Terms and condition

First of all, the team of Accountwizy wants to say ‘Thank you’ to all its clients for choosing us to guide you with our accounting & bookkeeping service, and also for the trust of clients. And as you know every company and organization has some terms and conditions for their users or customers, which makes them tie in a chain of rules and regulations for a discipline performance. 

Here in the below, we have some terms and conditions for the customers, please read all the entire conditions completely, and accept the conditions to stay connected with us. In another way, we can say that it is a clear legal contract between Accountwizy and its clients.

Terms of uses

The first thing is that Accountwizy doesn’t allow all the users to use its site, you have to keep some points always in your mind to connect with Accountwizy site:

  • The customer must be more than 18 years old.
  • You have to agree with all the terms and conditions before getting any kind of service from Accountwizy.
  • The information you provided with us is perfect and trustable.
  • It is bound to qualify for our terms and condition.    


  • We are offering paid accounting services.
  • All the services will be charged in the US dollar.
  • The payment will be accepted through credit card, debit card, and Paypal.
  • You have to subscribe to the service, agree with the terms and conditions of Accountwizy, and have to provide the payment details. 

Services provided by Accountwizy:

We provide all kinds of services related to accounting like payroll management, bookkeeping services, tax management, invoicing, tracking miles and expenses, and etc. You can also get some ideas to manage a business perfectly.

Availability of product

All products on our website are available in our stock. Yes, in some cases due to the high demand of customers the product may be out of stock. But we can fill out all the demands of customers as soon as possible and notify them of the availability of the product.  There is the facility of exchanging the product or replacing the order. Here we want to mention that, if there any graphical error on any product of our site then we will not be responsible for that.

Liability Disclaimer

The first thing is, the maximum liability will be limited to the purchasing price of the product. Accountwizy will not be responsible for the delay service, business loss, and any other damage to any customer. 


 Accountwizy charge sales tax for the shipping of any order to the particular address, according to the state laws.    


If any member agrees to the reimbursement and sure to claim it’s relative or colleagues for any demand with reasonable lawyer fee and including use of members’ Services, breaking of the agreement.   

Complete agreement

All of the terms and conditions will be fulfilled with the Accountwizy invoice about the ordered product by the clients, and it will be the special contract between the client and Accountwizy, with every offer, warranty, condition, and all stand by.