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How to Print Checks in Quicken

    Quicken check printing helps you to save time and remove the basic error done manually and every single entry recoded. Quicken makes It is very easy to print checks from Quicken. If you want to handle your check-in smart way then you can use Quicken software to print checks in Quicken. It will decrease the chances of errors as well as it will help to avoid duplicate work of hand-writing checks and all the entries will save in Quicken.

    In this article we will talk about how you can print checks in Quicken for Windows users.

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    For Windows users only

    Enter the transaction to print checks in Quicken

    • Press Ctrl + W from your keyboard.
    • If you have more the two checking accounts then click on the suitable account.
    • Into the “Pay to the order of” box, you need to mention the name of the payee.
    • After clicking on dollar sign and write how much you want to pay.
    • Into the “Ädress” field you have to provide your Gmail address and click on the Adress button to enter and save address information.
    • Into the “Select a category” box you need to choose the right category of your expense.
    • Into the “Memo” line, here you can add some additional information but this information will be visible when you mail the check-in a window envelope.
    • If you want to send any confidential information then you can use the Message field, in the case the message field is not available then follow these steps.
      • Go to the Edit menu.
      • After the click on Preferences.
      • Then click on Write Checks.
      • Now you have to allow the Extra Message.
      • Now you have to press the Ok button.
      • Then click on “Record Checks” that will save your check entry into your register.

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    Print the checks after entering the transaction

    Print the checks after entering the transaction

    • Go into the Write Checks.
    • Then click on Print then it will bring it to you Checks to Print screen.
    • Now you have to put some checks sheets into the printer.
    • Be sure that the Check Number is matching with your first check.
    • If you want to print several checks then select those check which you want to print these are the following steps to print several checks.
      • All Checks Option: This option will help you to print all your unprinted as well as outdated checks.
      • Checks Dated option: If you need to print all the checks up to a specific date then you can use this option. The default date of this is the current date and if you want to change this date then you can write a suitable date.
      • Selected Checks: This option give will help you to print only those person checks who are manually selected by you.
    • Verify the Check style
      • Standard: The size of this check is 8 1/2 * 3 1/2 inches and the quantity of per page is 3.
      • Wallet: In the check style the measurement of this checks is 6 * 2 5/6 inches. The quantity of this check per page is 3.
    • Change your Printing options
      • Checks on the First page: If you want to print a part of the check then you can use this option and you have to fill the number of checks on the first page.
      • Print Your Logo: If you want your company logo then go into the print logo option and then choose the logo and upload the then the logo will be print on your checks.
      • Additional Copies: If you want to make more copies of the same checks then you can type the number of checks you want but the maximum limit of the same checks is 3.
    • In the last, you have to click on the Ok button. and you can also choose Print First in which you verify your check setting by printing one check and later you can take a bunch of checks to print checks in Quicken.

    Alignment for print checks in Quicken

    • First, you have to select any file and then press the Check Print button.
    • Choose any checks of which you prefer to print checks in Quicken.
    • Now you have press click on Print button then click on Adjust Alignment.
    • Click on the print button.
    • After that, the option of alignment will be visible so you can set it according to you.
    • Next, click the print option.
    • In the end, uncheck alignment checkbox and now you are ready to print self align checks.

    So this is the fastest and easiest way to print checks in Quicken and with the help of Quicken, you do not need to write the same thing again and again simply first have to enter the transaction into the Quicken as given in the above paragraph after that print the checks all the steps are given in the above paragraph.

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