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QuickBooks For Dummies: Guide for QB Beginners and Newbies

    If you want to manage your business in a fast and easy way then you must have to choose QuickBooks for dummies. This software will help to manage your financing as well as your accounting. Due to his simple interface, you will be able to easily handle it you don’t require any professionals.

    In this software, you will do almost all the business activities like preparing the Tax Return, Manage Inventory, Track the cost of the job, Creating Statements and financial reports. If you want to clearly understand your business and finances in an easy way with the help of this software.

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    QuickBooks for dummies saves a lot of time by doing complex bookkeeping in a shorter period of time so you can do more focus on your business. With the help of this software you can easily create custom Invoices, Processes Payroll, Track your payments, Expenses, and you can also create a financial report.

    Small business owners don’t have time to understand the accounting software at the same time they are running and growing their business. Then they take the help of QuickBooks. Every business owners want affordable and easy-to-use accounting software. This means you don’t need to hire any professional to handle the accounting software you can do this by yourself as a professional does. As a businessman, CEO you can do all your account-related works without reading the heavy manual if you select the software which has the label of the “dummy”.

    You must have to choose the smart way to handle your business. Purchase only those accounting software that is easy to use and give the notification of your overall business health and invoices quality.

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    QuickBooks For Dummies Cheat Sheet (Know the Complete the Chat)

    QuickBooks for dummies boosts your business by making your bookkeeping more smoothly with the help of the user-friendly interface, keyboard shortcuts, editing tricks, etc.

    What Tricks you Can Use as a QuickBooks User Interface

    Below we are going to discuss the list of tricks that will enhance your bookkeeping in a simple way:

    • If you want to move quickly on any specific list box entry then you need to press the “letter” and then “s” key to move to the first entry which stats from the letter “s”.
    • To choose the list box entry which is showing in a dialog box and then select the “Command” button for active the dialog box.
    • Bring the insertion point into the beginning press the “home”.
    • Bring the insertion point into the ending press the “End”.
    • If you want to open the window list then you need to navigate the “View” and then “Open Window List”.
    • Tell the QuickBooks to behave as other program does then select the “View”>”Multiple Windows” now you need to activate the window for this you need to go into the “Choose View”>”One Window”.

    Shortcuts to Use QuickBooks as a Beginner

    Below we are going to discuss some shortcuts keys of the QuickBooks for dummies that will make your accounting and bookkeeping much easier and faster.

    Alt + S For transportation
    Alt + Ntransaction fee and moves to a new transaction
    Ctrl + Adisplays chart of account window
    Ctrl + Ccopies your selection to the clipboard
    Ctrl + Dremoves checks, codes, transfers, or items from the list
    Ctrl + Eedits the selected partition in the register
    Ctrl + Fdisplays the search window
    Ctrl + GThe transaction goes to the other side of the partition
    Ctrl + Icode window show
    Ctrl + Jdisplays the client: Job list window
    Ctrl + Mremembers the transaction
    Ctrl + Ncreates a new <space>, where <spacefills> is also active
    Ctrl + Pprint your active register, form, and list.
    Ctrl + QYou can make and display QuickBooks of the chosen transaction.
    Ctrl + ROpen the display register window
    Ctrl + TOpen your memorized transactions list
    Ctrl + VPaste whatever you have copied
    Ctrl + WOpen the Check Window
    Ctrl + Xtake your selection to the clipboard
    Ctrl + Zperform your last action – usually
    Ctrl + Enteris variable savings
    Ctrl + InsertInserts a row into a list of items or expenditures
    Ctrl + DeleteRemoves the selected row from the item or expense list
    Esccloses the active window

    Final Words

    We hope, now you are able to use QuickBooks by practicing it with dummies. Use all the tricks to understand the QuickBooks for easy use. Still, if you have any doubts regarding this topic then you can get help from our certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

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