How To Fix QuickBooks Error 1712 While Installing QuickBooks

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QuickBooks error 1712 occurs in QuickBooks software due to a damaged operating system, windows, or  Microsoft components. While installing QuickBooks software, usually these errors will appear on the screen. Due to it, you will not be able to continue your work in QBs accounting software. Don’t worry about this, intuits provide you the best way to remove QuickBooks error 1712 in a short time.

If you want to Quickly fix this error use QuickBooks tools such as:

  • QuickBooks Tool Hub
  • QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool

By using these tools you can get rid of QB errors in a short time and do your work smoothly without any error.

What is QuickBooks Error 1712

QuickBooks error 1712 is related to the installation of the QuickBooks application in your system. This error mostly occurs when you are installing QuickBooks Desktop Edition 2018 and QuickBooks Desktop Edition 2019.

This error occurs when you have already installed a new version of the QuickBooks application and try to install an older version of the QuickBooks accounting software. So, it is recommended that first uninstall the currently installed software properly and try to install other QuickBooks accounting Software.

QuickBooks Error 1712 – Its Causes & Symptoms

As you know as a user of QuickBooks, QuickBooks is the world’s most reliable software, developed to manage small/medium size businesses and save your time by automatically creating receipt/record and features of tracking sale/purchase.

So while using such the best software rarely chance to face any error like QuickBooks error 1712. As you know, there are many causes behind any errors. In this article, you will know its causes and symptoms and solutions.

Causes of QuickBooks Error 1712

  • Installing corrupted QBs Package
  • Overlapping installation of QuickBooks new version to old version
  • Malware problem is a big cause of this error
  • Missing your Window components files

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error code 1712

  • The blue screen appears on the display
  • Computer shutdown
  • Computer/PC/laptop not working properly
  • Incomplete Installation
  • It can be an HTTP error.
  • Input and output errors

In order to not take too much of your time, you should follow these steps to solve QuickBooks error code 1712 in your system. Due to a 1712 QBs error, the performance of the devices slows down and unstabilizes.

Resolve QuickBooks Error 1712 With the Help of Different Tools

Here we are explaining different steps to solve the QBs error 1712, follow these steps one by carefully:-

Steps-1: Use the QuickBooks tools hub

  • Download and save QuickBooks Tool Hub on desktop or download folder by using the extension (.exe)
  • Go and open this tool hub and follow some steps on screen and agree to terms/ condition
  • After installation complete, open QB tool hub
  • Then click on the QuickBooks Tool Hub desktop app
  • After it, choose program error
  • Click on Quick Fix my program

After the above steps, QuickBooks error 1712 is fixed and now you can install Quickbooks without any error. If the problem does not solved then follow the next step.

Steps-2: Use QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

Sometimes different running services can interrupt the installation of QuickBooks. Therefore disable all the services except Microsoft service with the help of the MSConfig tool.

Follow the steps to disable running services in your system:-

  • Start computer
  • Click Window+R for Run window
  • Type MSConfig then press ok
  • Click on Hide all Microsoft service
  • Select Disable all
  • Then, uncheck hide Microsoft services
  • Right tick on the list of services
  • After then, choose windows installer checker
  • Click on OK
  • In system configuration, click on Restart
  • After it Normal configure
  • Again open Run window+r
  • Retype MSConfig and then OK
  • Go in General option->then Start-up->OK
  • Next in system configuration-> Restart

Now, you need to download the diagnostic tool from the Intuit official site then set up this tool in your computer devices. Then follow some given instructions:

  • Install the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool.
  • Restart your computer to completely apply the changes.
  • Now, Open downloaded tool QBinstall.exe
  • Click on “I am having QuickBooks installing problem” option.
  • Then click on OK button
  • Finally, restart your system and check error will be solved or not.


We hope the above-mentioned tools and different steps help you to fix the QuickBooks 1712 error. You don’t need any technical knowledge to use this tool. These tools have a user-friendly interface. It helps you scan and fix the QuickBooks 1712  error automatically in a few easy steps.

After applying all the given step your error is not fixed. Then you can comment on the comment section. Our QuickBooks ProAdvisor team will help you fix your problem.

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