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Quicken Accounting Software: Why & How To Use?

    Quicken is the best accounting software developed by Quicken Inc. It was released in 1983 by Intuit, the business and financial software company. The incompatible unique versions of Quicken accounting software allow you to track finances. The platform is suitable for Windows and Mac users.

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    “Quicken allows users in handling their financial accounts and investments in one place.”

    Quicken comprises online business accounting and personal accounting services that allow users to redeem transactions from various providers. For example- their bank or credit card company. These services include financial planning activities that were used to be done on paper such as recording banking transactions, planning a budget and measuring progress against it, tracking investments and their prices and performance. Let’s move on quicken system requirements for better understanding.

    Quicken Accounting Software

    Key Features of 2022 releases of Quicken

    • Quicken 2022 includes over 500 customer-requested improvements as well as fixes with appreciably improved reliability.
    • Quicken for Mac works so fast at a twice speed that start-up, charts, and graphs load 2 times faster and backup is four times faster than old versions.
    • Users have significantly 3 times faster experience in managing investments on Quicken for Windows and certain portfolio view operations.
    • There is a benefit of monthly releases with bug fixes and improvements as well.

    Access your Quicken data on the Web :

    Accessing Quicken on the Web will help you to stay at top of your spending.

    Accessing Quicken on the Web will help you stay on top of your spending

    Now, you can access key features of your Quicken desktop software from any computer via the Internet.

    • View and estimate balances, financial budget, accounts, and transactions.
    • Watch and observe the spending trends on the basis of category, payee, and more.
    • Supervise the investment performance with up-to-the-minute portfolio value.
    • Find out and see the details of past expenses.
    • Keep your finances up to date i.e. your accounts sync across desktop, and mobile.

    Quicken 2022 is best suitable for Windows and Mac users. Wanna know how? Scroll the page!

    Quicken 2022 for Windows

    Quicken 2022 for Windows
    • You can easily access the latest version of Quicken in the entire duration of your membership.
    • Ease to access 11,000+ online billers, bill PDF downloads.
    • New Portfolio View with extended features.
    • You can do a secure online backup of 5 GB for your Quicken files using Dropbox.
    • Bills Calendar View is again in use.
    • Improved Reminders are also available in a single Bills dashboard.
    • Long-term Capital Gains in the Tax Planner display scheduled transactions for free.
    • Quicken Bill Pay and easy access to Quicken phone support at free of cost.
    • Money management with Quicken on the Web.

    Quicken 2022 for Mac

    Quicken 2022 for Mac
    • You can easily access the latest version of Quicken in the entire duration of your membership.
    • Ease to access 11,000+ online billers, bill PDF downloads.
    • New Portfolio View with extended features.
    • Refreshed overall look.
    • You can do a secure online backup of 5 GB for your Quicken files using Dropbox.
    • Quicken Bill Pay and easy access to Quicken phone support at free of cost.
    • Money management with Quicken online on the Web.

    There is a new Mobile Companion App for you to access your Quicken accounts for finance management from anyplace and at any time.

    New Mobile Companion App for using Quicken

    Quicken Mobile Companion App

    The Quicken Mobile Companion App is a personal finance app to use with your Quicken desktop software at free of cost. This Quicken App is also available for iPhone and iPad. You can maintain syncs with Quicken desktop using this app. Thus, you can make smart decisions with your money and financial matters from anywhere in the world. From small to big business, you can handle any kind of finances on the go with Quicken. Your data is easily accessible, secure while you are away from home.

    Features of Mobile Companion App

    Keep your finances updated

    manage finance using Mobile Companion App
    • Enter transactions as you spend
    • Snap and store receipts
    • Syncs across Desktop and Mobile app

    Feel confident your information is secure

    accounting software security

    • Passcode-protected and backed by 256-bit encryption
    • Additional protection with Face ID and Touch ID
    • Data access guarantee

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    Testing Quicken 2022

    Quicken recently supplied a copy of Quicken Premier 2019 for Windows. This is for making the transformation from the previous test installation of Quicken 2018. The test was done over a two-week period. It tried to use most parts of the application.

    With Quicken 2019, you will enjoy new and advanced features that were not present in the old version. You need to just set up new accounts to take all the benefits of Quicken 2019.

    Specifically, tests were conducted to check all accounts that had online synchronization since Quicken users find common problems accessing their accounts.

    We all are aware of the fact that everything has some pros and cons. Same goes with Quicken. Let’s discuss its disadvantages.

    Quicken System Requirements

    There are a lot of benefits from Quicken. You can use Quicken for even household and other health services or as personal finance software too. There is a need to have a computer or any other device if you want to use Quicken and its services.

    No doubt there are different versions of Quicken that can run on Windows and Macintosh OS. But as per the recent update, Microsoft stopped support for Windows and Vista. It was done keeping in mind the security of the user’s information. There is no guarantee if the user faces any problem regarding security and privacy though you are using this software on Windows Vista without any issue.

    What are the uses of Quicken System?

    • The main aim of the software is to give innovative tools required to manage your own finances.
    • It is a personal finance software that delivers a computerized maintenance and documentation system to users in order to efficiently manage a variety of tasks.
    • Using this, you can turn your computer into your financial command center giving you proper updated information from each bank, investment, and credit accounts.
    • Creates a plan to reduce debt, or maximize your investments in an organized manner.
    • Payroll and budget software.

    Quicken Home & Business: What’s New & Unique?

    If you purchase Quicken Home & Business, you can track and keep records of personal and business accounts in a single Quicken file.

    “Manage Your Money Anywhere With Quicken Home & Business 2019”

    For the very first time, a user can easily manage money on the go with Quicken on the Internet.

    Access key features of Quicken:

    • You can view balances, online budget, accounts, and transactions
    • Built-in social security income optimizer feature
    • Look at the spending trends
    • Check investment performance easily and quickly
    • Search transaction history faster
    • Keep your finances up to date
    • Email rental & business reports directly from this software
    • Long-term capital gains are displayed as scheduled transactions now
    • It can be a small business software or big depending upon user requirements.

    Have a look at the planning tools of Quicken.

    Planning Tools of Quicken

    Managing Transactions

    • Categorize Transactions
    • Working with Categories in Quicken
    • Adding Accounts To Quicken
    • Create new Scheduled Transactions
    • Reconciling an Account


    • How Do I Create a Budget?
    • What is Budget Rollover?
    • Add or remove budget categories


    • Creating Reports
    • Creating Reports and Graphs in Quicken Basic
    • Exporting Reports From Quicken Personal


    • Accept the Downloaded Investment Transactions and take its a complete review
    • Make Investment Transactions, Balances, and Holdings up to date
    • About coming Investment Transactions
    • How to customize your investment transaction list


    • When you get a message – there are transactions to accept but don’t see any
    • Accounts and Transactions invisible in Snapshots, Reports, and Other Analysis Tools
    • Transactions Missing From Reports and graphical representations

    After learning about its features, tools, come to the solutions for the issues that you may find installing Quicken.

    Solutions to common issues found Installing Quicken

    • Make sure your system has the newly released OS.
    • Ensure the presence of a firewall or any anti-virus in your system.
    • When you get an Installation Error, follow these steps:
    1. Find out the location of the Quicken Installer in your system.
    2. Right-click on it and Select Properties.
    3. Select the Compatibility tab within the Properties window.
    4. Uncheck box named as Run this program in compatibility mode for in compatibility mode section.
    5. Click on Apply. Then select Ok.
    6. Try the installation once again.

    What you have missed in quicken 2018, now will be available in 2019. Let’s see some new and advanced features of quicken 2k19.

    Quicken: Cons

    • Unknown Future—Intuit has already sold Quicken and its future is unknown.
    • Synchronization Issues for Some Users—There are some synchronization issues as reported by some users in previous editions.
    • Poor Customer Service—According to past records, Intuit has always shown poor customer service for Quicken. New hope shows that the new owners have made some improvements with this edition.
    • Required to Use Desktop Software—People who use their smartphones as their only device will be unable to use Quicken’s mobile app. The reason is that it requires purchasing and syncing with their desktop software properly.


    Intuit Quicken offers more advanced features for money management as compared to any other personal finance software application. What makes it different from its competition? Its overall ease of use, intuitive platform, and powerful features are responsible for making it in high use. Syncing to your bank not only saves you time but also ensures that you never miss a transaction. Personal Budget maintenance helps you to set limits on your spending. Fantastic reporting and investment tracking complete the package.

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