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How to Identify Suspicious Activity in QuickBooks

    Sometimes we face suspicious activity in QuickBooks, which creates a problem for us to use QuickBooks safely. And mostly we face suspicious activities in the email platforms. Because email is one such web platform that works with its utmost professionality to exchange information both official and unofficial. It logistically customized the message handling through the inbox experience. Since it is woven by the yarn of pros, the cons lie deep and unfathomed. 

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    Well, this is how we end up underestimating the cons of web transmission through emails. We often find people complaining about spam emails, phishing, and spoofs. Let’s know more about this;

    In a year, 74% of organizations in the USA became victims of phishing attacks. They are genuine security risks presented as a link or an attachment. The level of manipulation that they present through the smooth communication captures the eye of the audience considering it to be creditable. The leverage that they attain out of such negotiation contemplates the trust factor.

    We believe QuickBooks provides the best protection to our customers. Thus, learn with us how to spot the official Intuit website.

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    How to Recognize Fake Emails

    The main agenda of this email is to attain your personal information. The way of writing an email and the sincerity of words is pretty convincing which often ends up casting a spell.

    Hence, remember

    • Intuit Never asked for personal information through an email.
    • They always send an email with the email address which formally ends up with or
    • Or links with the email always include address.
    • We never asked to download information or tools or share personal information through emails.

    Apart from this, Intuit  also has its own security propaganda that it ensures with all the accounting software.

    The other face of scams that are often generated with the helping spirit. In other words these camps function by presenting a default or a problem index system and ensuring you with the solution that seems pretty convincing. We at never ensure a problem to be fixed in a computer. The fraudulent or targeting the money of the customers and hence end up stealing all the money out of their banks.

    Since security is the chief enemy of mortals, it is our utmost responsibility to resolve the suspicious email problems that occur with all customers. QuickBooks has been providing the best of its services to all the customers around the globe it’s a security system and its programs of enhancement have always attracted the audiences and small projects enabling a start-up business. Hence it is the responsibility of to cater to its reputation and provide the best. Since the software accesses the financial abilities of all the companies it is always under the threat of losing its information hence it has provided its credibility on’s privacy protections protocol that liberates the best accounting software and parameter’s responsibility against such crimes of phishing.

    How to Check Security Rules

    The online security centre at intuit protects the data and also helps us resolve these email camps that are at security risk and they are at constant work in resolving all the cyber problems hence they provide the latest information simultaneously. To check this information and report one of your own


    The official sites of are addressed as:

    The advancement of technology is directly proportional to the threat of privacy. Hence it is our undaunted responsibility to protect such privacy.

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