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How to Set Up Recurring Sales Receipt in QuickBooks Online

Today, here we are with a new topic to set up recurring sales receipts in QuickBooks Online. This recurring process will help you at that time when you will need to collect payments from your customers every month. If you already thinking about this then, this article will be beneficial for you. Just stay with us, read the blog till the end to get the proper guidance.

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Procedure to Set Up Recurring Sales Receipt in QuickBooks Online

You need to follow two steps to set up recurring sales receipts in QuickBooks Online, one is to create the receipt, and the other is to credit card billing authorization. Here we have given the methods to set the sales receipt, have a look towards the below, and follow the guidance.

To Create Recurring Sales Receipt

Follow the below steps to create a recurring sales receipt in QuickBooks Online:

Note:- If you select the days in advance to make, the fee will be processed on the date you make the transaction. For example, if you created a sales receipt on the 5th that arrives on the 15th of each month, the fee would be the 5th process.

  • First, you need to go to the Settings option and then click on the option of Recurring Transactions.
  • Click on the New option.
  • Click on the option of the Transaction Type drop-down menu, click on the Sales Receipt option, and then select OK.
  • After that, you need to enter a Template Name. This won’t appear on the transaction.
  • Click on the option of Scheduled from the Type drop-down menu.
  • After that, choose the customer’s name from the Customer drop-down menu. And then you need to verify the email.
    Note:- You can select the Automatically send emails to send notifications to your customer when you process their payment.
  • Then, you need to set the interval. Such as, if you need a sales receipt every first day of the month, then the interval is Monthly on day 1st of every 1 month.
  • Need to enter the Start and End Date.
  • Select the Payment method under the drop-down menu, and then click on the option of Credit card type or Check. Here the details which you have to decide:-
    • Credit card type:- Click on the option os enter credit card details to enter the customer’s credit card information or bank account details. And then, click the option of OK.
    • Check:- Click on the Authorization hyperlink to send the Bank Transfer Authorization form to your customer. And then need to check the box to ensure the payment will process each time a form is created.
  • And then, Enter the line for the product or service and amount.
  • And at the last, you need to click on the option of Save template.
    Note:- If you want to personalize your template, then click on the option of Customize.

To Credit Card Billing Authorization Form

When you want to required the Visa and MasterCard with written authorization from your customer then you can create before you can set up recurring credit card billing.

When you save the recurring template, the form will be generated. Make sure that you select the customer’s default credit card or bank account in the payment method. If the recurring transaction is set correctly, you will see a credit card icon with the list item.

If you need to ask your customer to complete, sign, and return the form before the first recurring fee. And for your security, you can also keep the signed form in a safe place for 18 months after the last charge.

The Final Word

At the last of the article, we hope now it is easy for you to set up recurring sales receipts in QuickBooks Online. Just follow each, and every step carefully to set up the recurring sales receipt. But if in case, you face any problem during this procedure, or have any doubts regarding this article then, you can get our ProAdvisor support to clear your problem, at any time and anywhere.

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How to Set Up Recurring Sales Receipt in QuickBooks Online
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