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QuickBooks Merchant Services Login (The Best payment Solution)

QuickBooks merchant services is the advanced facility provided by Intuit to make the QuickBooks payment process easier. It processes the debit and credit card payments at the minimum transaction price like 1.50%, and auto-generates invoices and ACH payments at a reasonable price.

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If you are a current user of QuickBooks then there are many chances you already have been supplied with QuickBooks Merchant services account for processing the payments of your invoices. With the help of this extension you can do the transactions from checkfront flow directly from your QuickBooks account it will make the tracking and management very easy. If you are not a user of the QuickBooks merchant services then you need to sign up for a merchant account then you will be able to manage all the payments inside their easy to use online payment system.

What is QuickBooks Merchant Services

QuickBooks merchant services are the facility to get paid faster, accept credit cards, debit cards, and ACH bank transfers easily.

How it Make the Payment Process Easy

Integration with QuickBooks is very easy: QuickBooks Merchant services fulfill all the requirements of the QuickBooks accounting software. Merchant service is applied to all the products of QuickBooks. Here you can accept debit cards, credit cards and do bank transfers (ACH) online. The direct payment integration will help you to auto-update all the invoices and books upon a sale. The transaction rates are 1.5% for the Enterprise, and 1.75% for Premier, pro, and online versions.

E-Invoicing: Here you get the option of the payment preferences. Here you can choose the mode of payment which your customer like to pay. Now your customer can view the online and cross-check when it gets updated. You must ensure that you have the correct due/outstanding amount is display on your screen. As a merchant, you will get the notification you have received the payments. The invoice gets updated and marks as paid after receiving the payments.

E-checks: In which you will get the option of the process the customer’s checks with the QuickBooks desktop. This will also auto-update the invoices and it will also auto-deposit payments within 2-3 days, that feature will save you lot of time to trip to the bank.

EMV Ready: QuickBooks Merchants account is always EMV ready. You only need to use it with the EMV reader to avoid liability for the cost associated with credit card frauds and scams.

Suitable for Mobile payments and E-commerce payments: QuickBooks merchant services provide the feature of the QuickBooks Gopayment that will help you to make mobile payments very easily. you can increase your sales by adding credit cards on mobile. It is very easy to connect with the shopping carts, for example, WooCommerce, Shopify, etc. You also get the 128bit SSL encryption that will make your payment more secure and protect your payment details from unauthorized access

How to Access QuickBooks Merchant Services Login

There are two ways to access the merchant service center. We have given both solution to you. Choose any one of the solutions to access the service.

Login to QuickBooks Merchant Services Center Manually

  • First, you need to visit for QuickBooks.Online login.
  • After successfully logged into the QuickBooks Online account, you can see the ‘Settings’ option, just click on it.
  • Select the ‘Account and Settings’ option from the ‘Settings’ tab.
  • Select the ‘Manage Details’ option from the ‘Payment’ tab.
  • After that, you will be taken to a new tab for the ‘Merchant Service Center’.

Login to the Intuit Merchant Service Center in Web

  • Open the Google Chrome browser and login to the merchant service center.
  • Now on this page, enter your mail ID, and password with the appropriate field.
  • And click on the ‘Sign In’ button to the Merchant Service Center.

Login to the QuickBooks merchant Service Center in QuickBooks Desktop

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop, and launch the company file, which linked with the merchant services account.
  • Visit to the ‘Customers’ menu, and select the ‘Credit card Processing’ option.
  • Then select the ‘Merchant Service Center’ from the ‘Credit card Processing’ list.
  • After that, you can access the merchant service center.

The appearance of the merchant service center totally depends on the setting of the login. You may be prompted for the credential to log in to the merchant service or may be directed towards the home screen of the merchant service center.

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Intuit QuickBooks Merchant Services Fees & Rates

This is one of the irritating parts of the Intuit merchant services. In which every variation of the QuickBooks payment comes with its own pricing and the difference is very little, so you must have to pay attention. You should remember one thing you are going with more than $7,500 per month then you are eligible for the customs rates that will help you to save your lot of money.

For QuickBooks Online Payments

QuickBooks Online especially supports PayPal payments, which you will not get with the Desktop version. It is the best thing because many businesses currently using PayPal for payment. Here you also get the ACH transfer free because you can offer the payment option for the invoices and pay literally zero charges for payment processing. below you will get the disclosed rates and fees:

  • Month to month charge: 0.00 dollars per transaction
  • ACH Transfer:  0.00 dollars per transaction
  • Swipe Credit/Debit: 2.4% +  0.25 dollars per transaction
  • Receipt, PayPal, Apple Pay: 2.9% +  0.25 dollars per transaction
  • Key Lane: 3.4% +  0.25 dollars per transaction

For QuickBooks Desktop Payments

Keep in mind that the QuickBooks desktop version of Payments does not include PayPal support. You will also see that ACH transactions cost $ 1.00 each, while they are free from the online plan. You may also want to note that the per-transaction fee is high.

One thing I’ve noticed repeatedly is how much cheaper QB Desktop is than QB Online, since desktop software is a one-time purchase, while QB Online is a monthly subscription.  However, the pricing for accepting payments is less expensive with the online version, and I have to make sure it is intended as an additional incentive.

Pay As You Go PlanMonthly Plan
Month Fees: 0.00 dollars per transactionMonth Fees: 20.00 dollars
ACH Transfer: 1.00 dollars per transactionACH Transfer: 1.00 dollars
Swipe Credit/Debit: 2.4% +  0.30 dollars per transactionSwipe Debit/Credit: 1.6% + 0.30 dollars per transaction
Receipt/Apple Pay: 3.5% +  0.30 dollars per transactionReceipt/Apple Pay: 3.3% +0.30 dollars  per transaction
Keyed: 3.5% and 0.30 dollars per transactionKeyed: 3.3% + 0.30 dollars per transaction

For QuickBooks Point of Sale Payments

You can technically bring any processor into QuickBooks’ POS system, but only QB Payments automatically syncs transactions and prevents you from entering manually.  The pricing here is a bit different, so take a closer look at it. First, note that the free basic plan of QuickBooks merchant services does not have a per-transaction fee. It is a good thing. In fact, it stays at rates comparable to PayPal and Square, making it viable for businesses with lower ticket prices, You also get the PIN Debit support which is very nice in touch.

With the month-to-month plan, you’re going to save 0.4% per transaction, but at the same time, you’re going to pay $ 0.25 on every transaction. If your pocket doesn’t allow you to pro then you must have to choose the pay-as-you-go plan. that is 0.25dollars is going to add up pretty quickly and give you good revenue.

Basic PlanPro Plan
Monthly fee:  0.00 dollarsMonthly fee: 19.95 dollars
Swipe Credit / Debit: 2.7% + 0.00 dollars per transactionSwipe Credit/Debit: 2.3% + 0.25dollars per transaction
PIN Debit: 1.0% + 0.00 dollars per transactionPIN Debit: 1.0% + 0.25 dollars per transaction
Keyed: 3.4% + 0.00 dollars per transactionKeyed: 0.25dollars per transaction

For QuickBooks eCommerce Payments

Getting information about the online payment option of QB is not easy. There are very few in the knowledge base, none of which are related to pricing. The only pricing is listed on the page of the eCommerce payments so, it is clear that you will not able to get the clarification.

Basic PlanMonth to Month Plan
Monthly fee: 0.00 dollarsMonth to Month fees: 20 dollars
Swipe Qualified:2.4%+0.30 dollars per transactionSwipe Credit/Debit:1.6 percent and 0.30 dollars per transaction
Keyed: 3.3% and 0.30 dollarsKeyed Qualified:3.3% + 0.30 dollars per transaction

For QuickBooks GoPayment

QuickBooks merchant services have the feature of mobile processing and the pricing for GoPayment is very simple. There is no monthly fee and upon signing up you will receive a free EMV-enabled card reader. The comparison between GoPayment and Square (see our review) ends there, however, $ 0.30 per transaction can actually add up quickly for merchants who process large numbers of small-ticket transactions.

  • Monthly fee: $ 0.00
  • Swipe / Dipped / Tapped Transactions: 2.4% + $ 0.30 per transaction
  • Major transactions: 3.4% + $ 0.30 transaction charge each

How to Process Payments in QuickBooks Merchant Services Center

As we know QuickBooks merchant service makes the transaction easy for all QuickBooks users. But the processing of payments in the Merchant service center is necessary for transactions. Now the question is that ‘How to do it?’. If you want to process the payments successfully then follow the below methods:

Way 1: Process Payments through Credit Card

  • At first, log into the Merchant Service Center, and go for the ‘Processing Tool’ to select the ‘Charge a card’.
  • Now fill out the fields, and your add will be visible only to you and the cardholder,
  • You will get a confirmation page after the process of payment.
  • In that page, you can choose E-mail void, Print, or the ‘Done’ option.

Way 2: Process Payments through eCheck:

  • As like the above process, first of all visit to the Merchant Service Center and log into it.
  • After that go to the ‘Processing Tools’ and select the ‘Accept an echeck’ option.
  • Enter the details in the required field, and select the ‘I have a signed in authorization’ or the ‘My customer is on the phone’ option.
  • At the last, click on the ‘Submit’ option to complete the process.

Note: Remember that, all the transactions you have processed through the Merchant service center will not import automatically into the web store, QuickBooks, or in point of sale. You have to record all the transactions separately.


QuickBooks merchant services are also known as QuickBooks payments. Which is mostly used for the process the credit and debit card transactions at the minimum cost. In which you also get the QuickBooks merchant services support for making smooth transactions and you can also take the benefit of QuickBooks Gopayment in which you can make the payment with your PayPal account and when you receive the payment then it will auto-updated as a paid.

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