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QuickBooks -6144-82 Error Code: The Way of Quick Troubleshoot Solution

QuickBooks -6144-82 is one of the QuickBooks error codes, which generally occurs due to the incorrectly configured system settings, and irregularities in the Windows registry. This error doesn’t allow the user to access the company file which is used by another application and also stops you to perform any task on the server.

In this article, we will know the sign, causes, and troubleshooting steps to resolve the Quickbooks error code 6144-82 error code. Just read, and learn what kind of step you should take to get rid of this error code.

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QuickBooks Error 6144-82: Know the Signs, Causes, & Solutions

Here we have given the complete guide for the 6144-82 error code. Collect all the information, and be ready to fix the problem as soon as possible.

What are the Signs to Detect the QuickBooks 6144 82 Error Code

We get more than one sign whenever the 6144 82 error code occurs. Through all these signs, you can easily identify the error code and can go for the step to troubleshoot the problem. Let’s check, what are the signs:

  • The first thing is, your Windows will be run slowly
  • You will get an error message that ‘We are sorry for the inconvenience message.’ in your Windows.
  • Apart from that, you will get an error message with the 6144 82 error code, while working in your company file.
  • You will get the warning message during the starting, and shutting down of the system, installation of OS on the computer, and etc.

If you are facing all of the above symbols then it is sure you have the 6144 82 error code in QuickBooks. Proceed forward to know more about this error code.

Why 6144 82 Error Code Occurs in QuickBooks

We can’t conclude that this is the exact cause for the QuickBooks error code 6144 82. Because generally, it occurs due to many reasons. We have made a list of causes below, check all of the reasons, and see which reason is responsible for the error code in QuickBooks.

  • It may occur due to the improper setup of the firewall settings.
  • Sometimes we have the damaged .tlc (transaction log file) in our system, which can be the main reason for this error code.
  • The damaging of the .nd file (which contains the network data report) is another reason for this error.
  • You may not have permission for setting up the sharing of company files.
  • The virus, and malware attacks, network issues in the server, are also the other reasons for this error code.

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How to Fix QuickBooks Error 6144-82

QuickBooks error 6144-82 can be fixed in different ways. We have given more than one procedure to solve this problem. All of the given solutions are tested and proved. You can go through these solutions without any hesitation. But it is your responsibility to choose the right solution according to the reasons for this error code.

Solution 1: Rename the QuickBooks TLG file and ND file to .OLD

QuickBooks .tlg file, and .nd file play a vital role in QuickBooks and the system. If you have a problem in two files then you need to rename the files to .old file. Here is the process to rename it.

  • Launch QuickBooks Desktop application.
  • Press the ‘F2’ key from the keyboard, for the file information.
  • Get the location detail of company files, and choose the folder that contains all the company file.
  • Select all files that end with .ND and .TLG extensions.
  • Righ-click on one file (.ND or .TLG), select the ‘Rename’ option, and change it into .OLD extension.
  • Repeat this step for all.ND, and .TLG files.
  • After that, try to login to the QuickBooks company file.

Solution 2: Set Up QuickBooks User Permissions

If you have the problem in user permission then, first you need to set up the user permission in QuickBooks. Follow the instructions, and change the permission accurately.

  • Login to QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Click the company from the upper right corner.
  • There you can see the option of ‘Set Up Users and Roles’ option, just click on it.
  • Fill out the password, and click on the username from the available user list.
  • Select the user permission, that you want to give the user.
  • Now, it’s done.

If the problem is not yet gone then go for the next solution.

Solution 3: Run the Windows Error Repair Tool

This is a very effective procedure to get rid of this error. Just follow the instruction, and complete the procedure.

  • First of all, you need to download the Windows application tool.
  • Then install and run the tool.
  • After the complete installation process of the tool, click on the ‘Scan Now’ option to start the scanning process.
  • during the scanning process, if you get any error then click on the ‘Repair’ option to fix the issue.
  • This tool is mostly used to fixed issues like, registry permissions, file permissions, system files, Windows firewall, Internet Explorer, host files, Winsock & DNS cache, proxy setting, Windows updates issues.

Solution 4: Repair Windows Registry

Follow the procedure to repair the Windows registry:

  • Open your system, and go to the ‘Sart’ button.
  • Enter “Command” in the search box, and press the ‘Enter’ key from the keyboard.
  • Then press and hold the ‘CTRL’ key and ‘Shift’ key from your keyboard, and hit the ‘Enter’ key simultaneously.
  • It will display you the permission dialog box on your screen.
  • Select the ‘Yes’ option, and enter ‘regedit’ in the black box.
  • Hit the ‘Enter’ key from your keyboard.
  • Go to the ‘Registry Editor’ section, and select the related option of error 6144 82.
  • Then visit the ‘File’ menu, and select the ‘Export’ option.
  • Select the folder where you want to save the backup key of QuickBooks.
  • Give a name to the folder, and click on the ‘Selected Branch’ option from the ‘Export Range Box’.
  • Save all the changes with the .reg file extension.
  • Now, you have the QuickBooks related registry entry backup.

Final Words

At the last of the article, we hope you got the information that you want to know about the QuickBooks error code 6144-82. All the solutions, that given in the above are fruitful, you just have to follow all the steps carefully to fix the problem. Still, if you have any doubts regarding this topic then you can get our ProAdvisor support for the best and fast troubleshooting solution.

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