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Quickbooks Time Tracking (Time Tracking Software for Quickbooks)

    In tracking employees’ work hours, employers like to know how much money is being spent on a project, what is the estimated budget and how is the company doing regarding general income rate and expenses. Integrating QB with time tracking software gives employers detailed insight or allows for an in-depth analysis of a money-related aspect of a company. And it is actually one of the most important things a business has to pay attention to. Quickbooks is an accounting software developed by Intuit. It is used by many users including small and medium businesses, or freelancers. The software is web-based and has many features that make the work of an accountant easier and more organized.

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    With Quickbooks, it is possible to manage bills and all bills-related issues, track income and expenses, maintain control over overpayments, and make them fast. In addition, you can effortlessly pay employees and have all the contractor’s information in one place. For other reasons, it is worth integrating QuickBooks with time tracking software. The main advantage is the ability to have all the money aspects under control. The payments are intertwined with work, particularly time spent on work, integrating these two tools may incredibly enhance the workflow.

    Top 4 Quickbooks Time Tracking Software

    Today, we present the top four-time tracking software for QuickBooks with their best features for integration:

    1. TimeCamp

    It is a time tracking software with many integrations. And integration for QuickBooks is one of them. With TimeCamp’s QuickBooks integration you can import all your clients and start tracking the time of all the work you do for them. Taxes, clients, and all the information you need for work are synchronized between TimeCamp and QuickBooks automatically. You can export all invoices created in TimeCamp to QB so that you can save time on creating new ones in both tools.

    This time tracking software for QuickBooks is really easy-in-use and helps you keep a hand on every single project and a dollar you’re spending on your clients. TimeCamp tracks automatically without the need of checking it for accuracy.

    Time Camp Benefits
    • Communication: Internal messaging means accountants and bookkeepers don’t have to chase down employees for clarification on timesheets, or vice versa.
    • Invoicing: Ability syncs with QuickBooks for fast or easy invoicing, payroll, and reports. The app also has its own customizable invoicing solution for non-QuickBooks customers that does the job in “four clicks from start to finish.”
    • Employee management: Manage your employees smarter, not harder, with an employee database and scheduling. Set multiple pay rates and send email notifications to keep everyone on the same page.

    2. TSheets –

    TSheets, as a time tracking software for QB, also enables a smooth integration. Firstly, the time of employees, which they spent on work, automatically appears in QB. This convenient feature allows saving your team from making mistakes in entering data which may cost a fortune. Next, TSheets integration grants a ringside seat into what employees were/are working on, including budget. Also, all timesheets can be quickly reviewed, edited, or approved directly in QuickBooks. All these features help in payroll and faster invoicing, based on all the gathered data, with 100% accuracy.

    TSheets Benefits
    • Accuracy and accountability: GPS location tracking and the Who’s Working window are perfect for seeing who’s working and when. Keep up with workers on the go and enjoy true accountability for your whole team.
    • Visual aids: Minimize “buddy punching” with the help of biometric facial recognition. Use the TSheets photo attachment feature to make each timesheet a progress file. Include photos to show projects before or after, current work, or product numbers.
    • Job costing and job codes: Use job codes to track different projects for different clients. By tracking how long the job took, what materials were used, and the cost of labor, TSheet’s job costing can give you a better idea of which projects are the most profitable.

    3. Harvest –

    Harvest is another excellent time tracking software for QB. With Harvest, you don’t have to re-enter all the data, along with invoices and payments, since the software does it for you. Harvest is simple when it comes to integrating with QuickBooks and bookkeeping in general. It provides data and reports on all the numbers, showing whether the business is profitable or not. Since reports are based on tracked time, budget information, or uninvoiced reports, all numbers are always correct.

    4. Hubstaff –

    Hubstaff offers two ways of integrating with QB, a desktop version and an online version. No matter the choice, it basically comes down to one can easier invoicing and billing. It is a great tool to communicate the reports to the clients.

    Its integration takes away the pain of manual entrance of all the data, the app does it for you automatically. As a time tracking software for QB, Hubstaff shows precise time spent on work together with a precise budget spent on it. You can download the reports or send them directly to your client via e-mail. Also, one of the extra features is screenshots. These offer you the ability to see what stage the project is and further pass that information to your client.

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    Benefits of Employee Time Tracking

    Better project management: Employee start time, project name, and scope of the project is instantly available to you. So, you can see if a project is on and track the budget and adjust your workflow accordingly.

    Accurate Client Estimates: It helps to guess how much time you need to complete the project.

    Efficient workflows: Efficient workflows-: Time tracking helps to spot inefficiencies and teach you how to organize time.

    Reduced Scope Creep: Time tracking will help you to eliminate scope creep.

    Improve Morale: You can instantly track time with just a few clicks.

    How to choose the Best Time Tracking Software

    Put some time into finding the right time-tracking app for your needs. In this type of case, you want a simple timer to track hours. In these cases, you may require an app that many employees can use to sign in and sign out or add expenses as required. Most apps offer a free trial period so you can test features before signing up for the service.

    When you are choosing time tracking software, it is important to look for features like:

    • Cloud access from any internet-connected device
    • Mobile apps for phones and tablets
    • Reporting and analytics
    • Project management tools to help you to track progress
    • Custom permissions for different users
    • Customizable alerts that tell you when a project is near by its budget limit
    • Secure encryption.

    How to Track Time in QuickBooks

    QuickBooks offers different time tracking features that your employees login the amount of time that they spend on a task. For these tasks, you can choose the client who gets the bill. Every employee needs a computer with an internet connection to track QuickBook’s time. You can also give time entry that prevents them from accessing the rest of your information. If you want to track the employee time, then take the following steps:

    • Click the Employees option at the top menu and choose Enter Time.
    • To create a timesheet, click and use a weekly timesheet.
    • Choose an employee name and drop down the list.
    • Then, choose a customer service item, and mark the time.
    • Select a payroll item for the time.
    • Enter the hours which worked in the column for the day.
    • Repeat the above mentioned  steps to fill the timesheet for the week.
    • Click on the Save and then Close to save the timesheet.

    How to set up QuickBooks for Time tracking

    Quickbooks is an accounting program that allows you to organize accounting data effectively. And the Quickbooks time tracking feature also offers you to set up employees’ time, and add your invoices, and clock billable information with ease.

    We have mentioned below to set up the time tracking features in QuickBooks

    • sign in as the admin if  you are single user mode
    • Go to the edit option
    • Click preference
    • Click time and expenses in the preference windows
    • Tap the company preference
    • Click yes for the track time?
    • Select the day on which you want to start tracking time each week on the first day of work week drop down list.
    • Click ok

    How to set up employees for time tracking

    • Steps to follow set up an employee payroll-
    • Open the employee center
    • Then click double on the employee’s name
    • Now click on the payroll info tab
    • Choose the time data when creating paychecks

    How To Create Time sheets

    • You can use a timesheet in QuickBooks to enter data of your employees and the work to create employee payrolls.
    • Click and enter the time
    • Then, enter a weekly timesheet to track hours worked.

    Time tracking offers you documentary proof of an employee’s time which removes guesswork on paydays. This keeps employees satisfied and ensures your business grows day by day. Consider the different methods of time tracking to locate one that works best for your company size, pair, the system with your accounting software.

    I hope you will understand everything about Quickbooks time tracking and time tracking software for Quickbooks If you want to know more then you can contact Quickbooks Proadvisor.

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