How to Pay Bills in QuickBooks Desktop

In Today’s Scenario, everything is done online either bills payments or purchasing new software for business enterprise. And we know that QuickBooks is the one and best solution to do all these activities in a few seconds. Related to this here, we have a topic for you “How to pay bills in QuickBooks Desktop?”. If you interested to know the solution to this query then, stay with us and read the blog carefully.

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After knowing what you have in QuickBooks Desktop, you can get another facility of paying bills to settle down the payables for multiple vendors. Whenever you make online payments for your QuickBooks Desktop firstly check out all your discount coupons and codes at the time of making payments. These codes will help the users in cutting the actual price or to get some refunds from Intuit. Also, require a credit or Debit card for successful online payments. If you are interested to learn much more about the topic then stay with us.

Procedure to Pay Bills in QuickBooks Desktop

You need to take care of some points while paying the bills. These are:

  • You don’t need to write a check at the time of paying bills.
  • By mistake, if you write a check then the bills still open or show unpaid status after the payment is done. This will lead the inaccurate data in financial reports.

Before knowing the complete procedure of Pay Bills in QuickBooks Desktop. Firstly you need to know “How to Select the Bills”. Without the proper selection of bills, you aren’t able to pay the right bill.

  • For selecting the right bill, you have to mark the checkbox present in the checked column 
  • If you want to pay all the bills simultaneously then choose “Select all Bills”
  • To unmark, all the selected bills simply Choose “Clear Selections” and start the procedure again.

After knowing the Procedure of Selecting Bills you will have to move further. Now look at the steps you have to follow to Pay Bills in QuickBooks Desktop:

  1. First of all, Visit the “Vendors Menu” 
  2. After that, select the option “Pay Bills”
  3. If you work with multiple( more than one) Accounts Payable Account. Then choose any one of them by scrolling down in the drop-down list.
  4. Browse for the bills and select the right one which you want to pay. 

Steps to apply when is my bill not showing?

You have to follow the simple steps for showing your bill in case you are unable to find the bill on your own. Simple Steps are:

  • Firstly, you have to enter the bill
  • If the bill is already entered and already selected the “Show all Bills” then you have to browse for the bill you have to pay(by scrolling up and down).
  • If the number of bills in the list is very high then you can short out the list by choosing “Due on or before” and then fill out the date in the show Bills Section.
  • Multiple A/P accounts appear on your screen but the bill you want to pay is not exist in the selected A/P account, it means it is already paid.
  • For checking the Bills, you can run the Transaction List by Vendor Report.

a. First of all, visit the Reports>>Vendors and Payables>>Transaction List by Vendor

b. You have to customize the reports including Billing Status Column

  • Choose “Customize Report” 
  • Pick “Billing Status” by scrolling up/down in the column section
  • In the end, hit “ok”

5. Choose any discount or credit that you can apply while Paying Bills.

a. Discount: Discount is a fixed amount that deducts from the actual price in fewer amounts or Percentage at the time of owing to the vendor. In an alternate option, you can set QuickBooks to use the fixed amount automatically or manually entering the amount. The choice is all yours. Look at the basic steps to enter a discount. These are:

Steps to Enter a Discount

  • Choose the Appropriate Bill and mark it. After that Pick “Set Discount”.
  • Enter the Discount amount or Unique code. Always remember that the discount amount is always less than the actual price.
  • In the drop-down of “Discount Amount”, pick the account you want to track the discount income. 
  • You can also choose the “Add New” option if there are no new setup presents yet.
  • In the End, Pick Done


  • If you are picking “classes” for tracking the account balances, be ready to select the appropriate and relevant class from the Discount Class drop-down.

b. Credit: Credit is the amount deducted by the vendor from the actual amount you owe. A separate Credit Window present to appear the available credit. In an alternate option, you can set QuickBooks to use the available credits automatically or manually entering the credits. The choice is all yours. Here you learn “How to Set Credits” in simple and easy steps. These are:

  • Choose the Appropriate Bill and mark it. After that Pick “Set Credit”.
  • Pick the credits you want to apply
  • Hit “Done”

6. Choose Payment Method and Appropriate Date

There are multiple payment methods to pay Bills in QuickBooks Desktop online. 

Pay via Check

  • From the drop-down menu, Pick “Check”
  • Choose the relevant radio button
  1. To be Printed: QuickBooks will make a check to the vendor and then add it to the list where all check presents to be printed. QuickBooks offers a chance to print the check at the time of finishing the task.
  2. Assign Check Number: This is an alternate option you can pick when you want to manually write a check by using debit cards. When you record your bills and payments after filling all the details of the form then you are ready to enter a check number or reference number (in case of using a debit card) and date.
  • Select the list of bank accounts and pick your bank account to pay the bill.

Note: If you have multiple bank accounts then it is your choice to pick any bank account from which you want to pay the bill.

Using Credit Card

  • From the drop-down Pick “Credit Card”
  • Visit the account drop-down to browse for the credit card account from which you “pay bills in QuickBooks Desktop”.

Payment Methods including Cash, Debit card, ATM, Paypal or Electronic fund Transfer(EFT)

There are multiple payment methods helpful in paying the bills electronically. All the methods play a separate role and having different methodologies to process bill payments. To start your bill payment you have to go through these steps.

  • In this method use drop-down to pick “check”(it consists you are not paying with an actual check)
  • After that choose “Assign Check Number”
  • After filling all the details of the form you are prompted to manually enter a check number and date. It is your choice to treat the check number as a blank or you can put another information there that shows the type of payment such as Paypal, EFT, or Cash.
  • Visit the account drop-down to browse for the credit card account from which you “pay bills in QuickBooks Desktop”.

Payments through Direct Deposit

  • In Direct Deposit drop-down you have to pick “Direct Deposits”
  • Visit the Payment account drop-down list, you have to select the relevant bank account to pay bills in QuickBooks Desktop

Payment through Bank account Online

  • In this Method use a drop-down list to pick “Bank Account Online”
  • Browse the account in the account drop-down, you have to select the checking account with the Online vendor payment service.


Choose “Include reference number” if you are interested to get the bills and credit reference numbers to be sent with your name and account holding number. The payment will never electronically processed whenever the payment processor will print and mail and check the payee.

7. Choose “Pay Selected Bills”

8. Payment Summary Window will display in front of you and then simply proceed with the payment. Hit “done” to pay the bills.

9. If you want to pay more Bills then you can pick “Pay More Bills” and go to the “Pay Bills Window” to process your payments again.

a. Ready to Pay using Direct deposit

  • You will have to select the “Send Direct Deposit” to see and check the payments queued to be sent to Direct Deposit Service
  • Choose “Send” 

b. Ready to Pay using Online Bank account

  • Check for other payments inside the “Send Items to the Bank” section of your Bank feeds.
  • After that choose “Send Items”


Hopefully, your all queries will be cleared after reading the article “How to pay bills in QuickBooks Desktop?”. If you still have some issues then feel free to contact our Accountwizy Proadvsior through our helpline number +1-877-715-0222 and get complete guidance in just a minute.

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