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Best Way to Fix QuickBooks Error C 343

    QuickBooks is accounting software used by retailers, wholesalers, accountants, manufacturers and etc. It provides many advanced features and most specialized tools for managing business accounting and financial expenses in an easy way. Sometimes QuickBooks cause some errors for QB users such as QuickBooks Error C 373. This error mainly occurs when you are trying to use the QuickBooks company file, but you fail to access the QB company file. Due to the QuickBooks desktop not being updated, you may encounter this error. In this article, we will discuss the causes, symptoms, and solutions to fix QuickBooks Error C 343.

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    Several reasons behind QuickBooks error C 343

    • When you found your own company file but your company file is missing or damaged and unregistered.
    • This error occurs when the MicrosoftCore XML Service.dill is unregistered, damaged, or unavailable.
    • When a QuickBooks desktop is not updated with the latest release of QuickBooks.

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    Easy way to fix QuickBooks Error C 343

    Solution 1: – Register MSXML.dill file in QuickBooks Desktop

    • This is a troubleshooting solution that can help you solve all your problems related to Quickbooks.
    • It focuses on the installation of a Windows product that is not all related to an Intuit product.
    • If you cannot solve these problems with the help of an Intuit then you are advised to seek the help of experts.
    • If however, this problem exists then you need to consult a Microsoft expert.
    • Just press Windows + R on your keyword and this is how Windows opens.
    • Then in the full open area, you should select Regscr32MSXML3.dill, then click OK to see the result.
    • If you registered correctly, you will receive this message: DllRegisterServer succeeded in C: \ [Windows Folder] \ system32 \ MSXML [number] .dill.
    • Just after that, you can restart your system. QuickBooks Customer Service will help you solve these problems step by step.

    Solution 2: Install QuickBooks Download Diagnostic Tool

    • Firstly, you will need to download the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
    • After that, when prompted, you are prompted to save the file to the local desktop.
    • Now, you will run the QBInstall tool and then close any open programs.
    • Depending on your Internet speed and computer performance, it may take up to 20 minutes to complete.
    • After running the tool reboot the computer and make sure that the components are appropriately updated.

    Solution 3: Uninstall and restore MSCML.dill files

    • First of all, you need to open the download page of Microsoft Core XML files.
    • You must install these files.
    • Double click on MSI and follow the instructions which will be displayed on the screen.
    • Reboot QuickBooks and check if the error still persists.
    • Solution 4: Open QuickBooks in safe mode
    • While double-clicking on the QuickBooks icon to open it, hold down the Ctrl key
    • It will not open QuickBooks in safe mode and with a company file
    • Click on Cile.
    • Choose an open company.
    • Choose File and browse through My Documents.
    • If QuickBooks opens but the new company file still won’t open.
    • You can try doing validation and rebuild on it by selecting File> File Operations> Verification Rebuild

    Solution 5: QuickBooks Clean Installation Instructions

    • You will need to try a clean installation of the instructions below. It should not affect your data But make sure you fill a good back ah like a flash drive or any other folder on a copy of your data file (it ends .qbw).
    • This requires that you have a copy of QuickBooks that installs the CD or download.
    • If you have come down from Intuit, you can get another copy for free.
    • If you purchased directly from Intuit, you can download it again for 3 years.

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