How to Open & Use QuickBooks Accountant’s Copy 

Last Updated on July 3, 2021 by Editorial Staff

A QuickBooks Accountant’s copy is a version of the company file that may be used to prepare changes to your data when you proceed to function. It freezes the books for a certain period of time. And allows the client to share their file with their accountant while continuing to work on their own copy of the file.

After the accountant did their work, the changes they made will need to be imported back into the company file by the client. It may require some additional training from the accountant. So here in this article, we will know the complete detail of the QuickBooks Accountants copy like the creation, and use of the copy.

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How to Open QuickBooks Accountant Copy

To create or to open a QuickBooks Accountant’s copy Intuit has provided two different ways. You will learn both ways step by step. 

Method 1: Create a Physical File ready to Transfer

  • Navigate to the “File” menu.
  • Take your mouse cursor and hover over the “Send Company File”.
  • Then hover over the “Accountant’s Copy” and then over the Client Activities.
  • After that select “Save File” and then Click on “Next”.
  • Now Select the “Accountant’s Copy” and then “Next”.
  • Ente the QuickBooks Accountant Copy dividing date. Then select “Next”.

After following the above method you now have an Accountant copy in QuickBooks Desktop. The file has a .qbx extension at the end of the filename and is ready to transfer.

Method 2: Send Company File to your Accountant

Now there is a second method to create a QuickBooks Accountant’s Copy. For this follow the below steps:

  • Navigate to the “File” menu.
  • Take your mouse cursor to “Send Company File” and hover on it.
  • Then hover on “Accountant’s Copy” and after that on “Client Activities”.
  • Now Select the “Send to Accountant” and click on “Next”
  • Select the “Accountant’s Copy” and click on “Next”.
  • After that enter the QuickBooks Accountant Copy dividing date. And then select “Next”.
  • Enter the email address of yours and your accountant.
  • Create a password for the Copy file. 
  • Select “Send”.

A Few Notes While Creating the Accountant’s Copy:

After saving the QB Accountant’s copy, QB shows “Accountant’s Changes Pending” in the top & will remain there until you encompass the changes back from the Accountant or you remove the restrictions. 

Be aware of the fact that in case you remove the restrictions before the accountant sends back the changes, you’ll not be able to include any changes made by the accountant automatically into your QuickBooks.

How to Use QuickBooks Accountant Copy

After receiving the client’s file, you have to convert it to an accountant’s copy working file so that you can edit and make changes to their books. After converting it you can easily make changes to it.

Note:  Make sure to use the same version of QuickBooks as the Client.

To Set Up the Accountant’s Copy

Step 1: Use QuickBooks’ Accountant Edition

  • Navigate to the file menu and select “Toggle to another edition”.
  • Premier (or Enterprise Solutions) Accountant Edition – Home should be greyed out. If not, select its radio button.
  • After that select “Next”, then “Toggle”.(You can toggle back to your previous edition)

Step 2: Convert the Accountant’s Copy to a Working File

  • Navigate to the File menu and select “Open and Restore Company”.
  • Select “Convert an Accountant’s Copy Transfer File” 
  • Click “Next”
  • Read the “Overview” and “Do’s and Don’ts” and click on “Next”.
  • Search and open the Accountant’s Copy.
  • Confirm that you want to convert the file.
  • Rename it and select “Save”.

Step 3: Edit the Client’s Book

Now you can make changes in the client’s book. Edit the book and correct it. You can perform certain tasks like :

  • Correct opening balance
  • Write off a group of invoices
  • Enter multiple transactions at once
  • Correct inventory errors and many more.

Step 4: Send the File to the Client

After making changes to the file, now you can send the file to the client. For that first, you have to export it in the .qby format and then you send the file to the client.

You need to send the file carefully, because some wrong steps can create the QuickBooks Accountants copy failed issue, so be aware of that.

To Remove the Accountant’s Copy Restriction

Removing the Accountant’s copy restriction on the QuickBooks Desktop means you are voiding the initial Accountant’s Copy that changed into made. This is normally done when your Accountant asks you to send another Accountant’s Copy or your company file requires it to be repaired due to information damage. Before transferring forward, make sure to create a backup of your Company file.

  • Firstly go to the File menu, then select Send Company File.
  • Choose the Accountant’s copy, then Client Activities.
  • Click Remove Restrictions.
  • Choose Yes, I want to remove the QuickBooks Accountant’s copy restrictions, then OK.

To Transfer the Accountant’s Copy

You can transfer or migrate the QuickBooks Accountant’s Copy very easily. To transfer the a QuickBooks Accountant copy follow the following steps:

  • Take your QuickBooks Accountant’s copy and save it to the USB.
  • Attract your Copy to an email.
  • Sync your Dropbox or OneDrive or Google Drive and then upload your QuickBooks Accountant’s copy on it.

What are the QuickBooks Limitations regarding Accountants Copy

You should be vigilant about the few limitations on the things that we can modify with an Accountant’s Copy File, and for this reason, it may be favorable for all companies. For example, you cannot upload, edit, void or delete payroll, estimates, sales orders, transfers of funds between accounts, or inventory build assemblies.

Final Thoughts

This copy is an important file of QuickBooks, so keep it safe, and use it properly. Follow all the above steps carefully, so that you will not face any problem related to the accountant’s copy later. We hope, you find it informative, and now you are able to create, and use it ownself. You can take our Accountwizy support for any kind of problem regarding this topic through our certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

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