Migration Intuit Id to Quicken Id : Solution for login

Last Updated on July 8, 2020 by Editor Team

You know that Quicken is no longer with Intuit and it is sold to H.I.G capital on March 3, 2016. Earlier Intuit authentication was used for Quicken login so many users face the problem in login but now Quicken launches a new login section where any user can create their Id. and you will get access to Quicken file, transactions, and online services. When your migration Intuit Id to Quicken Id, you may be prompted to sign in with the Quicken Id repeatedly or it may be asked to activation code even you have purchased from Quicken.com.

Why I sign-in again and again with activation code even though I purchased from Quicken.com?


  • Check do you have the latest update of Quicken, if you don’t have then download now?
  • After downloading the Quicken, open Quicken window.
  • By holding Ctrl key select File menu> File operation> Validate & repair.
  • Then check the validate file box
  • After that click on the Ok button.

Still, you are facing the same problem then try these steps.

  • Click on  Edit menu
  • After that select Preferences.
  • On the left side of the page, you are able to see the option of select Quicken ID, Mobile & alerts.
  • Then click on the sign in as a different user.
  • In the blank area type Yes.
  • Click on Sign out.
  • Then sign in again with your Quicken Id.
Steps to create Quicken Id
  • Open the Quicken software then click on the create button.
  • After that provide your personal information including your new Quicken Id or Password.
  • then confirm yourself.
  • After that login into Quicken by providing the new Quicken Id and Password.
  • Now it will ask your Intuit Id and password for data files, to your identity.
  • Then you can your new vault password.
Forget Intuit Id

If you have lost your Intuit Id and password then you have to delete your password vault. This will not allow others to access your Id and Password when you migration Intuit Id to Quicken Id complete after that you can easily reset password vault.

Attachments and receipts are not available in mobile after migrating to the Quicken

Before migration Intuit Id to Quicken Id, your documents are saved automatically and they store in Quicken data files so you need to upload documents separately. You need to upload these documents on Quicken cloud using the document upload tool. After that, you are able to see attachments and receipts on your mobile phones.

Edit Quicken Id profile information
  • First, you have to open your internet browser then type myaccount.quicken.com.
  • A new page will appear where you have to provide your Id and Password then click on sign in.
  • Then a verification message will sent to you.
  • Enter the verification code and click on the submit button.
  • Then a new tab appears in which your profile information is already written.
  • here you can change your profile information it all depends on you which kind of information do you want to change.
  • When you have completely changed your profile information then click on the Save button. Then all the old information will be replaced by new information.

How to solve this error “Your account need to be migrated or already exist”

There may be only two possible outcomes that are given below. You are an already member of Quicken. You are creating a new account forcefully, while you are registered user now you have to sign in.

A solution of “Your account need to be migrated or already exist”
  • When this message occurs “You already exist”.
  • First, you have to click on Sign in.
  • Then a new window appears with Quicken Id and password.
  • write down your Quicken Id and click on forget the password.
  • Then you will get a 6 digit verification code into the registered mobile number.
  • Submit the code and click on New Password.
  • Here you have to write your new password.
  • Then again come back to the sign-in section then provide your Quicken Id and new Password.
When your account needs to be migrated
  • Firstly click the link.
  • It will redirect you to on next screen then provide your information such as Email Address, Phone number, and Password.
  • Click on Create Account.
  • You will get a verification code on your mobile phone to write in the blank area or click on the submit button.

We hope you do not have any confusion about migration Intuit Id to Quicken Id does not affect your data if your data is saved in a document on Quickbooks cloud. You have to use new Quicken login details then you can easily use Quicken and you can do all the things which you do previously.

Migration Intuit Id to Quicken Id _ Solution for login