Quickbooks For Nonprofit: Is It Available For NGO

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Do you ever think about opening a nonprofit NGO? Whether you are thinking or already running a nonprofit business. You should aware of its truth in the nonprofit business. There is a shortage of money and an employee. And work burdon is more than a profitable business. Hence To reduce your burden of the works. You have to use software technology like Quickbooks. It’s the best option to work fast with Quickbooks for nonprofit.

As you know there is less money and human power but still, nonprofit organizations are doing well. And most of them are using Quickbooks for managing their daily business task. Like handling different funds for different purposes, and provide different user id password to various members to handle their task well. So let’s see more about it…

How Nonprofit Organisations Use Quickbooks Online

Nonprofit organizations are using Quickbooks for managing their bills and tracking their budgets. As you know in NGOs and nonprofit firms have one-way accounting. This shows that there is no profit. That’s why they need to handle only their expense and funds comes from. To fulfill this requirement Intuit has developed Quickbooks for Nonprofit firms.

However, it was not an easy task for the Intuit to provide these types of tools. But they provided a CRM system to Quickbooks for the nonprofit organization. After that, they come to know the CRM system doesn’t fit for this sector. But after many updates the build the best Quickbooks for nonprofits.

Quickbooks Reporting System For Nonprofit

The nonprofit organization has to send the report to the many firms like NGOs board, staff, the general public, and the funders. And some times there is a need to give always a unique audience to report the firm’s impact. So by using Quickbooks nonprofit organizations can send their report in a few second.  Also, their staff can get the report in just a few clicks. Therefore Quickbooks for Nonprofits is helpful in saving their time and money. So that they can do more for society

Quickbooks for nonprofit Accounting

The nonprofit organization has to manage various profits and funds. Also, they have to send a report to different fundraisers. And keep a record of every expense and funds. Quickbooks knows all of these requirements of nonprofit organizations. So this software automates all of these requirements. And also keep a separate accounting record of each fund and expenses. This separation of accounting tells the exact money required for each team. So Quickbooks help team members to do the right work in the right budget.

Tracking Donations Of NGOs

As you know nonprofit organization runs on donation. Donation is a base of this business. Because if any nonprofit has no money then they cant do well for the society. That’s why the organization has to track its donations whether this donation comes from the fundraiser or organization. It should be maintained properly in accounting. And Quickbooks knows well how to manage organizations’ donations.

Quickbooks Integrated Tool For Nonprofit

Quickbooks is not an individual software it helps firms to use Quickbooks with another tool. This tool helps NGOs to automate their works. And do effective work for the team and society. Accounting Softwares must be robust bet it can do only certain parts of the job. A nonprofit organization needs more than an accounting software that handles their daily task to accept donation and account of firms.

You know which type of job they have to maintain in records. Don’t worry we will tell you, nonprofit organizations has to maintain their phone calls, events, etc. And for maintaining all of these they use other stewardship tools. And the most important task is to keep store these data for the long term. So that’s why CRM software is useful for the nonprofit organizations.

Proof Of How Quickbooks For Nonprofit Firm is the best fits With Keela

By the way, there are lots of add-ons are available which works fine with Quickbooks. But Keela is most popular amongst them. You know why because Keela Quickbook’s online integration tool is expert in, import and export your data from Quickbooks.

But for this you have to edit manually first then you can further do the following task. Like Quickly transaction, reduce data entry. And synchronize transaction fees for stripe and PayPal payment also its best in synchronizing donations.

Keela Quickbooks Online Integration:

  1. You can synchronize only selected transactions from a specific Data range.
  2. This integration allow one way and one time sync of particular records on donation and membership payments with the use of PayPal.
  3. Transaction clause based on payment method.
  4. Picks the sales deposit account, expense category, and expense withdrawal account for all transaction types.
  5. If the transaction fee is mandatory on Paypal and any other payment gateway made by Keela. Then it will synchronize with Quickbooks for nonprofit.

So what are the benefits of using integrations tools?. The integration tools are beneficial for providing accurate data to the Quickbooks. Via these tools you can increase financial information’s accuracy and export it to Quickbooks.


After our research, we found Quickbooks online is the best accounting software for nonprofit organizations. Where the user gets benefits of automating their works so that they can fulfill their less human power. Besides, there are lots of Addon services available by integrating these services you can keep accurate records for your firms. So whatever type of nonprofit organization you have, use Quickbooks online and it will definitely fit your business.

Quickbooks For Nonprofit: Is It Available For NGO