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How to Import Credit Card Transactions into QuickBooks

Every QuickBooks Online users know that QuickBooks Online can save a lot of time, money, and manpower with its versatile key features. And we all make a lot of transactions by using our credit cards in QuickBooks, so here we have a topic for you, which will make your transaction much easier, ‘How to import credit card transactions into QuickBooks?’. If you also want to get the procedure to import the credit card transactions in QuickBooks then, stay with us.

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Points to Remember Before Importing Transactions into QuickBooks

Before proceeding with the importing transaction process into QuickBooks, you need to remember the below points.

  • You have to upload a column for QuickBooks account number at the same time as downloading a file from your credit card company. if you have already had an account number then give the lowest sub-account number.
  • There may be a ‘pay’ column in the file which receives downloaded from the credit company containing more details like merchant identification. you could mold this column to match it with the vendor name.
  • There may be no compulsion to add a new value to your import document. there’s a choice to give a default value while you import credit card transactions into QuickBooks Desktop.
  • To import credit card transactions into QuickBooks Online, you may have to input credit manually.
  • If you need to download transactions of extra than 90 days you then need to import your transaction in Excel layout (CSV or QBO file).

Procedure to Import Credit Card Transactions into QuickBooks Online

Step 1: Select Your Banking center

  • Firstly, enter your bank/credit score card name inside the search bar.
  • Now choose your bank/credit score card company from the list.
  • In case you couldn’t find your credit card company or you want to download 90 days transaction then you need to do it using CSV format.

Step 2. Login to your Enterprise and Credit Card Account

  • Login id and password. it may take a few minutes to attach your bank with QuickBooks.

Step 3. Pick your Credit Score Card Account

  • Tick mark every account you want to connect to QuickBooks.
  • Next, enter your bank account name.
  • Select the QuickBooks account where you have linked your bank account.
  • if you are unable to search it, then upload account from the drop-down list.

Step 4. Select the Right Date Range

  • The transactions are generally downloaded in 90 days. in case you want transactions of greater than 90 days then it is important to download it using CSV layout.
  • in case you want transactions for a shorter date range then click on the link “need a shorter date range”.

Step 5. Go for Join

  • Click the connect button to download all the transactions into QuickBooks.

There’s no undo choice as soon as the transactions are downloaded. Therefore, ensure that you select the best account because later you’ll have to delete all the transactions and download them again.

Step 6. Transactions are Downloaded

  • once the transactions were downloaded, you will get a message “We successfully downloaded your transactions. Hooray!”.

Step 7. Evaluation Your Downloaded Transactions

  • check your credit card account & balance inside the banking center.
  • if you wish you track another credit card account then click on upload account & follow with step 1.

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How to Import Credit Card Transactions in QuickBooks Online Automatically

There is a way to import credit card transactions in QuickBooks Online in an automatic method. Follow the procedure :

  • First, locate the credit card company in the QuickBooks Online.
  • Then you need to log into your credit card account.
  • Again link the credit card account to the chart of account.
  • Arrange the right date range.
  • Verify the transactions that you downloaded in the banking center.

Import credit Card Transactions into QuickBooks online with CSV file or Excel

If you want to import transactions into QuickBooks from excel then follow all bellow mentioned steps, by following these steps you can easily import transactions from excel.

  • Firstly, select Transaction and Banking.
  • Add your file or transaction by means of clicking on upload a file option.
  • Choose the QuickBooks account you desire to lick with the credit card account.
  • you may add an Account from the drop-down list if you do not have an account in QuickBooks.
  • fill up the required fields to install your account.
  • After entering all the details, map QuickBooks online fields for your bank account fields.
  • Follow the below steps to map QuickBooks online:
    • Select the date column, then choose the date format.
    • Now go to description & click on the file.
    • You may get positive & negative numbers in a single column.
    • Select the column with a negative number.
  • Click on a transaction you want to import into QuickBooks and choose next.
  • QuickBooks will confirm the transaction.
  • click on sure to confirm.
  • Finally, your transaction has been downloaded.


After reading this step-by-step method you can easily understand How to import credit card transactions into QuickBooks Online or desktop or ‘How to import transactions into QuickBooks from Excel?’. But due to any reason if you and your accountant are unable to import transactions then you can get our Proadvisor support for the best, and effective solution.

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A way to Import Credit Card Transactions into QuickBooks
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