How To Delete A Customer In QuickBooks?

(Last Updated On: May 19, 2020)

During Quickbooks contact management if you find a customer, who is inactive with your business. You can then delete a customer from QuickBooks. But remember, you can only delete customers who have no transactions. And if a customer is inactive but has some previous transactions in the customer list inside Quickbooks. Then you have the option to deactivate a customer in QuickBooks. So let’s see how to delete a customer in QuickBooks.

Steps To Delete A Customer In Quickbooks

Quickbooks (QB) customer list help QB user to get information about the customer. Like name and account balance. And if a customer never deals with your business in the near future. Then you can delete it. Let’s see how to delete a customer in Quickbooks.

  • Open your Quickbooks application from the start menu.
  • And then click on the Customer section that available on the left side of Quickbooks dashboard.
  • Now you will see the customer list on the left side corner.
  • And then click on customer name that you want to delete from Quickbooks.
  • Right-click on customer name and click on the Delete Customer.
  • It will ask you, do you really want to delete it then you have to click on Yes button

Note: To delete any customer from the customer list, the customer should not have any balance. And if a customer has balance then you must inactive first. So let’s see how to inactive a customer in Quickbooks.

How To Inactive A Customer In Quickbooks

As you have come to know, you can’t delete a customer who has any balance. So in such kind of situation you need to inactivate customers. So that you can not do any mistake in your business.

  • Go to your Quickbooks desktop and click on the customer section.
  • Then right-click on the customer from a customer list
  • And click on the Edit option
  • Now you will see Edit customer tab, where you need to click on inactive customer checkbox
  • Finally, you have inactive a customer in Quickbooks and then click on OK.

How to edit a customer in Quickbooks

So if you want to edit any customer in Quickbooks then you need to follow the below steps.

  • Open your Quickbooks accounting software
  • And then go to the customer section
  • You will see on the left side the Customer Lists.
  • Choose a customer that you want to edit, right-click on it and click on Edit Customer
  • Now you will see Edit Customer Window.
  • Specify all the necessary details that you want to add or update. And click on OK button to proceed


Edit, delete, and inactive a customer in Quickbooks is not a difficult task. Because Quickbooks has a very simple user interface. So that anyone can easily understand how to delete a customer in Quickbooks. Deleting a customer can harm your business, because you can delete them, right customer, by mistake. So its better to deeply think about deleting a customer in Quickbooks. Because if you delete any active customer, then you will be lost the detail of a customer. And there might be a situation, that you can backup that customer. And you will be lost a customer that can be a part of your business revenue.

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