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How to Set Up Work Location in QuickBooks Online

It has always been a big responsibility to manage payroll, and taxes in a proper way. Because these two things affect directly or indirectly the company through its employees. So it is very important to do proper payroll of employees. 

Today, in this article we will discuss a new topic, which will make it easier to do payroll. But before that, we have a question for you that, ‘Do you know, work locations also vary the employee tax?’ Yes, it is true that the working location also varies the employee’s tax. If your employees work in different locations then here you go for the article to set up work location in QuickBooks Online. 

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Procedure to Set Up Work Location in QuickBooks Online

Here we have given the complete procedure to set up the work location for employees. Create a work location, and assign them to your employees by following the below procedures. 

How to Create a New Work Location in QuickBooks Online

Choose the appropriate solution according to your Online payroll service to create a new work location in QuickBooks Online.  

Create a New Work Location in QuickBooks Online Payroll Enhanced 

  • Access QuickBooks Online Payroll Enhanced.
  • Go to the ‘Settings’ icon.
  • Select the ‘Payroll Settings’ from the ‘Settings’ icon.
  • Now you can find a ‘Company and Account’ section, just click on it, and select the ‘Work Location’ option.
  • Click the ‘Add a Work Location’ option, and enter the address of the work location.

Create a New Work Location in QuickBooks Online Payroll Full Service

  • Go to the ‘Workers’ menu, then the ‘Employees’ tab to select the employee’s name.
  • At the side of ‘Employment’, you can notice an ‘Edit’ option is available there.
  • Click on it, and then choose the ‘New Work Location’ from the ‘Work Location’ drop-down.
  • Now put the address of work location then, click ‘Ok’ and ‘Done’. 

Create a New Work Location in Other QuickBooks Online Payroll Plan

  • Visit the ‘Workers’ menu for the ‘Employees’ tab.
  • Now select the employees’ name, and click the ‘Edit’ option.
  • Go to the ‘Work Location’ drop-down, and select the ‘New Work Location’ option.
  • Put the address of the new work location, and click ‘OK’ then, ‘Done’. 

Create a New Work Location in Intuit Online Payroll Enhanced

  • Login to Intuit Online Payroll Enhanced, and go to the ‘Setup’ tab.
  • Select the ‘Work Location’ option from the ‘Company and Account’ section.
  • Add a work location, and put the address.
  • And save all f the changes.

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How to Assign Employees to a New Location in QuickBooks Online

You have created new locations for your employees now, assign them through your Online payroll service to complete the setup process.  

Assign Employees to a New Location in QuickBooks Online Payroll

Follow the procedure, if you are a QuickBooks Online Payroll:

  • After logged into QuickBooks Online Payroll, select the ‘Workers’ menu.
  • And then go for the ‘Employees’ tab.
  • Click the Edit’ option, and choose the location that you need from the ‘Work Location’ section.
  • At last, select the ‘Done’ option.

Assign Employees to a New Location in Intuit Online Payroll

If you are an Intuit Online Payroll user and want to assign employees to a new location then go through the below procedure. 

  • Go to the ‘Employees’ section, and choose the employee’s name whom you want to assign for the new location.
  • Then click the ‘Edit’ option, and choose the right location from the ‘Work Location’ section.
  • At last click ‘Ok’ or ‘Save’. 

How to Set Up Multiple Work Locations in QuickBooks Online For Employees

A QuickBooks user can easily set up multiple work locations and can assign the employees very easily. You just need to follow all the steps carefully. But before that, you need to keep it in your mind that, now in the COVID situation, most of the employees ask for COVID paid sick leave to perform their work from home. In this case, all of the employee’s locations will be the same. 

Step 1: Arrange the Work Location

Here you need to arrange the work location first for the employees who have multiple locations to work. 

  • First, go to the ‘Settings’ icon, and then click the ‘Payroll Settings’ option.
  • Now choose locations, and add location.
  • Put the location name, address, and phone number.
  • At last, click the ‘Save’ and ‘Close’ option. 

Step 2: Assign Employees to New Work Location

Now assign employees to the new work locations as per their need. 

  • Click on the ‘Employees’ tab or the ‘Payroll’ menu.
  • Now in the list, add a new employee, or edit an existing employee.
  • Go for the ‘Employment’ tab, and select the ‘Location’ drop-down from the ‘Job Info’ section.
  • Choose the employee’s work location, and click the ‘Save, and Close’ option. 

Some Important Points to Know During the Set-Up of Work Location

There are some necessary points, which should not be underestimated during the set-up procedure of work location. 

  • If your employees work from home then it totally depends upon the rules, and regulations of your local city and state government to add the work location or not.   
  • If your employee is working from other states then the tax will be subjected to state unemployment insurance of their own state.
  • You need to select the local taxes for the employee, where they work live. 
  • If you have more than 10 employees working offsites then there you need to file MWR, which expanded from Multiple Worksite reports. To complete the MWR form follow the below procedures.
    • MWR Form in QuickBooks Online Payroll Enhanced
      • Go for the ‘Reports’, and ‘Standard’.
      • Then, enter the employee name, and search for the ‘Multiple Worksites’ in the search bar.
    • MWR Form in Intuit Online Payroll
      • Visit for the ‘Reports’ menu.
      • And go to the ‘Employer Reports’ section to choose the ‘Multiple Worksites’ option.
    • Note:- After entering the multiple work locations, the report will appear in your screen. 

Final Words

At the last of the article, we hope, we have guided you on the right track to set up work location in QuickBooks Online for employees. And we tried our best to cover all of the details in this article. Still, if you need expert consultancies then, we will recommend you to hire an Intuit Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor to cover your problem instantly. 

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How to Set Up Work Location in QuickBooks Online
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