QuickBooks Error 3140 – How to Fix

Last Updated on February 15, 2020 by Editor Team

Nowadays, many people work on software and manage their data on the system. While operating any software, they have to face many types of problems like the sudden shutdown of the computer and appear errors on display system not working properly, etc. so in this article we discuss about to fix QuickBooks error 3140.

If you are QuickBooks user, as you know QuickBooks is accounting software also known as multi-user software worldwide. So While operating this software rarely some errors appear on the display like QuickBooks error 3140, 3000, 3120, 3170 & 3180, QuickBooks error 80005004 and so on. Its normal error, Don’t worry about these types of error, because here our experts provide the best simple procedure to fix QuickBooks error 3140.

Generally, this error can occur on QuickBooks installation time, shut down or start up windows.

Causes & Symptoms of QuickBooks Error

When you run several applications on your system then suddenly your computer run lazily because of some causes. Some causes and symptoms are given here related to QuickBooks error which is noticed by experts and users of QB as given below:

Causes of QB Error 3140-

  • Most of the time, infected files in the software
  • It can also cause Incomplete QuickBooks(QB) installation
  • Some QB company file be Deleted by you by mistake
  • It can occur some viruses in your system and may cause QuickBooks error 3140.

Symptoms of QB Error 3140-

  • QuickBooks error occurs then an error message suddenly pop-ups
  • Your computer runs lazily and takes to much time to run properly.
  • Crashes of the current program
  • a problem with syncing of the data
  • Mouse cursor move slow
  • Some time current application freeze for a few seconds.

As you know, how & when QuickBooks error 3140 occurred. So let’s start how to fix Quickbooks errors in an easy and simple way.

To fix QuickBooks error 3140

  • First, you need to repair your computer, scan your system for any possible malware to fix this error.
  • Second, you have to clean the system with disk cleanup(cleanmgr).
    • To clean the system by using disk cleanup

      • Open your desktop/pc/window then click on Start.
      • After it, you have to typer the Command then press Ctrl+Shift
      • Then press Enter
      • Click Yes in pop-ups dialogue
      • After it, appear blake type box then press Enter on cleanmgr
      • Cleaning disk starts and it cleans unnecessary files and folder/media to fix QuickBooks error.
      • After it, on the screen cleanup box with checkbox appear to clean
      • At Last press Ok.
  • Third, you need to update all devices with the current version.
  • While repairing your system doesn’t change the previous setting.
  • After it, you need to check the window programs associate with QB software.
  • You need to uninstall and re-install it
  • Then in the window system, run file checker(scannow)
  • Then you see after conducting a new window installation, you get rid of QuickBooks error 3140.

Simple Procedure to fix QuickBooks Error 3140 /3000/3120/3170&3180

Do you also face QuickBooks error, so don’t worry about it to fix because this error is too small? Here we will discuss it’s the simple processor to fix QB error 3140.

  • Update Pc device driver:-  To fix QB errors, you should have to update your pc device driver.
  • Malware attack scan:- when you face these error then you should scan your system to keep safe and protect your computer from malware infection. By malicious program, QuickBooks errors are generated and QuickBook error 3140 is usually generated by this cause.
  • Clean your system with disk cleanup(cleanmgr):- as you know while suffering the internet most of the unnecessary files/folder downloaded and filled system storage. Then Qb file not working properly and many types of error created. So you should clean this storage by using disk cleanup.

While working on a computer we face many errors and get stressed. And it take to much time to work properly. That’s by our experts share this procedure to solve QuickBooks error 3140 /3000/3120/3170&3180. by using these procedures you can find your computer working properly without any problem.


QuickBooks is perfect online accounting software. And also the user’s best reliable accounting software. With powerful features of accounting and fulfill every business growing to startup needs. While working on QuickBooks, some Error generally creates many problems that’s why our experts provide you the best way to fix QuickBooks errors. I hope by following the above procedure, you can get rid of QuickBooks error 3140.