QuickBooks Online Certification Exam Answers 2021: Prepare With Confidence

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Are you preparing for the QuickBooks Online Certification exam? If yes then, it will be great because today Accountwizy is here with a new topic regarding QuickBooks Online Certification exam answers 2021. If you are serious about your QuickBooks Online Certification exam then, you must read this article. It is sure, this article will give you much more confidence, and belive to appear the Online Certification exam, and will enhance the knowledge regarding this exam. 

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Guidance for QuickBooks Online Certification Exam

If you are continuing with Accountwizy and have the question in your mind that, ‘How to get QuickBooks Certified?’ then, from now you need to forget this question. Because it is our responsibility to guide you in a proper way. And obviously, proper guidance can give the best result. Here we will give you some tips, and guidance for the Online certification exam. You just need to read them carefully, let’s proceed:

Points to Remember Before Attempting the Online Certification Exam

Before the preparation of the QuickBooks online certification exam, you need to pay attention to some points.

  • This examination will continue for 2 hours to complete.
  • You have to complete 7 sections of 55 questions during the 2 hours. 
  • It is mandatory to secure a minimum 80% mark for all modules to qualify the exam.
  • There are a total of three chances to attempt the exam.
  • If unfortunately, you have lost all three chances to qualify the exam then, you will be allowed to given the same exam after 60 days.   
  • Make a printout of the training questions, and answers pdf, this will help you to complete the examination successfully.
  • There is bound or rule to complete each and every section, one by one. You can answer any question from any section during the exam, but always remember that, the time period is only 2 hours for 55 questions. So try to answer all the questions during this time.
  • Give the exact answer to the question, and don’t try to explain it too because, there is no bonus mark system in the examination    
  • Cross-check the answer sheet once again to make sure that, you answered all the questions correctly or not.

Make a Strong Schedule to Be a QuickBooks Certified    

The very first thing is, you need to make a strong and effective schedule or a chart to be a successful QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor. And this can be done in just three simple steps, if you are ready to go through these simple three steps then, have a look at the below. 

Step-1: Choose a Good Training Class, & Attend it

In the first step, it is important to choose a good and experienced training class near your location for the QuickBooks Certified exam, so that the exam preparation will be done easily. If in case you are unable to find a training class then, you can get our ProAdvisor support to find a training class, and also can clear your doubts regarding the class. 

You should take a pre-certification training course to examine the structure of the exam to know the wok and techniques of an advisor in QuickBooks. Here you can also get a sample of the examination for the best practice. The pre-certification course allows you to get the facility of CPE credits.

If you need extra preparation for this examination then, you can go for the live webinar.

It will be good to keep a print out the questions, and answers, which are discussed during the training period. Save it as the QuickBooks certification exam questions pdf. This will definitely help you to pass the exam.

Step-2: Be Ready to Give Your Best

After attending a training class, you need to prepare to give the exam. Attend some sample exam like online test, mock test, and do some exercises from test paper, so that you may get more confidence to give the main exam. 

Step-3: Finally Give Your QuickBooks Certification Exam 

Now its time to face the challenge. Do less your hope, it is the last step, you just need to cross this step successfully. Give the Final exam of QuickBooks Online Certification exam 2021, and wait for the result. 

  • Document the answers by choosing the easiest section. Choose the easiest section that you think it is easy for you. And don’t submit the answer immediately, first check, and submit it.
  • Make a plan that how much time you will take for each section.

Tips to Qualify the QuickBooks Certification Exam

We have given some tips in the below, these tips will help you to qualify for the QuickBooks Online Certification exam.  

Tip 1: Get the QuickBooks Online Certification Exam Answers 2021 pdf 

Prepare for the examination by collecting each, and different answers pdf supplements. Because QuickBooks or Intuit always to choose the best candidate for the certification, that’ why sometimes it changes its pattern style, web environment, test styles and etc at a certain time. This tip will help you to face any kind of situation in the exam.   

Tip 2: Technical Tips

During mock test practice or online exam practice, you should use the ‘Chrome Incognito Window’ because, this Incognito window doesn’t save your history, or you need not allow the site cookies. 

For Google Chrome User:- 

  • Go to the three-dot icon from the top of your windows, and click on it.
  • Select the ‘New Incognito Window’ option from the list.
  • Now you can access anything in the Incognito.


  • Press the CTRL+ Shift + N keys from the keyword simultaneously to open the incognito window.

For Mac User:- 

  • Press, and hold the Command + Shift + N key from the keyboard. 

Tip 3: Verify the Answers

Verifying answers is a good tip to get success in QuickBooks certification. After practicing the sample tests, you need to verify each and every answer. It will increase your level of knowledge regarding the QuickBooks Certification.   

Tip 4: Take a Screenshot of the Exams you Passed 

This is a very important tip during this journey. Because most of the time there are some pixies available on the Intuit Server. For this, most of the candidates can’t get the credit for passing because of the glitches of the computer. So it will be good to take a screenshot instant after passing the exam. 

Apart from that, you can also snap photos of some sample questions during the examination, or in the training as a reference or sample question set. Use the print screen option from your keyboard, if you want to record them in your system.

Sample QuickBooks Online Certification Exam Answers 2021

The sample QuickBooks Online Certification exam answers 2021 will help you (candidates) to practice for the exam, and it will also for those candidates who are practicing the QuickBooks Online Certification 2021 questions and want to analyze the answer or the questions. Here we have provided 16 answers for 16 questions of the 2021 exam section (A). 

Question 1: 

QuickBooks Online has some great features. Clients can use Online Invoicing, which will track when they’ve been viewed and paid. Online Invoicing even allows for customer queries via online messages directly linked to the invoice. You now need to enable this feature in the new client company you’re setting up.

Take a look at the steps below.

1. Select the Gear icon, and select Account and Settings, under the Your Company column

2. _____________ and scroll down to the Online delivery section

3. _____________ to ensure that Attach invoice as pdf is unchecked

Can you identify the missing steps?

Answer: Step 2: Select the Sales tab; Step 3: From the drop-down list, select Online invoice

Question 2: 

Your client has asked you to turn on warnings for duplicate check and bill numbers in their QuickBooks Online company.
Take a look at the steps below.

1. ______________

2. Under Your Company, select Account and Settings

3. Select the Advanced tab

4. In the Other preferences section, select the option to warn if a duplicate check number is used and warn if a duplicate bill number is used

5. ______________

Starting at the QuickBooks Online Dashboard, which option would complete the following steps?

Answer: Step 1: Select the Gear icon; Step 5: Select Save

Question 3: 

Your client doesn’t want to pay a monthly fee for their QuickBooks Payments merchant account. What other option is available to them, and where in QuickBooks Online can they sign up for QuickBooks Payments?

Answer: There is another plan which means the customer pays the transaction charge; In the Billing and Subscription tab of Account and Settings.

Question 4: 

Your client has moved and needs you to modify the business address of the company in QuickBooks Online.

Take a look at the steps below.

1. Sign in to your QuickBooks Online Accountant account

2. _________________

3. You’ll see the client company dashboard 

4. _________________

5. Select Account and Settings

6. Select the Pencil icon in the Address section of the Company tab

What are the missing steps to get you to the screen to edit the address for your client?


  • Step 2: Select the client company from the Client Switcher drop-down in the green header bar
  • Step 4: Select the Gear icon

Question 5: 

A great feature of QuickBooks Online is that there are other lists you can utilize to make it easier to fill in forms. Where would you go to find these lists?

Answer: Go to the Gear icon and select All Lists

Question 6: 

Where can you go in QuickBooks Online to import a list of products and services?

Answer: Select the Gear icon and under the Tools column, select Import Data, then Products and services

Question 7: 

A small business owner already has an Intuit ID and is going to set up their own QuickBooks Online company. Below are a series of steps for setting up a new QuickBooks Online company.

1. Go to QuickBooks.com

2. Select the appropriate subscription level

3. Select Sign in

4. ________________

5. Select Sign in

Can you identify the missing step 4?

Answer: Step 4: Enter an Intuit ID email address and password

Question 8: 

Below are a series of steps for accepting an invitation from the client to become their accountant user.

1. Open the email account you use for your Intuit ID
2. You will see an invite from the client company
3. Select the Accept button to accept the invitation
4. ________________________ and you’ll see a Success! box
5. Select Continue

Can you identify the missing step?

Answer: Step 4: Sign in to your QuickBooks Online Accountant account

Question 9: 

Look at the following 2 statements:

  • Statement 1 – “QuickBooks Online _____________ is the do-it-for-me option; a complete payroll service with a team of US-based payroll experts to take care of payroll for your client.”
  • Statement 2 – “You can also link up ____________ with QuickBooks to simplify workflow and save yourself a significant amount of time. You’ll benefit from a seamless, end-to-end experience that translates a client’s QuickBooks Online books into a tax return.” 

Identify the products that fit in the spaces to correctly complete the statements.

Answer: Full-Service Payroll; ProConnect Tax Online

Question 10: 

The Chart of Accounts lies at the heart of a QuickBooks Online company. Which 5 of the following statements are true about the Chart of Accounts, how to make changes to the Chart of Accounts, and how products and services are linked to the Chart of Accounts?


  • To add a new account, you open the Chart of Accounts by selecting Accounting from the left navigation, then select New to open the Account window
  • The Sales of Product Income account is a default account when inventory is turned on
  • If you add a new account, the category type determines on which financial statement this account will show
  • When we set up Products and Services, they are linked to the Chart of Accounts by specifying a sales price/rate
  • Delete an account from the Chart of Accounts if it is not relevant to your business

Question 11: 

To set up a new bank feed or link to a bank account in a client’s QuickBooks Online company you should go to the ___________. If it’s the first time you’ve been here, select Connect, otherwise select Add account. Which option completes the statement?

Answer: Banking Center

Question 12: 

If you want to give one or more of your employees access to Your Practice, what types of user permissions can be set up?

Answer: Regular or custom user, Company administrator, Reports only and Time Tracking only

Question 13:

You’ve been asked to add a new customer for your client in their QuickBooks Online company, so, you go to the Sales Center and select the Customer tab to begin. As this is the first customer for your client you are taken straight to an easy entry screen.

Take a look at the steps that follow:

  1. You enter the customer name, phone number, and email from the business card you’ve been given by the client
  2. ____________________
  3. You now want to edit this customer’s details to add some further information
  4. Select the customer name from the customer list
  5. Select the Edit button in the top right
  6. This customer is not taxable and you need to enter their reseller number. Select the Tax info tab and enter their reseller number 92-12345 in the Exemption details for the employee tax exemption in QuickBooks.
  7.  ___________________ and set their preferred payment method to Credit Card
  8. Select Save

Now select the missing steps.


2. Select the Add Customer button; 

7. Select Payment and Billing

Question 14: 

As part of understanding your client’s needs, you should find out what their sales tax requirements are for their business and locality.

What information is needed to set sales tax up for a client in QuickBooks Online who only does business in their home state? Select the 4 options you think apply.


  • Their company address?
  • When did their current tax period start?
  • How often they have to file a tax return?
  • When did they start collecting sales tax for the agency?

Question 15: 

Where would you go to add a new vendor or find the link to import a vendor list into QuickBooks Online?

Choose the most viable method from the options below, although other methods may be available.


The New vendor button in the Vendors tab of the Expenses screen

Question 16: 

What would a client select in their Manage Users screen to give their worker access to create invoices, but not write checks in their QuickBooks Online company?


Select the Limited radio button and check the Customer and Sales box

Question 17: 

You want to add a new Product and Services entry to your client’s QuickBooks Online company. The service is the installation of a server but doesn’t include the cost of the hardware. Here are some steps for getting the job done. 

  1. Select the Gear icon, select Products, and Services, then select New
  2. _________________
  3. In the Name field, type ‘Server installation’
  4. In the Sales information field, type ‘Server installation’
  5. Sale price/rate is $1250
  6. In the Income Account drop-down select Service/Fee Income
  7. Select Save and close

Which of the options below correctly fills in Step 2?

Answer: Select Service

Question 18:

What are 3 primary ways to get information into QuickBooks Online?

  1. Use Import Data Tool
  2. Use Export Data Tool
  3. Use data manually into the QuickBooks Online forms and check registers
  4. Use the Attachments Tool


The 3 primary ways to get information into QuickBooks Online are

  1. Use the Import Data Tool
  2. Place the data in the formats of QuickBooks Online, and check register
  3. Use Export Data Tool

Question 19:

Which 2 statements are true of wholesale billing for Quickbooks Online

  1. The practice gets billed at wholesale prices for QuickBooks Online subscriptions
  2. The client gets billed directly when they’re signed up for a wholesale discount account
  3. The client gets billed directly, but the practice determines the price
  4. The practice gets billed, and determines the amount to bill the client
  5. The client will be required to enter their credit card information when they log in to the newly created subscription


1, and 2

Question 20:

What does QuickBooks Enterprise have that the other versions do not?

Answer: Here are some points mentioned below:

  • Enterprise can have from 5 to 30 users,
  • Individual user access per area
  • Can handle an unlimited amount of items vs. 14500 max with Pro/Premier,
  • More powerful inventory features,
  • Works much faster in a network multi-user environment

Question 21:

What are the main differences between QuickBooks Pro and Premier?


QuickBooks Premier can do sales orders, can create P.O.’s straight from Estimates or sales orders, create change orders, Industry-specific reports (Wholesale & Manufacturer, Retail, Non-Profit, Professional Services, Contractor), Inventory Center, and etc, but the QuickBooks Pro have no features to do these work.

Question 22:

What are the most important QuickBooks tips for a beginner and to speed up the work?


  • Check the date: wrong dates give you the wrong reports, always.
  • Use Tab instead of Enter: Enter tends to do the opposite of what you want.
  • Shortcuts: Speed up data entry process, especially with dates.  Always reconcile accounts and get rid of unreconciled (often duplicate) transactions
  • Home Page: use the home page when lost to find what you are looking for.
  • Respect Accounting: accounting rules such as revenue recognition and expenses matching allow for a better understanding the reports.

Question 23:

What does it mean when you have a negative Inventory? What can you to do troubleshoot inventory issues?


The negative inventory indicates that there is no selling inventory. You can make a quick report for the item and can find the discrepancy of the in and out the time of the inventory.

Question 24:

What is the difference between a Custom Summary Report and a Custom Transaction Detail Report?


  • Summary: Contains totals for a customer or vendor / totals for a particular account
  • Detail: Line by line, transaction by transaction, Itemized transaction.

Question 25:

What financial reports should you prepare at the end of the year in order to prepare for tax preparation or other types of financial reporting?


Profit & Loss, balance sheet A/R Aging, A/P Aging, Inventory Valuation Summary, sales by rep, Profit by job, etc.. should be ready at the end of the year in order to prepare for the tax preparation.

Wrapping Up 

To become a QuickBooks Certified is a good career option, but it is very challenging and demanding. So a candidate needs full of confidence, and a lot of practice to be successful certified in QuickBooks. We hope, this blog will help you to get your future target if in case you need any kind of help then, you can get an expert solution through the toll-free number +1-844-405-0904. At last, we wish you all the best for the exam. 

QuickBooks Online Certification Exam Answers 2020: Prepare With Confidence