How To Be A Successful Fundraiser?

Fundraising work is not an easy job, but if you want to be a fundraiser. Then you must have good communication skills and a creative mind. Because fundraising job demands increasing day by day in nonprofit organizations. And if you are a successful fundraiser, then you can get a team leader position in a nonprofit organization. So it’s necessary to know how to be a successful fundraiser.

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But first, you must know the meaning of fundraisers in the nonprofit field. The nonprofit firm created confusion between the “fundraiser” word and the “development” word. However nonprofit organizations call to development as a fundraiser.

What is Fundraising

Fundraising means you are selling your mission, ideas, and causes. Means it’s selling tricks and ideas to motivate donors to give fund for your organization. In other words, we are trying to motivate investors to give money to our firm. So that you can grow your organization as fast as possible.

Most people relate fundraising to money collectors. But it’s not only a task to raise money, but fundraisers are also responsible for promoting the organization and its goals.

So if you have understood the meaning of fundraiser. Then let’s see what quality you should have to be a successful fundraiser.

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What Quality Need To Be Successful Fundraiser

According to the greatest salesman philosopher OG Mandino, you must have good sales and negotiation abilities. And if you are a public speaker (Communication skill). Or good in making professional relationships then nobody can stop you to be a successful fundraiser. But yet you must have some Quality that will help you to be a fundraiser. See below for top Qualities.

1 Presence

You have listened to the quotation “ first impression is the last impression ”. So similar to this quotation should prepare yourself for the first meeting with the donor. Like which type of cloth you should wear, for example, if you are going to fundraise for a nonprofit organization. Then you should look more casual and simple like you can wear a suit and be well-groomed. Because the dressing is the most important part of a successful fundraiser.

In addition, you have to be good presentation skills and a welcome face. Because your facial expression give more impact on donors. It means presence is not only looking good, but you must also have confident and knowledgeable. And for this, you need to attend professional fundraiser events. So that you will learn more from them.

2 Perseverance

In any business, there is a need for perseverance, and for becoming a good fundraiser you must be perseverant nature. Build a good plan for your fundraising program. Write down each step that you want to take for fundraising programs.

Sometimes fundraisers have pressure to make funds early. But don’t go before planning anything. Because if you are going to organize fundraising programs without planning. Then you will surely fail in your goal. And second thing don’t forget your previous donor to invite in an event. Because if they feel your organization has forgotten them, then they will move for the other organization.

3 Good LifeStyle

A good lifestyle makes you energized throughout the day. And to be an energetic person, you should follow certain rules, sleep and wake up on time, do not drink artificial drinks to be energetic. Like caffeine products, these types of drinks can harm your health. So avoid caffeine and drink herbal tea to bring energy to the body. Because a good herbal tea relieves your stress and increases your energy levels.

4 Always Love Your Work

As you already know if you love your work on the organization. Then you will enjoy while working, and you will get valuable responses from donors. Most fundraisers always ask how to become successful fundraisers. So the simple answer is to love your work. If you decide to have a successful foundation. Then apply to any non-profit organization and work here by hook and crook.

5 Good Listener

Listening skill is very important in becoming a fundraiser. Because it’s part of communication skills. If you are an active listener then you can make good relationships with donors. Being able to articulate the organization’s case is even more important to hear what the donor’s interests are. Practice making “ask” and truly listen to the donor through playing with partners or attend seminars in asking.

6 A perfect integrity Personality

Personal integrity helps you to be a successful fundraiser/ development manager in a nonprofit firm. To bring self-integrity you have to support the AFP code of ethics. And watch some professional practice. The AFP document helps you to take knowledge about how to be a successful fundraiser. You can give the bill to your donor so that a strong belief establishes between you and your donor.  And always keep your donor interest on top then your organization and then yourself.

If you have any faith system like god and others, then it will help you in developing your manner of morality.

7 Good in Motivational Speach

Another best quality is a good motivator, if you are a good motivator then you can easily bring lots of funds for your organization. But again you have to keep donor interest on top knows about his interest. And motivate him and your team members to enjoy your motivation and do believe in your fundraising cause.

It doesn’t mean to motivate a donor to do, what he doesn’t want to do, just you have to make them believe in your goal and mission. Studying the case for care and having enthusiasm for the mission of the firm for which one works is the best way to successfully motivate another person to experience that passion.

In addition, you should also be able to understand the psychology of donors. And listen to his interest during motivate him. Because it will help you to know, is donor taking interest in your speech or not. Each donor will have various motivating factors that impact the decision to give or not to give. Listening to a contributor is an essential skill that can help you know how to motivate donors.

8 Go For Networking

If you want to know how to become a successful fundraiser. Then our advice to go for networking does not mean relying on one person. Build a network of interested people to organize a seminar to find interested people for your organization. They work with you to achieve the goal of you and your fundraising program.

And always try to stay in touch with them, motivate them to work for you. So that donors can attract members of your team.

9 High Expectation

You and your team members should have high expectations. So that it becomes easy to achieve your firm’s minimum requirement. And this expectation is not only for you but also for your team members. And to be a successful fundraiser, if team members need to change, do it now. But select only those board members who have the ability to meet your organization’s goal and help make your firm bigger than before.

10 Work harder

If you are searching, how to be a successful fundraiser. It means you have determined to enter this profession. But before entering this profession, you must know that it’s not a 9 to 5 job, Fundraiser or development officers have to attained meetings on time whether this meeting is conducted at 7 pm or 7 am.

And sometimes you have to work 24*7 times for your organization. Work harder and harder you cant take leave unless it very critical situation. So you have to visit the office before sunrise to plan your whole day’s work. And distribute this planning to your team members. So that they can achieve the goal of your organization. And in last you can’t switch off your phone at home, because you need to always touch with your donors.

So you have learned the top 10 Qualities of becoming a fundraiser. If you have all these qualities then you can be a successful fundraiser or development officer. So let’s see how to be a successful fundraiser

Requirements for becoming A Fundraiser

Fundraising or development officer work is to promote your organization’s goal and motivate donors to donate funds for your firm. So let’s see how to become a successful fundraiser

  • A person who wants to be a successful fundraiser should complete his graduation level degree. But it will beneficial to a candidate have done any journalism and Human resource course
  • If the candidate has completed certification in fundraising program (CFRE). Then it is an advantage for the candidate.
  • But only degree does not fulfill the fundraiser job, you must have worked in any fundraising program like nonprofit firm. Because this field is very competitive and needs good communication skills to motivate investors.


Fundraising or development officer career is not easy. If you want to get into the fundraiser profession. Then you must hard worker and have good communication skills. Love your work and your organization so that you will enjoy your work and bring good outcomes for firms. So if you have still any doubt about how to be a successful fundraiser then choose any small nonprofit organization and work for them. You will get lots of knowledge from there.

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How To Be A Successful Fundraiser?