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QuickBooks comes with lots of features & tools and with the help of these tools you can track manage and monitor your past QuickBooks record. The search bar tools are one of them and it is used to going to the particular file very quickly. But due to any reason if Quickbooks search not working or you are unable to find anything through Quickbooks search bar and want to know what happens to this than read this post by reading this post you will understand what you can do if search not working or why it not working.

Why QuickBooks search not working

This problem comes when the QuickBooks Desktop is updating on your system. Moreover, when the updating process is not properly done. Sometimes these problems come due to many other reasons.

Some other reasons are given below:-

  • Due to the problem in your system registry file.
  • QuickBooks search box is corrupted
  • The old version of QuickBooks Installed
  • Corruption of indexed file of QuickBooks
  • Your system firewall and antivirus toll interrupt your QuickBooks file.

Remember: Before going to fix the problem you need to update your QuickBooks Desktops to the newer release version of the QuickBooks. Also, check the date and time of your system that are correct in your system.

Way to Fix QuickBooks Search Not Working

All QuickBooks users do not face search, not working problems, only a few people are facing this problem. After getting this error user search can fix it on its own with the help of the web but some people are looking to an expert to fix the problem. We are explaining all the ways to fix QuickBooks search not working very easily and effectively.

Solution 1: Change the Name of QuickBooks Search Index File

If the Search box is not working it may be a problem with QuickBooks search index file. To get rid of the search error rename the name of the QuickBooks File.

  • First, you need to open Quickbooks and Quit from the company file.
  • Now open the start menu and search the file .searchindex in the folder program and Files. (It will search the file in your system’s all folder and drives).
  • You can also go to the (C:\ Users\ UserName\Public \Documents\Intuit\ QuickBooks\Company File) in this location you will find the file named with Companyfilename.QBW (at the place of Company Filename your company file name shows.)
  • Now find the (qbw.SearchIndex)  file in the folder and rename it with (.OLD) at the end of the file name. Example:- (qbw.SearchIndex) to (qbw.SearchIndex.OLD).
  • Now open QuickBooks and open your company file.
  • Now see the left side corner and update the search information by clicking on that option.
  • Until the information is updated wait and if the notification comes then click on OK.
  • When the update is completed try to search any file in QuickBooks.

We hope your problem is fixed if not then follow the next solution:-

Solution 2:Temprory Disable Your windows Firewall

  • To Disable or off your firewall go to the window control panel and select a firewall setting and turn off it temporarily and try QuickBooks search is work or not.
  • If you and external firewall are installed then to disable this you need to visit their site to get the disabling steps of it.

Solution 3: Fix the Window damaged Registry Files

To fix the damaged window registry file you need to know deep knowledge about the window operating system and windows registry file system working. If you don’t have much understanding about the registry file then you need an expert to fix the problem.

Solution 4: Finally, try Reinstalling the QuickBooks Desktop

  • First, you need to uninstall the QuickBooks
  • Go to the windows control panel
  • Click on program and features
  • Choose the QuickBooks to form the list
  • Now click on uninstall
  • Download the clean copy of the QuickBooks package forms their official site.
  • Install it by double-clicking on the QuickBooks installation package.

You can also use the QuickBooks clean install tool for installing a clean version of QuickBooks in your system.


We hope these above-given solutions will help you to fix the QuickBooks Search Not Working problem. If after following the above solves your problem not fixed then you need to contact a QuickBooks Exper.

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