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How to Invite and Remove Accountant in QuickBooks Online

As we all know that, the accountant is the best work partner to manage the business finance section because he/she is the only person who can give you different ideas to handle the accounts smartly. Sometimes we need to remove the accountant or to invite an accountant due to some reasons. But the new QuickBooks Online users don’t know how to invite and remove accountant in QuickBooks Online. So here we are with the article, where you can easily know the procedure to invite & remove an accountant in QuickBooks Online.

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Things to Know Before Inviting or Removing an Accountant

Before going for the procedure, check the below points:

  • First, you need to make sure that you have admin-level access to log in to your QuickBooks Online account.  
  • And one more thing, you need to remember that you need to add an accountant does not count toward your total users limit in QuickBooks Online unless you bring in that, and the accountant as a Master Admin. In this process, you may add up to 2 accountants to your account at one time.

Procedure to Invite and Remove Accountant in QuickBooks Online

Here is the procedure to invite and remove accountants in QuickBooks Online, read the steps, and follow them carefully.

How to Invite Accountant in QuickBooks Online

Follow the procedure to invite an accountant in QuickBooks online:

  • First, you need to sign into QuickBooks Online as a master admin.
  • Click on the Gear Icon, and then click on the option of Manage Users.
  • After that, need to go to the Accountants section and then click on the option of Invite Accountant.
  • Enter your accountant’s email address and first or last name (optional). They will receive an email with a link for signing in to your company.
  • They will be asked to create a user ID before signing for the first time unless they already have an account with Intuit Business Services.
  • Until your accountant signs in, then they have a status on the Manage Users page is “Invited”. 
  • After that, you need to accept the invitation which comes on your screen, and then you need to changes to “Active” status.
  • Enter your accountant’s info and then at the last, click on the option of Save.

Once you can send the invitation, then your accountant will receive an email inviting code and the accountant helps you to join the party in your QBO. In the meeting, there will include some instructions for the other party who will join them, so you can sit back and dream about how much better your life will be when you have accounting help. And you know when they accept the invitation because their status will change from invite to act in the same managed user screen.

And Once you have an active accountant tied to your QBO account, then they will not be able to log in and review their work or shape everything whenever necessary.

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How to Remove Accountant from QuickBooks Online

If you switch accountants and need to remove access to your old accountant, you can do so by following the same procedure:-

  • First, you need to sign in to QuickBooks Online.
  • Go to the Settings menu and then click on the option of Manage Users.
  • Click on the Accounting firms tab.
  • After that, you need to find the accountant that you want to remove.
  • Select the small arrow dropdown in the Action column and then click on the option of Delete.
  • And at the last, click on Delete to confirm.

Now that you have an accountant set up to help you manage your books, they will be able to provide access to their team members through the QuickBooks online accountant workflow. This basically means that the account holder you nominate becomes a “lead accountant”, and they will be able to add, delete, and manage users in the same manner described above.

After that, they can do this to go to the left navigation panel in your practice section.

Note:- If you can once deleting or reassigning a new lead then your accountant will change who is able to edit the team access going forward.

Your accountants will have the ability to modify user settings for their team, with only the account to view or edit. In terms of security, the accountant has important to know who has access to your accounts and what rights they have.

The Bottom Line

At the last, we hope you are satisfied with this article, and now you are able to invite and remove accountant in QuickBooks Online own self. Further, if you face any kind of problem then, you can get our ProAdvisor support at any time and anywhere for an instant solution.

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How to Invite and Remove Accountant in QuickBooks Online
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