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Is Quickbooks easy to learn?

Quickbooks is well known for its accounting software. And if you want to learn how to use Quickbooks. Then you can learn at home by simply subscribing to Quickbooks online study package. For this, you have to spend around $400. You can also learn free of cost on youtube. So it’s very easy to learn Quickbooks. But it totally depends on you how well you can understand and spend money and time.

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How To Learn Quickbooks

If you search on the internet you will find lots of websites that provide you with online Quickbooks training classes. Some of them are paid & some of them are free of cost. But besides other websites, if you signup on to Quickbook’s official website, then you will get some basic video tutorials. Like how to add a customer in Quickbooks and how to create an invoice or sales receipts etc. But if you want to be professional in Quickbooks then you can purchase Quickbooks training CD.

Quickbooks training CD is made by Intuit Quickbooks company. And provided these CDs to the user at minimum cost. But these CDs are for that person who is highly motivated and self-learner by the demonstration. The user has to learn by himself with the limited Quickbooks examples provided by CD. Inside this CD there is no exam to pass. So you will not get any practice exercise. That’s why its cost is reasonable.

And if you are a business owner and want to manage your business. Then Quickbooks offers Quickbooks certified user program. Where you will get complete training for becoming a Quickbooks certified user. This can be either online classes or CDs. But after completing this course you have to clear the Quickbooks certification exam. And you must get above 80% of the marks to pass the exam.

Quickbooks also offers a Quickbooks pro advisor program for the accountant. This is the advanced course of Quickbooks. where you will get an 80-hour course duration. And this is not only training classes, but you also have to clear the exam after every 10 sections of course. And there is more 4 section included with 10 section. it means you have to clear 40 test + general exams with more than 80% marks. Now we talk about its price, then you have to pay $440 for this Quickbooks training course.

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How Do I pass the Quickbooks exam?

For your information, we tell you that there are two examinations provided by Quickbooks. By clearing these exams you can become a certified Quickbooks user or proadvisor. The first one is Quickbooks certified user and the other one is the QB certified proadvisor program.

Quickbooks user is only for the internal bookkeepers and employees of small businesses. Within this exam, you will have 50 Question and you have to pay $150 for these exams. On the other hand, you have to pay $549 per year for the Quickbooks proadvisor certification. Where you have to pass 4 exams out of 5 exams.

So according to us, it’s not easy to learn Quickbooks. But as you know there is nothing impossible. If you have strong desire to learn Quickbooks then you can definitely learn Quickbooks

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Is Quickbooks easy to learn?
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