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QuickBooks Has Stopped Working, What to Do to Activate It Again

    Have you ever faced the situation, while working with QuickBooks, QuickBooks has stopped working, and you are not able to access the QuickBooks? If you have not faced the situation yet then, it will be a piece of good news for both you, and us. Because, here today in this blog, we are going to know the solutions for the QuickBooks not responding error, so that you will never face the problem in the future.

    And if you already faced the problem, and searching for the solution here and there then, it’s time to relax and to be read the blog for the appropriate solution. In the meantime, you can also get help from our Intuit Certified QuickBooks support team members.

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    QuickBooks has stopped working error is the result of the faulty presence of a virus or a malicious record on the QuickBooks Desktop. Apart from that, there are several reasons for this error, which we will discuss one by one but, for now, it will be good to know the signs for this error.

    The Signs You may See Before the QuickBooks Not Responding

    QuickBooks has stopped working or QuickBooks is not responding may also seem with the following symptoms :

    • Your console and the mouse becomes sluggish and non-responsive and at times and really stop working.
    • A speak container will pop up in the center of your application and show the ‘QuickBooks has Stopped Working’ error, and ask you to wait whilst windows conduct research to get to the root of the problem.
    • Your program will close down without caution leading to a few losses of data if it wasn’t stored already.

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    Why QuickBooks Not Working

    There is more than one reason behind the error, here, below, we have mentioned all the possible reasons for the error. Have a look;

    • Your company name is just too long and causes the system to have a delay in response.
    • Presence of a degraded or missing QBWUSER.INI record, which is a critical report wanted for the right working of QuickBooks control.
    • The primary hard drive has been disturbed and the documents are misplaced.
    • The essential documents related to the QuickBooks Desktop establishment had been downloaded from a suspicious supply that doesn’t have firewall permission and has been degraded.
    • The primary windows working framework has been affected in a damaging way, causing a problem for QuickBooks.

    Solution for QuickBooks has Stopped Working Error

    Here, we have given some of the effective solutions to run QuickBooks smoothly, without facing any problem.

    Solution 1: Run QuickBooks Refresher Tool

    QuickBooks refresher tool can prevent historical running processes. So, at the primary level run the QuickBooks refresher tool by following the below procedure:

    • First, close QuickBooks Desktop.
    • Download the QuickBooks Refresher tool.
    • Save the downloaded file on your desktop, where you can access it easily.
    • After that, run the tool, and re-open the QuickBooks.
    • Now, take a look at QuickBooks has stopped working mistakes.

    Solution 2: Run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

    Solution 3: Rename the QBWUSER.ini Report

    • The QBWUSER.ini file, QuickBooks has stopped operating errors may be constant if in case, this document is damaged or missing.
    • So you need to need to rename it to open the company file.
    • After that, manually reopen the QuickBooks company file.
    • And check that, the error is gone or not.

    Solution 4: Get the Admin Permission

    If in case, there are damaged windows set up, the introduction of a windows admin person account can be required. So you need to get the permission of the user admin.

    • Go to the ‘Settings’ option, and click on the ‘Start’ menu.
    • And navigate to the debts.
    • Open your own family and different customers.
    • After that, choose the permits including a person to the PC.
    • Select the option that announces which you own signal-in records of the individual to be brought as a new person.
    • Now, select the option that permits you to add a user who isn’t always having a Microsoft account.
    • Type the account name, and password if required.
    • Click on the ‘Finish’ button.
    • Change the account type of the brand new user to the administrator.
    • Now, see if QuickBooks stopped running mistakes is performing.

    Solution 5: Uninstall, and Re-install QuickBooks

    You can also uninstall, and reinstall the QuickBooks through the QuickBooks clean install tool. After that, update the QuickBooks in the latest release version.

    Solution 6: Create a New Windows Admin User

    • First, go to the ‘Start’ button, and search for the control panel.
    • Open the control panel, and go to the ‘Manage Account’ section to create a new account.
    • Click on the ‘Create a new account’ link, and open the company file with the new Windows admin user.

    Solution 7: Block the Connection After Windows Update

    • Open the control panel, and go to your windows firewall.
    • After that, select the ‘Advanced Settings’ option, and then the ‘Outbound Rules’ option.
    • Now there, you can see the option of ‘New Rule’, just click on it.
    • After that, select the ‘Program’ checkbox, and click the ‘Next’ option.
    • Visit the ‘Program path’ option, and copy the QuickBooks location.
    • Then, block the connection, and check mark the public, private, and domain checkbox.
    • Now rename it, and finish it.

    Solution 8: Activate the QuickBooks System Repair Tool

    • First, download the QuickBooks repair tool.
    • After the complete download process, save the file in a local folder, or in the Windows desktop.
    • Close all the running programs, and run the repair tool.
    • It will take 15-20 minutes to complete the scanning process.
    • This tool will fix all the defect things automatically, after that you can restart the QuickBooks then the system.

    There are many other techniques too. If the trouble is because of stricter permissions and misidentification of a virtual signature as a malicious layout by the firewall, then the console will need to get a gadget reboot and spread out once more, whilst a number of the firewall’s codes are deactivated. On occasion, the complete software program will be deactivated and reactivated again.

    Wrapping Up

    At the last of the article, we hope, you have got the information that you want from us regarding this topic. Further, if there is any problem to solve the QuickBooks error then, we will recommend you to find a QuickBooks ProAdvisor for the best and effective solution.

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