How Do I Reinstall QuickBooks on a New Computer


QuickBooks is the most popular accounting software, especially for small business. Whether the user runs it on a new computer of them wants to reformat their older model, it could be possible that QuickBooks CD is missing at the time reinstallation of the software, know how to reinstall QuickBooks without Using CD when you need to transfer.


Now the CD is not much required for the reinstall the QB, the user can download QB application from its official website. The user can download it and follow the instruction. If they require any further assistance, they can contact us on our fastfix247 tech support helpline.


How to Reinstall or Uninstall QuickBooks?

There could be any reason when the user is required to reinstall or Uninstall QuickBooks


  • The user may not able to open QuickBooks on their system
  • Sometime the QB application could not load parts of its individual program any longer, due to crashes.
  • Malware or virus corrupted the QB installation on their PC.
  • It may be hard drive replaced with the latest hard drive or it has been crashed.
  • The user replaces their old PC with a new computer.
  • Before Reinstall or Uninstall QuickBooks need to create Backup
  • The user needs to create a backup for their company data first. If the user is not able to run QuickBooks to create a backup, then they need to make a copy of their company data file.


Uninstall the QuickBooks

  • If QB is already installed on their hard drive, they need to uninstall the existing QuickBooks installation before they install it again.
  • If the user does not get uninstall option on their PC, they can perform the task through the window user.

For Window 7 QuickBooks Uninstallation steps:

  • Go into their Windows 7 QuickBooks Panel. Tick on Features and Program.
  • Here they will see a list of every program installed on their PC. On the bottom, they will see their QuickBooks program and double tick on it.
  • Choose the finish and remove
  • Removed or uninstalled the QuickBooks software from their system

Reinstall QuickBooks


  • Look for the original install CD, or if they download their QB programs,
  • If their QuickBooks software is on a CD, they can insert in their CD drive and follow the guidelines to install QuickBooks software.
  • If the user downloads their QuickBooks program, the double tick on their downloaded software and install the program on the PC and follow the instructions.
  • If the user does not understand how to download it on their PC, they can find their system for the setup process of downloading. Press the Window button on their keyboard. Now set the software and follow the prompt, which will display on their PC.
  • If the user doesn’t have the installation CD, or they cannot search their download file, they can contact on QuickBooks Tech support for the help.
  • At the time of the installation process, the user will be prompted for their license number and product code for the complete installation. The user should have received the codes with their CD packaging of if they download the QB software.
  • After completing the QB installation, the user needs to register on it.


The common issue during Reinstalling QuickBooks:

The user often gets difficulties during they require to reinstall their QB software. Here we describe a few of the most shared circumstances:


  • The user can find their installation CD.
  • They cannot find their installation codes:
  • They don’t recall their earlier registration information
  • The want to reinstall their old version of QuickBooks on a new PC that is not compatible


Hopefully, this article will be very useful for the user. If the user is looking for support, they can immediately contact us on our QuickBooks Tech Support Number or Chat with Us.



In this blog, we tried our best to give all of you the subtleties identified with the reinstall QuickBooks on a New Computer. That point gets the quick arrangement from our Reinstall QuickBooks on a New Computer Software Customer Service group. They are constantly prepared to investigate your concern whenever and anyplace through the QuickBooks support Customer Service telephone number. Finally, we recommend you to use Reinstall QuickBooks on a New Computer Software Application.

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