Why Is Quickbooks Online So Slow?

Quickbooks online is the second version of Quickbooks desktop. That built for running on the web browser. Because this type of software is hosted on the network. And then anyone can access it from any device. But if the device that accesses Quickbooks online has a low processor and slow internet connection. Then you can face Quickbooks online slow running issue. So let’s see why is QuickBooks online so slow…

Quickbooks online performance overview

Quickbooks online regularly monitor by the Quickbooks developers in order to make it faster on the web browser. And it has been noted that Quickbooks online’s every page’s loading time is less than 10 sec. So there is no chance of slow Quickbooks web application. But yet if you face slow performance of Quickbooks online. Then you must check your computer system.

Because if your system is outdated, means your system should have at least a dual-core processor and above. Or your system must update your java kit & web browser updated. So if your CPU has powerful components like processor and ram. Let’s see system requirement

System Requirement For Quickbooks online

If your system met Quickbooks online requirement, then you will note ask again why Quickbooks online is so slow. So let’s see.

For Window OS

  • You must have window 7 or later version
  • The processor must I3 and above
  • And adobe reader must install in your system
  • If you have Mac OS then you need OS X or the latest version.
  • Internet connection must have 2 Mb/sec.

Supported browsers

Quickbooks online support almost all browsers like google chrome, safari, Mozilla, etc.

How To Run Quickbooks online faster than before

As you have seen system requirement is most important for running smooth Quickbooks online. But you met all requirement of Quickbooks online. And still face the slow running issues. Then follow the below steps.

  1. If you want to make your Quickbooks online run faster. Then you need to close all the running applications of your system. Also, you need to close unnecessary opened web browser tabs. Because each web browser tab uses your system resources. That’s why you may face Quickbooks online running slow issue.
  • Update Web Browser: web browser takes a major role in Quickbooks online running. Because Quickbooks online is running on a web browser. That’s why you must update your web browser so that the latest features avail in your system. Because every browser releases some latest features to work fine. So go to the web browser settings and check for the latest update.
  •  Update Browser Flash Or Java: If you want to run your Quickbooks online faster. Then you must update your flash drive and Java kit. Because Quickbooks speed depends on flash or java. So in order to increase your Quickbooks online loading speed update flash or java kit.
  • Uninstall browser plugins: sometimes automatically installed plugins in your web browser. And these plugins are not useful for use and they use lots of CPU resources and make your web browser slow. So if you want to get better speed. Then uninstall them or disable plugins to make your web browsing faster.
  • Use another browser: if you implemented all the above steps. But yet getting slow Quickbooks online loading issue. Then change your web browser to make it faster.
  • Delete History & cookies: it’s necessary to clean your web browser history and cookies. Because history and cookies take lots of space. That’s why you face Quickbooks online slow running issues.
  • Internet Speed: and when you completed all the above steps but still face the slow running issues. Then you must check your internet speed, you can use an online tool to check your internet connection. Or you can also change your internet service provider. So that you will get faster internet speed. That makes your Quickbooks online faster than before.
  • Use SSD: SSD drive is the latest technology in the computer field. As we use HDD that is very old technology to store and retrieve data. But SSD is the very fast storage drive, that is similar to HDD but it uses low read access time. So that your computer can run faster than before.


Quickbooks online is basically known as the best accounting software for small &mid size businesses. But sometimes user faces the slow running issues. So follow the above steps that help you to resolve ”why Quickbooks online is so slow”. And if you still face this error then contact Quickbooks ProAdvisor.

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