QuickBooks For Mac: How to Install & Set up Mac Desktop

QuickBooks mac desktop is an accounting software designed for small and medium business and mostly dedicated for mac users who offer a few mac unique features to make their accounting process run easily.

QuickBooks for mac is packed with so many features such as an i calendar, embedding a notification bar within the menu bar, syncing contacts with the mac operating system. These features help you to organize your income and expenses. You can also pay bills, invoice customers, track inventory, and pay contractors. And it’s marketplace promotion is increasing day by day.

Enterprise, Pro, and Premier are the three versions of QuickBooks with so many groups opting to apply the mac device in their workplace. In this blog we are going to talk about how to install QuickBooks for mac. Let’s know about it

How to install QuickBooks Mac Desktop

  • You can install the QuickBooks  from the intuit websites.
  • Now, go to the QuickBooks support site and select the quickBooks for mac, you can also purchase with the QuickBooks software CD from the retailer shops, If you purchase the CD so use the CD installer from running the QuickBooks for mac.
  • The downloading steps are done then go to QuickBooks saved location and click to open the QuickBooks executable file or run the installation software.
  • When filling the extraction complete, if you want to know how to update my data to the new version of QuickBooks desktop, you click yes to all.
  • Then click the the start to installation the process
  • After you read the all terms and conditions of the software license agreement then tick the i accept all terms and conditions and click to next.
  • Now you can enter your license number and product number.
  • Now, you can select the types of installation for the system :- with the help of express, you can permit the installer to suggest the right choice for you. Because of this you can change or replace the QuickBooks version.
  • Using multiple versions in QuickBooks desktop you choose the custom and network option by multiple versions of the software, You can easily share data with QuickBooks conversion tool and another user on a network.
  • Now select where you will be using the QuickBooks software like select the option if you are not using QuickBooks on a system or you can install on a mac that will be utilized and running for QuickBooks desktop but not store the company file.
  • If you will use QuickBooks on your computer and store the company file and it can be shared over a network: Choose this type of option then you can share and store the company data and file.
  • Now click the next to install the default and you can also choose the older model of QuickBooks only so, you can easily browse the directory, choose your location and click to the next.
  • Install to continue and click back if you go back you can give a review to the previous version of QuickBooks.
  • QuickBooks processor running the installer, the installer may request to start your mac otherwise you click to open the QuickBooks.
  • After the installation process your QuickBooks is activated now you are all set.

How to Set up QuickBooks Mac Desktop

you get the multi user mode in QuickBooks then you can also set up the QuickBooks software, and the multi user access the file or data at the same time, here we discuss how to set up QuickBooks for mac using these steps, you can set up  QuickBooks software steps and these following are:-

  • Open the multi-users folder in quickBooksIf  software
  • Then drag the Quickbooks server icon to the application folder
  • Click to authenticate to change the application folder and create the admin username and password and click to ok
  • Launch the quickBooks and open the company profile, then go to file and choose the enable multi-user mode to share your company files

Advantages of QuickBooks Mac Desktop

  • QuickBooks for mac desktop is very user friendly, you can easily installed and set up navigated if you don’t have an account in the background, the interface of mac is user friendly
  • New features and function are offered with the same one time investment cost of quickBooks another version software
  • If you set up your business then you get help from any account and bookkeeper here all advisor work set up only using one software QuickBooks for mac desktop.
  • Choosing the most important and latest accounting software for mac is available in QuickBooks version to get offers unlimited users and the best customer support
  • QuickBooks for mac is an excellent accounting solution for growing your small business.

Limitations of QuickBooks for Mac

If you are looking the limitation of QuickBooks mac desktop then the following steps are:-

  • No one can have mobile access to data in QuickBooks software. No other person can access the data from your mobile phone but we suggest that the QuickBooks for Mac can be run and installed in Desktop or systems.
  • Provide the limited technical support if you can install the Quickbooks software 30 days then, we can provide the free technical support and after 30 days, you can choose the plan to get technical support.
  • Maximum 3 users get a license QuickBooks for mac and come up with 2 users licenses only.


quickBooks for Mac allows us to keep track of every financial aspect of business. Creates invoices or sales receipts to track income and write checks to pay your bills with a few clicks. You can also review sales and analyze how profitable your business is. QuickBooks offers a 60 days money back guarantee, so you have got nothing to lose. Install and set up QuickBooks for mac and grow your business up and running easily.

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