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What is Quickbooks: Benefits, Price & Versions

    In ancient times we used to keep records of sales of our business, expenditure in various files. And we used to keep these files in separate shells of Almira. So that whenever we need a file, we can easily get them. But it was very difficult to manage and it occupies a lot of physical storage.

    Every businessman knows that accounting is the strongest pillar to build a successful company in this competitive era. So it is very important to give more time to manage the business accounting section smartly. And to do this work smartly, there is one and best option for you, and that is QuickBooks accounting software. Yes, this is the one, that can help you to manage your business.

    In this article, we will try to explore the different features, the different plans of QuickBooks and why you should be using it.

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    What is Quickbooks?

    QuickBooks is an accounting software developed by Inuit keeping in mind small businesses needs. It not only stores business data but also manages and calculates the amount wisely. So that you can check the profit and loss of your business.

    And when your organization grows, and you will need to keep more employees, it is necessary to track every task of your employee. So QuickBooks payroll services are available in QuickBooks. By using the QuickBooks payroll service you can easily track your employee’s work on hourly work or contract basis. This will calculate the exact paycheck for the employee so that you can pay according to their working hours.

    In addition, it supports the multi-user mode. So if you are planning to increase the size of your team. Then you can easily work with this at minimal cost and time. Because you and your team member can work together on the same company file at the same time. There is no need to send and receive company files from one system to another. So we hope that you now understand what is QuickBooks.

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    History Of Quickbooks

    Quickbooks is made by Scott Cook and Tom Proulx in 1983. And after some time Intuit has launched it professionally. It was made on the basis of Quicken accounting software. And when it launched, Quickbooks quickly gets popularity amongst small business owners. But some accountants thoughts that it has a lack of security problems. So Quickbooks start working on making it secure accounting software. Because most business owner accepts payment and store their data on the cloud. So in 2000 intuit has made it more secure and bring some new features to it. Like audit trials, double entries accounting, etc., and later developed Quickbooks pro series that is especially for professional accountants. Who handles several small businesses at the same time.

    Features Of Quickbooks

    Quickbooks accounting software has lots of features that help your business grow fast. In this Quickbooks tutorial, we will explain the various features of Quickbooks. Let’s see

    Cloud Accounting

    Quickbooks cloud accounting software is also known as Quickbooks online. Quickbooks online is hosted on remote servers so that without installing software, you can use it. And you can manage your entire business from anywhere and from any device.


    In any business, the invoice takes a major role in business profit. Because invoices have all the details of the buyer. So you can create customize an invoice, sales receipts in Quickbooks. So that you can easily be sent to the buyer in a second by a single click.

    Online Banking

    Quickbooks has a facility to integrate open-source applications such as Paypal Quickbooks integration and Woocommerce Quickbooks integration. That helps you to use QuickBooks online banking with the help of integration quickly synchronize your bank transaction into Quickbooks.

    Accounting Reports

    Quickbooks help you to examine the real-time report of your business data. And you can create a custom report according to your business requirement. It will help you to check your unpaid and late invoices in a few clicks.

    Cash Flow Management

    Quickbooks cash flow management allows you to track your cash inward and cash outward. You can auto-schedule your payments to save time.

    Time Tracking

    You can track your employees working hours and calculate their salary to pay your employee easily. And record it automatically in the invoice. You can use Quickbooks payroll service to track your employee working time.

    Mobile App

    You can use the mobile app to track your business. Quickbooks self-employed app lets you handle your business on the mobile app. And you can click the picture of your invoice and save it in the Quickbooks app.

    Multiple User

    You can work on the same company file within the organization team. And set the various levels of roles and permission for the various users. So that if you hire an accountant then you can give access to your books for seamless collaboration.

    Quickbooks Free Unlimited Support

    QuickBooks free unlimited support is available in the form of a blog and customer support number. So if you need any technical help then call them. Or if you face any kind of Quickbooks error then they will resolve your query within the working hours.

    Different Versions Of QuickBooks

    It has been over 25 years of launching Quickbooks. And since then it covers more than 80% of the small business area. And regularly update some new features to be on top. So let’s see different versions of Quickbooks.

    1. Quickbooks Self Employed
    2. Quickbooks Online
    3. Quickbooks App

    1. QuickBooks Self Employed

    One of the popular and newest versions of Quickbooks is Quickbooks self-employed. That hosted on the cloud network. So that anyone can access it on any device. It is developed for the self worker or freelancer workers. And if you want to Quickbooks self-employed login then visit a website.

    Quickbooks Price: you can use this version by taking a monthly subscription. That includes mobile usability and storing your invoice by photo clicking of the invoice. You can have this version in just $7.50 per month subscription plan

    Benefits of Quickbooks self-employed

    • No need to worry about the tax paid, be ready for tax time with finances in one place.
    • It will automatically categorize your business and personal expenses or trip
    • Track your work automatically
    • Generate effortless invoice and send to the customer
    • Capture your expense invoices in your mobile


    There is no support for payment gateway services

    2. Quickbooks Online

    After the Quickbooks desktop version, Quickbooks bring Quickbooks online to grow it, customers, in 2014. And since then Quickbooks online has had more than 1 million users available that use their account in cloud accounting solutions. It’s the best version for CAs, they can generate professional GST report in a few seconds.

    Quickbooks online Price: you can take this Quickbooks online version for just $10 per month. And the latest you can take its essential plan in just $17.50 per month and then plus plan in just $25 per month.

    Benefits of Quickbooks online

    • You can track your account payable and account receivable
    • And you can send unlimited invoices under the essential and plus subscription plan
    • The mobile app is also available for android and IOS devices. That can be integrated with PayPal and Shopify

    3. Quickbooks App

    Quickbooks desktop version is divided into 4 different versions. And each version is more powerful and usable for different users.

    1. Quickbooks For Mac
    2. Quickbooks Pro
    3. Quickbooks Premier 
    4. Quickbooks Enterprise

    Quickbooks desktop version is able to calculate your job costs and particular customer discounts. As you have seen above its four versions. Quickbooks for mac is useful for the Mac Operating system. And Quickbooks pro version is good for startup businesses. While the premier version is useful for the small business owner and enterprises are made for mid to large size businesses.

    Quickbooks Review

    After much, research we found Quickbooks accounting software is best for small and mid-sized business owners. Because it has various functionality and version according to business size and requirement. So if you need to download the Quickbooks desktop app. Then download it from Quickbooks’ official sites.

    Use this Quickbooks to manage your entire business accounting. So that you can work faster and accurately for your business. And take a decision fast with the income statement of your business. So we hope you have understood well what is Quickbooks.

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