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Top 10 alternative for QuickBooks

    QuickBooks is an accounting software it is designed by Intuit Inc. The purpose of the alternative for QuickBooks is to maintain business accounts and finance. You know that QuickBooks has a simple dashboard to use but the price of this software is very high which can not be affordable for all small business users. Don’t worry about it, we have some other alternatives for you.

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    These are the following top 10 alternatives for Quickbooks-

    1. Xero
    2. Wave
    3. FreshBooks
    4. Billy
    5. Zoho books
    6. ZipBooks
    7. Spends
    8. SlickPie
    9. OneUp
    10. FreeAgent

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    1.Xero software

    Xero is designed by Rod Drury and Hamish Edwards in the Wellington studio apartment in 2006. It is a cloud-based accounting software platform for small and medium-sized businesses. Xero accounting software is on number 1 on our list because it helps those types of businesses who need to give access to multiple users to their data. It means that you can give access to many people according to their needs without having to worry about your bill going up and it is less expensive at their price.

    Xero price and features

    We mainly divided the price into three pricing categories early for 9 dollars, Growing for 30 dollars, and Established for 60 dollars.

    These are the features of Xero-

    • Track income and expenses
    • Monthly cost
    • Manage accounts payable
    • Manage accounts receivable
    • Number of users included
    • Connect Bank/Credit Card Accounts
    • Track inventory
    • Multicurrency
    • Payroll Processing


    There are the following types of price plans-

    • Xero Early-The price of the Xero Early is 9 dollars per/month. Xero’s early plans are suitable for those businesses that do not have many expenses to keep track of. It is able to do many tasks such as accounts receivable and income and expense tracking, it is limited when it comes to accounts payable. You can not pay more than 5 bills, 20 bank and credit card transactions to download.
    • Xero Growing-The The price of the Xero Growing is 30 dollars per/month. Xero growing is a good option for small-sized businesses that sell products and services. Xero Growing has the ability to share their data with a bookkeeper or tax preparer. It is able to do many tasks such as unlimited accounts payable and bank and credit card transactions and later you can update it.
    • Xero Established-The price of the Xero Established is 60 dollars per/month. Xero Established is a good option for small-sized businesses that buy and sell products and services outside of the country. It supports 160 currency, so you can manage your foreign bank and credit card accounts.

    What Xero Is Missing

    When we compare the features of Xero from Quickbooks then there is no difference. However, the ecosystem of Xero is smaller than QuickBooks. There are very fewer accountants or bookkeepers as compared to QuickBooks. Xero has 10,000 certified accountants, on the other hand, QuickBooks has 50,000 certified accountants. This is a big challenge for Xero. Xero does not provide live telephone support you have to wait for the email response customers are not satisfied that there is no live telephone support.

    2. Wave software(Free software)

    Wave accounting Inc is launched by CEO Kirk Simpson and CPO James Lochrie. Wave is a company that provides accounting-related services and the headquarters of the Wave is situated in the Leslieville neighborhood in Toronto, Canada. Wave is free software, that is also a good alternative for Quickbooks. It has 85% of the same features as QuickBooks. Wave has many features that are not included in paid software. Wave offers payroll and payment processors separately as paid services that make money for Wave. Wave is the greater alternative for QuickBooks for small and medium-sized businesses.

    Wave price and features

    As I mentioned above Wave is free software. While ZipBook is also a free software but it has not more feature Wave has. These are the following features of the Wave-

    • Track income and expenses
    • Accounts receivable
    • Manage Accounts Payable
    • Add as many users.
    • You can create an unlimited number of businesses under the same account.
    • You can access them all with just one Wave account.
    • You can include an unlimited number of users.
    • Connect Bank & Credit Card Accounts.
    • Reports.

    What Wave is Missing

    In one area Wave become fail it is unable to “print checks and bills” it does take away from the fact it is also a great alternative for Quickbooks. It is the best alternative for those people who do not want to put any money on accounting software. Wave customers like it because it is free of cost software to manage their income and expenses. They also like the user-friendly interface. On the other hand, Wave does not provide telephone live support and the response of the email takes a long time it is very disappointing for the customers.

    3. Freshbooks software

    Freshbooks is an accounting software package designed and marketed by 2ndsite Inc. This company was founded in 2003 and is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This is the best alternative to QuickBooks for freelancers. The design of the Freshbooks is very user-friendly with a robust time tracking tool to keep track of hours worked by you and your team. In just a few clicks you can change the billable hours to an invoice and you can email it to the customer so the customer can pay online. FreshBooks is the greater alternative for QuickBooks for small and medium-sized businesses.

    FreshBooks price and features

    The price of FreshBooks is more similar to its competitors. Freshbooks has four pricing levels lite, plus, premium, select. Every plan has 1 user if you need to add more users then you need to pay 10 dollars to add one user. The big difference between FreshBooks and others is the limited number of customers an invoice. The new features in the plus and premium plans include the automatic payment reminder while the lite plan does not include it. It supports multi-currency as Xero you can track your income and expenses in multiple currencies.


    There are the following types of price plans-

    • FreshBooks Lite-FreshBooks Lite is suitable for those businesses that have 5 or less than 5 clients and send invoices for these 5 clients. Many businessmen purchase this plan because it is budget-friendly the price of this plan is 15 dollars per month.
    • FreshBooks Plus-FreshBooks plus is used by those businesses that have to do more invoicing and accounts receivable processes. The maximum number of customers can be include 50. The price of this plan is 25 dollars per month.
    • FreshBooks Premium-FreshBooks premium is a good plan if you have more than 50 customers. That will automate your accounts receivable process. An automated reminder sends to the customers who have overdue expenses. The price of this plan is 50 dollars per month.
    • FreshBooks select-If you have more than 500 clients then you have to purchase this plan. This plan price is customized according to your needs. If you have a high volume of customers than this plan is only for you.

    What FreshBooks is Missing

    The very big disadvantage of this software is that you cannot manage your unpaid bills(Account payable) it means that you cannot enter bills through it while you can download the payment information and it does not have the ability to track inventory costs and quantities.

    4.Billy software

    Billy is an accounting software it makes for the help of small and medium-sized business owners and it works incredibly intuitively and it is easy to use. Billy software is available in two interfaces English and Danish. It is absolutely free for the first 30 days it is a trial period if you like the trial then you can shift for premium the most important thing is that you do need any debit and credit card during registering yourself in the trial period.


    Billy software creates professional and free invoices. You can know your financial numbers at a glance and you will get full support all seven days of the week. It takes a few clicks to create an invoice you can also insert the logo of your business you can change the currency. Billy has three plans the price of plans varies for different plans in all the plans you can add unlimited users, unlimited invoices, and unlimited customers. The Billy Silver plan does not allow customers to pay their invoices online. Billy’s price plans are – Silver, Gold, Platinium.


    There are the following types of price plans-

    • Silver-Billy silver is suitable for self-employed and sole proprietors. It is a very budget familiar plan the price of this plan is 15 dollars per month. The features of these plans are unlimited users, invoices, and customers, and you can connect all of your bank and credit card accounts.
    • Gold-Billy gold is suitable for everyone who wants to provide service to their customers and provide an option to pay invoices online. In this plan, you can add your payment link to the invoices.  The price of gold is 19 dollars per/month.
    • Platinium -Billy Platinium is the top plan at 39 dollars per/month. The additional feature of this plan is “Monthly 30-minute Call With a Bookkeeper” you can ask any question related to Billy within 30 min. You also get access to exclusive Online Training Videos, Prioritized Chat and Email Support, and Discounts With Bookkeeping Community.

    What Billy is Missing

    As compared to the other accounting software Billy does not have the ability to produce cash flow statements. Inventory management is very tedious. If you are selling products so that would not be a good alternative for Quickbooks.

    5.Zoho books software

    Zoho Books can be a good alternative for Quickbooks it is also a user-friendly interface that provides smooth accounting and bookkeeping activities for small businesses. With the help of Zoho books, you can create an official look invoice and you can also customize according to your design. It provides simple and secure online accounting for your business and it connects you to your bank account so you can manage the flow of your payments, track payments, and categorize the transactions smartly.


    There are the following types of price plans-

    • Basic-The basic plan is good for service businesses that pay bills online from the credit cards. Note that you can invite users to access your data users cannot be more than 50. The price of this plan is 9 dollars per/month.  With this plan, you can create purchase orders or sales orders, or track inventory with this plan.
    • Standard-The price of this plan is 19 dollars. In which you can add 3 users and 500 clients. Standard includes limited accounts payable functionality it means that you can enter bills into Zoho books.
    • Professional-It is the highest tier of the Zoho books it is used to keep track of inventory quantities and cost in the Zoho books professional has the ability to track customer orders from start to finish.

    What Zoho books are Missing

    Zoho books can not print checks to pay bills while in the professional plan you can insert your bills into Zoho books and it has no ability to receive payments from its customers. Zoho books come with a 14days trial while the other competitors give a 30days trial.

    6. Zip books software

    Zip Books is accounting software which is situated in the United State, Utah. Zip books were designed by Tim Chaves in June 2015 and Zip books modules are invoicing, transaction, bills, reporting, time tracking, contracts, payroll, and accrual. While Zip books starter is free of cost. Zip books can be the best alternative for Quickbooks.


    Zip books come with four different plans and all the plans have unlimited users or Bank/Credit Card Connections. The top tier plan of the Zip books includes a person who manages a book for you. This feature Quickbooks does not include. So Zip’s book can be a good alternative for Quickbooks.


    There are the following types of price plans-

    • Starter-The cost of the starter plan is absolutely free. This can be a golden opportunity for freelancers and those businessmen who want to switch from excel to bookkeeping. With this starter plan, you can unlimited tracking of customer and vendor contacts, and unlimited invoicing and you can also connect one credit card to their respective bank.
    • Smarter-The cost of this plan is 15 dollars here you will get the additional benefits. Here, you can add unlimited users and you can also connect unlimited Bank/Credit Card. This plan is good for businessmen who need heavy invoicing. Into this plan, you can Unlimited Recurring Invoices With Auto-bill, Auto-import Time & Expenses Into Invoices, Time Tracking, etc.
    • Sophisticated-This plan comes with 35 dollars per/month. This plan is suitable for those businesses that need to do project tracking or have multiple locations for which they need comprehensive tracking and reporting of income and expenses. You can also do bank reconciliation by which you get to know your books is matching to your bank account.
    • Services-The starting price of this plan is 125 dollars per/month. For this plan, you need a dedicated bookkeeper. That is a service that nobody offers.

    What Zip books is Missing

    Zip books are not capable of tracking the outstanding balances owed to suppliers (accounts payable) and you can not generate the cash flow statements. You cannot check the inventories.

    7. Spends software

    Spends are affordable and easy to use the software it helps you control spending saving you time and money and with the help of Spendwise, you can manage inventory by automatically tracking product purchases. It may be a good alternative for Quickbooks according to your business needs.


    There are the following types of price plans-

    •  Basic-The cost of this plan is 9 dollars per month. You can only add a maximum of 5 users and you can do only maximum purchase orders per month. It is very less I do not recommend you to go with the basic plan. If you need a basic plan then you can go with Xero which is 9 dollars and you can perform these activities income and expenses and add unlimited users.
    • Pro-The price of the pro plan is 19 dollars per/month and you can add the number of users up to 25 and here you get unlimited purchase orders per month. While this plan has the ability to manage bills, in addition, you can track all of your business sales and purchases and run key financial reports.
    • Enterprise-This plan is good for you if you need a complicated inventory. Later you can add-on some special features according to your needs. You can also add the inventory management and Accounting etc.

    What Spendwise is Missing

    Zip books are miss most of the feature which Quickbooks alternatives have. If you want to track income and access detailed profitability reports then you must have taken the top tier plan. In the Zip books, you need to pay separately for the accounting and inventory while Quickbooks and Xero do not need to include separately.

    8. Slickpie software(Free software)

    Slickpie aimed for small and medium-sized businesses and help them to grow. It helps to track income and expenses. It is free accounting software that may attract freelancers and it fits in the budget. While its other competitors provide track income and expenses for more than one business without any cost. That may be the best alternative for Quickbooks.

    Slickpie features and price

    Slickpie is a cloud-based accounting software s. It helps users to record, track and reconcile income and expenses through an online dashboard. It is designed to be simple and easy-to-use so users can start getting paid faster in seamless and effortless ways. All the basic tools needed by an organization are available in one accounting software. These are the following point which refers to the Slickpie-

    • Online Invoicing
    • Online billing
    • Financial reports
    • Bank reconciliation
    • Tax management.

    The price of this accounting software is absolutely free you can use this software by providing some of your details but you can add only 10 companies if you want to add more companies then you can go with Pro Slickpie into the Pro you will get the benefit of Phone and Email support both.

    9. OneUp software

    It is accounting software and it is used to create invoices and inventory tracking Oneup tracking is more sophisticated as compared to its competitors. The price of the plan lies between 69 dollars to 169 dollars. To test this software you can use its trial for 30 days and with the help of CRM, you will not miss any sale you can set the reminder for the upcoming sale.


    OneUp has several tiers based on the number of users. It all depends upon your business which plan is suitable for your business. These are the following tiers of OneUp software.

    • Self plan– The cost of this plan is 9 dollars per/month and it supports only 1 user and it doesn’t include customer support.
    • Pro plan– The cost of the pro plan is 19 dollars per/month and it supports only 2 users and you will get one on one support.
    • Plus plan– The cost of this Plus plan is 29 dollars per/month and it supports only 3 users and you will also get one on one support.
    • Team plan– The cost of this Team plan is 69 dollars per/month and it supports 7 users and you will also get one on one support.
    • Unlimited plan– As the name suggests unlimited support the number of users is and the cost of this plan is 169 dollars per/month.

    10.FreeAgent software

    FreeAgent was launched in September 2017 and it was founded by Ed Molyneux, Olly Headey, and Roan Lavery. FreeAgent aimed at small businesses and their accountants. FreeAgent allows you to manage all your business finances. It includes unlimited bank and credit card accounts, unlimited users, and unlimited customers and vendors. It may be a great alternative for Quickbooks.

    FreeAgent features and price 

    • FreeAgent runs smoothly on Desktop, IOS, Android.
    • Send and track invoices.
    • Expenses- you can snap a photo with your phone and upload it.
    • Time tracking- you can track the time by inbuilt stopwatch.
    • Self Assessment – fill and file a Self Assessment tax return directly to HMRC from the app.
    • Dashboard- Monitor all the activities at a glance.
    • bulk payroll submission.

    First, you can use this without paying any cost for the first 30 days simply provide your contact details then you are eligible to use this trial. The price of the FreeAgent software is 10 dollars per/month.


    I hope you understand all the above points. In the above article, I mention the top most used accounting software. I told you about the alternative for Quickbooks in briefly I also told you about the plans of each alternative.

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