Policy- Accountwizy.Com

We are happy that, you are utilizing our services and satisfied with the support provided by us. But there are some terms and conditions and also have a Privacy policy which helps us to keep the focus on the goals of the company and to improve the performance of the company with some rules and regulations. The privacy policy of Accountwizy guided the clients to know that, what kind of information we collect from you, what is the reason for data collection, and how we use it in our service. 

Personal Information

A user or client can visit our site without any registration and without providing any personal information to us. But some of the services provided by us may require your personal details to perform it successfully. You will not be allowed to get access to the site, if you want to disclose any personal information requested by us to respond to your query.  

Protection of information

We protect the details provided by our customers safe in the server with a high-security system. And we have limited access to know the customer’s details with a specific username and password. We never sell and share the information provided by our customer to any their party.

Changes and notifications

In a particular interval of time, we make some changes in our policy and also notify the users before making any changes in the Privacy Policy.  So please always keep up to date with the new update of policy from time to time. Don’t worry you will be alerted before changing the policy through your registered email address.