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How To merge Customers in QuickBooks?

    Quickbooks helps businesses to manage sales and expenses. And sometimes we add similar customer contacts in Quickbooks that have similar transactions. And sometimes we hire new contacts. And new accountant adds by mistakes similar customers. So if you decided to delete one, then wait, because deleting customers can harm your Quickbooks data. So it’s better to merge customers in Quickbooks. So let’s see how to merge customers in Quickbooks.

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    Why We Need to Merge Customer in Quickbooks

    When it comes to managing the accounts of customers for your business or organization then Quickbooks is one of the most standard and useful accounting tools. It is very easy to add the complete details of any customer to your account by using these tools. This business tool gives some information to manage the business account of all customers at one time. But there can be some similar customers who may want to make the management easy by merging them in your QuickBooks.

    And if you don’t delete it, then you can face confusion in making invoices. And during tax payment, you can face trouble. So it’s better to merge customers in Quickbooks. So let’s see how to merge customers in Quickbooks.

    Note: Before merging customers in Quickbooks. You will need to backup your company file. And also you have to switch to single-user mode. And remember do not turn on multi-currency. Now let’s proceed with our topic of how to merge customers in Quickbooks.

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    How to Merge Customers in QuickBooks

    If you are dealing with clients or customers then, there is the best reason that you might want to merge the customer account.

    Follow these steps to merge the customers in QuickBooks

    Step1 Merge Accounts

    • Open your Quickbooks dashboard and click on Chart Of account
    • Now you have to copy the name of the account that you want to keep
    • Select account which you want to merge and right-click on it and click on Edit button.
    • Now you have to paste the name which you have copied and click on Save & Close
    • You will see popup message where you have to click on Yes to merge account

    Note: To successfully complete this task you need to deactivate bank feeds

    Step 2 Merge Customer

    • Login to your QuickBooks accounting data and move to your company file.
    • On the top, select the customer’s tab. And that will open up a different dialogue box.
    • Now you want to make sure that the users who are planning to merge are on the same level. If this is not the case then, you will have to make changes in one of the clients account to bring it to the same level. The process is mentioned here.
    • Click on the user tab.
    • Go to the setting where  you can find the submenu.
    • Then, go to the level tab.
    • And set the level equal to the user you want to merge with.
    • Now in this step, you need to choose the profile of a customer,whom you would not want after merging accounts. Make sure that if you have any important information within the customer profile then it will be deleted here. Thus it would be a good idea if you can copy off the info and keep it safe somewhere. The other best method is to keep the person with the important information stored.
    • Now, you need to make some editing. If the first time the name of the customer is chosen, then click on the edits button where open up the editing window.
    • Make some changes in the name of the customer. You would want to name the user exactly equal to the user whom you want to merge the account with.
    • Then save it
    • Now, you will receive a dialogue box asking for your confirmation. Then, the message will state that you want to merge the two accounts.
    • Click on the “YES” on that and then your accounts will be merged.


    You have seen above how to merge customers in QuickBooks. So, we hope you have well known how to merge customers in QuickBooks. We have given complete instructions for adding accounts and merging customers in Quickbooks. So we hope this will help you to merge customers. But if you still need any kind of help then you can contact our Quickbooks ProAdvisor.

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