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How to Downgrade and Upgrade QuickBooks Online Subscription

    Today here is Accountwizy with a new topic for the readers who want to know how to downgrade and upgrade QuickBooks Online subscription. If you are also one of them then, hurry up, and read this article to get your answer.

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    Let’s start the article:

    Procedure to Downgrade QuickBooks Online Subscription

    The downgrading procedure of the QuickBooks Online plan is very simple, a user who wants to downgrade his/her QuickBooks Online plan, he/she can easily do this in just 4 levels. Here we have explained the procedure in just four levels to make the process easier. So let’s start the following procedure:

    Level 1: Choose a New Plan According to Your Business Need

    In the first level, it is very important to choose a new and right QuickBooks plan to manage your business finance. For that, you need to note down your requirement services, or features, so that you can choose the right plan. You can also compare the QuickBooks plan chart in the ‘Plans & Pricing section of the official Intuit QuickBooks site.  

    Level 2: Turn Off Some Features in the Current Plan  

    After that, turn off some features in your current using plan. If you are using one of the below features then, please turn it off.

    Recurring Transaction Templates

    If you are using the recurring transaction templates then you have to pause it now. And do this process, if you are planning to downgrade QuickBooks Online subscription to QuickBooks Online Simple Start because it does not support the recurring transactions. Follow the steps to turn of the recurring transaction templates:

    • Visit for the ‘Settings’ tab, and select the ‘Recurring Transactions’ from the list.
    • After that, choose one of your templates, and click on the ‘Edit’ option.
    • Select the ‘Pause’ option from the ‘Edit’ drop-down, and again click the ‘Pause’ option to confirm it.  


    If you are using the multi-user feature and already provided the access to your clients or employees then you may need to remove some users from your current plans, according to your new QuickBooks plan. You can follow the below procedure to remove users if you are thinking it is suitable for your new plan:

    • Click on the ‘Settings’ option, and select the ‘Manage Users’ option.
    • After that, select the users whom you want to remove or delete.
    • Go to the Action column, and click on the small arrow icon.
    • Now click the ‘Delete’ option, and again click the ‘Delete’ option to confirm the removing process in the confirmation window.

    Note: If in case, you are unable to ‘Manage user’ option then, this may mean, you have no permission to manage other users. 


    If you are planning to choose the QuickBooks Online Simple Start or the Essentials then, it is mandatory to inactive the inventory first. Because these two plans have no features to track inventory, you can only track inventory on QuickBooks Online Plus, and QuickBooks Online Advanced. To deactivate the inventory, follow the below procedure:

    Step 1: Save all the Financial Reports

    At first, save all the accounts or financial details, before deactivating the inventory feature.

    • Go for the ‘Reports’ tab, and search for ‘Product/Service List’.
    • Open the report, and click on the ‘Customize’ option, and then the ‘Filter’.
    • Then go to the ‘Deleted’ drop-down, and click the ‘All’ option.
    • At last, click the ‘Run Report’ option, and print or export the report.   
    Step 2: Deactivate the Inventory
    • From the ‘Setting’ tab, select the ‘Products and Services’ option.
    • After that, visit for the ‘Filter’ drop-down, and ‘Status’ drop-down, and select the ‘All’ option.
    • In the next step, choose the ‘Non-Inventory’ option from the ‘Type’ drop-down.
    • Click the ‘Apply’ option. By doing this, all the non-inventory items will hide.
    • To select all the inventory items on the list, select the checkbox.
    • And then, go to the ’batch Actions’ dropdown, and click on the ‘Make Inactive’ option. 
    • Lastly, click on the ‘yes’ option. 


    All QuickBooks plan as no multi-currency features like QuickBooks Online simple start. So if you are currently using the multi-currency feature, and planning to switch to the simple start then, you need to deactivate it. 

    Third-Party Apps

    If you are using third-party apps then, you may need to cancel the apps. It totally depends on your plan. 

    Level 3: Downgrade QuickBooks Online Subscription

    After checking all the above features, and making some changes in your current using features for the downgrade process.   

    • First of all, you need to visit the ‘Setting’ tab, and to select the ‘Account and Settings’ option.
    • After that, you can see an option of ‘Billing & Subscription’, just click on it to make sure that your payment information is up-to-date.
    • In the next step, click the ‘Downgrade your plan’ option, and choose the ‘Choose Plan’ option.
    • Now just check that what’s changing with your new plan.
    • After checking all the settings, and reviewing all the details, click the ‘Continue or Submit’ option.
    • Review the billing details, and go for the ‘Change Plan’ option.
    • At last, click the ‘Done’ option. 

    Level 4: Make Sure that The Plan is Changed

    This is the last level to finish the process. You need to check after downgrading the plan, because, most of the time, the plan immediately changed, so it is a necessary step:

    • Log into QuickBooks Online as an admin, and then directly go to the ‘Settings’ tab.
    • Then choose the ‘Account and Settings’ option from the ‘Settings’ tab.
    • Check your plan details in the ‘Billing & Subscription’ section.

    You can also check your client’s plan if you are an accountant:

    • Go for the QuickBooks Online Accountant login, and click the ‘Settings’ option.
    • After that, choose the ‘Subscription and Billing’ option from the tab.
    • And check to see your client’s new plan details.

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    Procedure to Upgrade QuickBooks Online Subscription

    After downgrade the QuickBooks Online subscription, if you are changing your mind set up to upgrade the QuickBooks Online subscription again then, don’t worry you can do it perfectly with a few steps. But before that, you need to make some changes to your plan.

    Changes Needed Before Upgrading the QuickBooks Plan 

    • Get back to the users, if you have removed some of the users from your multi-users facility, and invite them again.
    • If you turned off the inventory items then, re-activate them, and re-enter all the item’s quantity by checking the report you saved before downgrading.
    • Follow the below steps to turn on the recurring transaction templates, if you turned off them:
      • Select the ‘recurring Transactions’ option from the ‘Settings’ tab, and select the transaction template.
      • After that, go to the ‘Edit’ drop-down, and select the ‘Resume’ option.
      • To confirm it, again click the ‘Resume’ option. 

    That’s it if you changed one of the above points then, recover it again, and go for the upgrading process. 

    Steps to Upgrade QuickBooks Online Subscription Plan

    Here are the steps to upgrade the subscription, so let’s follow the steps:

    • Choose the ‘Settings’ tab, and select the ‘Account and Settings’ option from the list.
    • After that, select the ‘Billing & Subscription’ option and go to the QuickBooks Online section. 
    • From the QuickBooks Online section, choose the ‘Upgrade’ option. If you are unable to see the ‘Upgrade’ option then, it means, you are using the plan with the features.
    • After clicking on the ‘Upgrade’ option, choose the plan that you want, and again click the ‘Upgrade’ option.
    • Then confirm the payment information, and keep it by clicking on the ‘Save’ option.

    The End Line

    So this was the article to downgrade and upgrade QuickBooks Online subscription plan. We tried our best to make the procedure simple for you, hope you like it, and now you are able to do this ownself. Further, if in case, you need help to complete this procedure or want to clear your doubts regarding this article then you can get our ProAdvisor support to solve your problem instantly. 

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