How to Setup QuickBooks Scan Manager

By adopting QuickBooks Scan Manager, users can scan estimates, orders of sales, orders of purchases, product receipts, Write checks, and inventory transfers, etc. In advanced inventory, business works with barcodes. It is because Barcodes make the data entry faster and easier instead of manually putting the data in QuickBooks desktop. To know the scan manager closely, here we have a blog for you ‘How to set up QuickBooks scan manager?’.

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A Setup of QuickBooks Scan Manager introduced for proper scanning of bills receipts and important documents and also offers a facility of attaching them to your transactions. After some time you can include all these documents to your invoices, sales receipts, bills, and other transactions. If you have installed a new scanner for your business and you are ready to scan a document then you require a complete setup of QuickBooks Scan Manager for attached documents related to QuickBooks.

Benefits of Using QuickBooks Scan Manager

QB Scan Manager was introduced to offer a variety of benefits to business owners. These are:

  • It is very simple and easy to use and doesn’t require accounting proficiency.
  • Easily connect it with your Bank account for importing and categorize the multiple transactions automatically.
  • Scan Manager creates updating of balanced sheets, invoices, slips, and other online documents automatically.
  • Offers a facility of adding files to other transactions including invoices, bill receipts(sales orders receipts, and purchase orders receipts).
  • Helps the warehouse manager and their team to fulfilling their tasks in very less time.

How to Setup QuickBooks Scan Manager

For Setup the QuickBooks Scan manager you have to apply the basic steps in the given order. You require a proper setup of QuickBooks manager if you newly installed a scanner or you start the scan for the first time.

Step 1: Create your Scan Account ID

  • Visit the Company menu and then pick documents
  • After that, choose Doc Center from the QuickBooks icon bar and start scanner for scanning the document
  • Hit New option to set up a new scan account ID or pick the old scan id. You are also having a option to edit the name of your profile.
  • After that, click on continue
  • Make some adjustments and modifications in your profile and then Hit ok but you are not authorized to edit the default destination folder.

Note: You can easily change your company file location. If you made changes in the Scanning destination path.

Step 2: Setup and Investigate your Scanner

  • In this, simply highlight your profile then hit select
  • Choose Scanner Window template in the select scanner window
  • Current selection field list the scanner
  • Adopt Normal mode
  • Verify the Perform Text Box and then choose the test you want to run and then hit next to start the verification of your scanner.
  • The scanning test page will appear on your screen in the field of Your Scan Document Here.
  • Check the Repeat this test for verifying the documents in all modes box, then hit next to start the testing in all modes of the documents.
  • You can also use your scanner with QuickBooks, Once all the modes are tested successfully.

Note: Current selection wizard shows the shows your scanner. Hit yes if you don’t want to see your scanner and vice-versa. After that click on next to download the latest scanner database from Nuance.

Step 3: Adding files

After successful completion of 1st and 2nd steps move to step 3.

  • Use your scanner after all modes are tested successfully.
  • Click on the attach file button on any transaction to attach the file to the scanner.

How to Settle Down QuickBooks Scan Manager Error Issues 

There are multiple error issues that you may experience while working with QuickBooks Scan Manager. It is very common to face technical challenges while working with technology but requires to encounter those issues.

At the time of scanning documents and receipts, QuickBooks scanner faces technical challenges described below. Sometimes a message popped on the screen that indicates QuickBooks Scan Manager is not working or Not responding. It can occur while your technology is technically and functionally affected.

Error Popup: QuickBooks Scan Manager Not Responding

If you see the same error message while working on it then apply steps. In case, your QB scanner exits automatically without displaying any error message or display error code 281,1 then follow the steps given below in the same order.

Could not Scan, Unable to find TWAIN Driver

As I mentioned above, it is one of those having good compatibility with QuickBooks Desktop for Windows. 

  • Ensure that you are using a TWAIN Complaint Scanner.
  • Verify the scanner outside the QuickBooks to ensure that the scanner is working properly or not.
  • If the scanner doesn’t respond outside QuickBooks it means the problem does not only exist in the scanner but it has other technical issues.
  • To solve the problem persists with the scanner you have to contact the IT professionals or technicals to fix the issue.

Error Code 281,1

  • You have to delete your old Scan Account ID and create a new one.
  • Modify user account settings
  • After Repairing QuickBooks Scanner start scanning again
  • Reinstall it using a clean install 
  • After that setup QuickBooks Scan manager and try again to scan the transactions

Frequently Asked Question

Is QuickBooks Scan Manager Compatible with Windows and MAC?

Solution: QB Scan Manager is only having a good compatibility with QuickBooks Desktop for Windows that’s why it doesn’t see anywhere instead of any other document center. 

Adopt QuickBooks Scan for Mac: If you want to adopt a complete setup with Mac you have to scan the documented attachments and also go through the steps listed below:

Open Transaction you want to

  • Visit attachment icon and click on it and then scan window display to you
  • Choose the options and settings for the scan
  • Hit scan 

If you want to access those attachments in QuickBooks Desktop multi-user mode, you are required to set up the Attached documents Library on a shared drive.

Points to Rember:

  • Serial Point Scanners are not compatible with the ES Barcode feature.
  • Scanning documents are always saved in the same folder where your company file exists.
  • The Warehouse manager application and the worksheet of sales order fulfillment require different scanners.

Final Note

In the End, QuickBooks Scan Manager introduced By Intuit is to scan the receipts and transactions by adopting the barcode feature. It comes under the topmost scanner for everyday scanning activities. By applying the following steps list above, you can fix the technical error issue that occurs while working with the QuickBooks Scan manager.

Hope this blog will help you in getting a complete understanding of QuickBooks Scanner. If you want to know additional details then get the Proadvisor Support by contacting us through our helpline number +1-877-715-0222.

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