Error code 6073 Quickbooks unable to open company file (How to fix)

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In this artical we will discuss what are the causes and how we can solve error code 6073, so do not need to worry about it we will share with you each and every step to resolve this error. Error in Quickbook is not a big deal every accounting software faces the errors and the meaning of this error is when you are trying to open your company file but you are unable to open your file. There are many causes that are stopping you to open your file. You should know why this error occurs and how you can solve this error in.

Symptoms of Quickbooks error code 6073

  • The first symptom of this error is it crashes the active program window.
  • When you open any file then the error code 6073 continues the display.
  • Your computer system crash continuously.

Causes of occurring this error

  • When your file located inside the read-only network.
  • The file you want to access in your computer which is open in another computer with single-user mode.
  • If your file is hosted on Linux server with multiple login credentials to sign in.
  • The company files you want to open but it is being accessed by someone else using remote software The host computer assumes you are already logged in.
  • There may be many chances your company file is corrupted.
  • The version of Quickbooks and your server do not match.
  • The file you want to access is missing or completely delete.

Quickbooks error code 6073 – Solutions to fix

Solution 1:Download or install Quickbooks file doctor 


  • Visit the Quickbooks official website and download the “Quickbooks tools hub” file. 
  • Then open the Quickbooks Tool Hub.exe.
  • Click on install and accept all the terms and conditions.


  • When it is installed successfully then double click on the QFD.
  • Go into the home and click on Quickbooks tools hub.
  • Then click on run Quickbooks file doctor.
  • Then browse your company file.

Solution 2: When the company file is opened by someone else

  • First, you have to close Quickbooks software from all the systems.
  • Then keep access to the host computer.
  • Open Quickbooks file and change the file into multi-user mode.
  • Then again start your computer

Solution 3: When the company file in read-only mode

  • Access your host computer.
  • Then select a file and then right-click on the file.
  • Then click on the properties and security tab.
  • Then select allow option and then click on apply to save.

Solution 4: The company files you want to open but it is being accessed by someone else using remote software

  • Go into the Task Manager by right click on the Taskbar.
  • Then click on the Process tab.
  • Then read the processes carefully and check the process are running on the name of the user.
  • If you fond any process on the name of the user after that Restart your computer system.

Solution 5: Your network data file is missing or corrupted

  • From keyboard press Window + E key then window explorer will open.
  • Now you have to search the folder with the name of Quickbooks.
  • After that, you have to right-click on company file with network data and QB company file extension.
  • After that replace your file extension with .ndold and press enter.
  • When you open the company file then QB creates another network data file for the company file.

Solution 6: Network data file or transaction log file usually label as the hidden files.

  • You have to open My Computer then go to the Tools section after that click on the Folder option.
  • Then go inside the View tab and click on Show hidden files  & folders.
  • After that open data folder
  • Right-click on the network data file and then click on properties.
  • Then Delete Hidden option and press Ok.

We hope the above mention solution will help you to solve the Quickbooks error code 6073. In this article, I told you about what are the causes of this error and I wrote more than 5 solution so you can use these solutions step by step I am sure now you are able to fix this error.

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Error code 6073 Quickbooks unable to open company file (How to fix)