-

  • Due to the synchronization errors with your Quickbooks software and bank account which one you were added.
  • QuickBooks Stop supports the special bank. In which you have an account.
  • The added bank server doesn’t respond at the time of synchronization.
  • You are trying to get the transaction details for more than the past 90 days.

Steps To Fix QuickBooks Bank Feeds Not Working Problem

As you know this problem comes due to different reasons. As well, you need to follow different solution to get rid to QuickBooks Bank Feeds Not Working Problem:-

Solution 1:  When Your Bank Accounts Details Are Not Connected Properly.

  • Click on the start menu and open your QuickBooks Desktop Software (Run as Admin).
  • Now select the Bank Feeds options and click on Banking.
  • Now choose your account in which one problem occurs.
  • Select the Banking and credit card option in your QuickBooks Application.
  • Now update your Bank and Credit card details carefully.

Solution 2: Problems Come After You Changed Your Bank Account Password.

  • Click on the start menu and open your QuickBooks Desktop Software (Run as Admin).
  • Log in to your QuickBooks software account if it needs to log in.
  • Now click on the edit option that is represented with a pencil icon on the right upper side.
  • Select the Edit your sign details.
  • Now time to update your bank User ID and Password in your systems.

Solution 3: When Your Bank Account Connection Is Corrupted.

  • Click on the start menu and open your QuickBooks Desktop Software (Run as Admin).
  • Navigate to the Banking section on Home Menu.
  • Now chooses the account and click on the edit account details.
  • Disconnect your saved account to the QuickBooks Accounting software
  • Now reopen the Application.
  •  Go to the home page and connect your account details again.

Hope! You understood the problem and their reasons to come. A further different solution to fix this QuickBooks Bank Feeds Not Working problem.

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