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Intuit QuickBooks Online(QBO) Login Issues & Solutions

    Sometimes, the users find it difficult to login to their QuickBooks Online(QBO) Accounts or have question why can’t i login to Quickbooks online(QBO) & get different-different error codes while clicking the login button many times. There might be various reasons that need to be fixed behind these QuickBooks login errors that occur during logging into Quickbooks software. The causes behind these issues may be linked to your computer or bad network connectivity or it might be any latest security update made by Intuit. Apart from these issues, there are other issues associated with this QB intuit online login Problems like incorrect credentials, the poor performance of the app, or wrong signing in to the Intuit website, and maybe, the fault be associated with the web browser- Google Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, etc. These issues may prevent you from logging in to your QuickBooks Online Accounts.

    5 Possible errors with QuickBooks Online Login

    The QB Intuit login is very easy to operate but sometimes it causes complications for users while login and starts showing several sign-in errors such as:

    1. Error 404: File Not Found
    2. Account Services Unavailable, please try back later
    3. Oops! Something went wrong
    4. Login Error 504 ‘Gateway Time-out’
    5. Chrome keeps showing a loading icon during QBO login but doesn’t load anything.

    Factors responsible for Intuit QBO login issues

    False credentials ( user ID, password), web browser issues, server issues, and slow network are some of the reasons that normally cause Intuit Quickbooks online login problems. You can’t log in to the QB online if you put the wrong password in the browser as due to the wrong password communication doesn’t happen between the browser and the QuickBooks Database server.

    Apart from these reasons related to the QBO login issues, there are other reasons that cause problems a user encounters during login. If you are looking for a solution to these issues, you need to find the exact reason behind the login error issue.

    There are some possible reasons associated with the QBO Intuit login issue. Let’s see below.

    • The firewall or antivirus installed in your system may prevent the web browser from communicating with the QuickBooks server.
    • The slow speed of your internet connection might be the possible cause of this error.
    • Someone else may be logging into the account using the same credentials as yours.
    • Your previous session log-out issue may be one of the reasons for this error. if you did not log out of your previous session properly, it might show an error while logging into your Quickbooks account online.
    • The cache and history of your browser may also cause a QBO login issue.
    • The official website of Intuit might have the problem and cause the issue. So you must also check the official website of Intuit.
    • Here, We have mentioned some possible situations when you might come across some errors while logging in to your QuickBooks Online account.
    • So now we are going to provide proper guidance to resolve the issue of logging into QuickBooks Online.

    Methods To resolve intuit QuickBooks online login issues

    Solution 1: Examine your Browser Settings

    Some settings and recommendations are a must in a browser. Inspect your browser setting for Quickbooks online with the help of the below points;

    1. Browser Requirements: First, you need to ensure that Your system must fulfill all the QuickBooks Online requirements.
    2. Switch on your Browser Pop-ups: At the time of loading the QuickBooks Online page, the pop-ups from the browser settings should be turned on. So you need to make sure that all the pop-up settings should be turned on.
    Solution 2: Clear all the Cache and cookies from the Browser

    QuickBooks Online login utilizes cache and cookies for smooth performance and to work fast. But sometimes these caches and cookies prevent the QuickBooks Online login page from opening or loading. So you need to clear them from time to time from the browser.

    Solution 3: Add QuickBooks as a Trusted Site

    After applying all other solutions to log in to Quickbooks but not getting any help, you can try another option which is to add Quickbooks site as a trusted site. Follow the below-given steps to add the QuickBooks site as a trusted site.

    • First, Click the three-dot icon at the top-right corner of the address bar.
    • Go to the Settings option, then try to find the Site Setting option.
    • Now, select and click the ‘Change Proxy Settings’.
    • Go for the ‘security’ tab and press the trusted site’s icon.
    • After selecting the ‘sites’ option & enter URLs –, and as trusted sites.
    • After adding them press ‘Close’ and ‘OK’.
    Solution 4: Check the speed of the Internet Connection

    A bad Internet connection also causes problems in logging in to the site online. So you also need to check the internet connection properly.

    • First, you have to turn off the system with an internet modem.
    • In the case of a wireless router or server, you can unplug the wire of the internet connection.
    • After waiting some time, you can start the system and internet connection once again.
    • Finally, you can login qb online after turning the system on.
    • At last, log in to the QBO by turning on the system.
    Solution 5: Clear the Domain Name System (DNS)

    In this procedure, you are required to clear the DNS. this procedure must be performed with the help of an IT expert as this procedure if not carried out properly may affect the operating system.

    Solution 6: Log in to QuickBooks online directly

    If you are facing an issue while logging into the quickbooks Online login page, you can try to log in to QuickBooks Online directly from the QuickBooks website. Steps to login directly from the website are given below:

    • First: Give a visit to the QuickBooks official website.
    • Select the QuickBooks Sign-In Option and choose QuickBooks Online.
    • Now, log in to QuickBooks Online.

    Various Intuit QBO Login Problem and their solution

    A number of factors are responsible for the QBO Login issue including a network error, a server error, a system problem, a server error, and so on. Let’s discuss the possible reasons for this error and how can we troubleshoot them.

    Case 1: If QuickBooks Online shows a Login error on Google Chrome

    First of all, Let’s discuss the log in issue of QB online on the Chrome web browser. If you are experiencing any error while logging in on Chrome, there is no need to worry; we will provide you with all the possible solutions for the problems.

    Chrome is considered to be one of the safest and most customizable web browsers for using QuickBooks online web applications. With the help of the Chrome browser, we can share our data online as we wish. It also allows you to customize its privacy settings, delete its browser history and you can also unplug any of its unsecured plugins.

    So, In case of the QuickBooks logging-in issues associated with Chrome, you can get help from these guidelines to solve your query.

    Solution 1: Login Into Google Chrome using a New Google User ID

    We need a Google login ID and password to use Chrome as well as its features. But most of the time Chrome uses Google ID and a password itself in order to log in to Quickbooks Online. So it is also one of the reasons why it shows an error while logging into QBO. Let’s learn how to log in with a new ID and password to resolve the issue on your own.

    Start by logging out from Chrome.

    • Open the Chrome Browser using the start button.
    • Then go to the profile Icon which is on the right top corner.
    • Through the profile drop-down menu go to the ADD button and click it.
    • Provide a profile photo and a name.
    • Now Click The Add button
    • Now you have a new window to synchronize with a new Chrome account.
    • Finally, Go for logging in with your new user ID
    Solution 2: Need to Delete your Browser Cache and Chrome History

    The cookies and the browser’s cache memory help QBO login to speed up the process but they can also stop the QuickBooks Online login page from opening. And in the absence of sufficient storage to store the data, QBO doesn’t notify the error message. In such cases, there is a need to delete cookies, cache data, and the history of Chrome to create enough space. These are the steps, you need to follow to clear the Browser Cache and Chrome History.

    • First, you need to open Chrome and go to the 3-dot symbol at the top right corner.
    • Select the More Tools option from the list and click it to delete Browsing Data.
    • Here, you are able to set the time range and mark the checkbox to delete.
    • Now, Time to click on the clear data button.
    Solution 3: Set the QuickBooks online As a Trusted Site in Google Chrome

    Adding QB in Chrome Browser as a trusted site is also a solution for the issue of QB login in Chrome. You need to follow some steps in order to add QuickBooks as a trusted site. Let’s see the whole process.

    • After opening Google Chrome, you can go for the Customize option and then control the Google Chrome icon.
    • After that, go for the Setting Option in the list and then for the Advanced option by scrolling down.
    • Now, In the Privacy and Security option go for the Site Setting option and click.
    • After that click on cookies.
    • Now, go to the Allow section and select the ADD option where you need to allow cookies.
    • Add the URLs of both sites of QuickBooks Online login, as given in the above QBO login procedure, and save it by choosing the Add option.
    • After finishing and saving all the changes, you can relaunch the Chrome Browser
    Solution 4: Examine the Google SSO and try to Access Through It

    One can use your Google credentials to sign in to the QuickBooks Online account through Google Single Sign-on.

    As per QuickBooks’ new update, one can’t log in to the QuickBooks Online mobile app using one’s Google account on the iPad and iPhone since March 30, 2020. But iOS users can access QuickBooks Online easily with the help of a Google account.

    If we talk about alternative solutions, One can log in to one’s account of QuickBooks Online easily using an Intuit account ID and password.

    Using Google credentials, one can log into QuickBooks Online. In this case, you are supposed to click on the ‘Sign-In with Google’ button and insert your Gmail ID/phone, and password.

    There are situations when you don’t see the ‘Sign in with Google button, in this case, To get inside Quickbooks, you need to use the the Intuit username and password.

    Solution 5: Try to use Another Browser To Tackle the QB Online Login Problems

    Despite applying all these measures, you are not able to log in to quickbooks online login, then, you need to change your browser. You can select Mozilla Firefox or Opera to deal with QuickBooks Online login issues with Chrome browser.

    Case 2: If QBO (qb login online) Shows Login Issues in Firefox.

    The following steps are to deal with issues with Firefox when you are not able to login to quickbooks online.

    Solution 1: Delete your Firefox Cache, History, and Cookies

    Cookies, History, and Cache data of the browser may cause login issues in QuickBooks. To get the Browser to perform well, it requires to be cleaned from time to time. There are steps for the cleanliness process, let’s discuss them.

    • First, Press the menu button and then select the settings.
    • Select the Privacy & Security panel.
    • Choose Clear Data from the Cookies and Site data and then click it.
    • Apply uncheck to the box of Cookies and Site Data and check the box of Cached Web.
    • Finally, give a click to the Clear button.
    Solution 2: Enable Enhanced Tracking Protection
    • Select the Enhanced Tracking Protection and enable it by following these steps.
    • First open QuickBooks online in Firefox and then click the shield icon that is next to the address bar.
    • Now, you can enable the Enhanced Tracking Protection option.
    Solution 3: Enable the Pop-up Blocker

    There is one more solution if you are still going through the login problem to Firefox. You can enable the pop-up blocker by following these steps and can fix your query.

    • First, Open Firefox and look for three horizontal bars in the top right corner.
    • Now, through ‘Options’ select the Privacy & Security link located in the left menu.
    • Go to the permission section by scrolling down and then click on the Exceptions option adjacent to the Block pop-up windows.

    We hope that we got you covered. If still struggling, explore other solutions below.

    Case 3: If the reason is poor Internet network for the QuickBooks online login Problem

    Sometimes our work comes to a standstill due to a poor internet network. This might be one of the primary causes of the QuickBooks online login issues. That’s why you need to figure out why QuickBooks Online is failing to maintain desirable speed, only then you can apply the proper solutions to fix the issue. Below we are going to provide some solutions for this problem.

    Solution 1: Clear Your Temporary Internet Files for Internet Explorer

    Temporary internet files are also one of the reasons that may cause QuickBooks Online login errors. As they are already saved in the Internet Explorer cache box. At the time of login to QuickBooks Online, it takes the ID and password automatically from the cache folder. This is the reason why a user encounters a QuickBooks error. Here you can learn how to solve the problem.

    • First of all, open the Internet Explorer.
    • Second, Click on the Tool Menu.
    • Then, go to the Internet Option through the tool menu.
    • After that, apply a click on the Delete Files button.
    • Now time to delete all offline data and then click the OK button.
    • Finally, hit the Apply button in order to save changes.
    Solution 2: Make Sure the SSL Setting is Correct
    • Check the SSL setting with the help of the following steps
    • Click Window + R to open the run window.
    • Next, Type Inceptl.Cpl in the run textbox.
    • Press the Advanced tab and then click on the Security option.
    • Now, Check the checkbox for SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0, then press the OK button.
    • Now, you can try to sign in to Sign in to QuickBooks Online.
    • Now try to sign in to QuickBooks Online.
    Solution 3: Restart Your System with an Internet Modem
    • Try another method to solve this problem which is to restart the system’s internet modem.
    • First, switch off the system and internet modem. Take off the DSL cable.
    • In case of a wireless connection, remove the wire of the router.
    • Start the internet moden after waiting for 30 seconds, or turn on the router server.
    • Now, start the system and log in to QuickBooks.

    If you see no improvement then you can go for the next step.

    Solution 4: Resolve by Clearing the DNS (Domain Name System)

    First, you need to know one thing first, this step may have an adverse impact on the operating system of your system. Therefore, you need an internet service provider or an IT professional for this procedure.

    Here, we have discussed methods to clear DNS, for Windows and MAC separately.

    Clear DNS For Windows:

    • For Windows users, these are the steps to clear the DNS.
    • First, you need to close the browser and hit the Windows key.
      Type cmd in the search field.
    • Now, Go to the Command Prompt and Run As Administrator.
    • Now, Type Ipconfig /flushdns and click Enter.
    • After that, type, Ipconfig /registerdns and press the Enter key.
    • After that, you can go for closing the command prompt window and then go for QuickBooks Online login again.

    Clear DNS For MAC:

    The following steps are for Mac users who want to clear DNS.

    • First, Go to the menu and choose the utilities option.
    • Now, Go for a double-click on the Terminal, and press the enter key after typing dscacheutil -flushcache.
    • Then type sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder, and hit the Enter key.
    • Shut the terminal and try to sign in again.
    Case 4: Error 504 ‘Gateway Time-Out in QuickBooks Online Login

    Sometimes you face 504 gateway time-out errors which hinder users from logging in to QuickBooks. Follow these steps and solve the problem.

    1. First, Try to refresh the webpage or use the F-2 key from the keyboard as the 504 gateway error is not permanent.
    2. Use the method of switching off and switch on the modem, and router, and check your internet connection it should be proper.
    3. Set your setting default, if the proxy setting of the browser doesn’t tamper.
    4. If the problem still persists then consult your ISP ( Internet Service Provider ) to solve the 504 gateway error.
    Case 5: QuickBooks Doesn’t open ‘Showing a Spinning Circle on Screen’

    In case of a slow loading process when you are not able to access QuickBooks online. If you want to fix this problem then follow the following steps.

    Solution 1: Apply Short Cut keys to Operate QuickBooks Online in a Default Browser

    You can utilize the default browser to work QuickBooks Online faster in this situation. Start it with an incognito window. To open incognito mode in different default browsers, there are shortcuts.

    • Google Chrome:- Ctrl+ Shift+ N
    • Firefox:- Ctrl+ Shift + P
    • Safari:- Command + Shift + N
    • Internet Explorer:- Command + Shift + N
    Solution 2: Manual Troubleshoot Solutions

    The alternative manual troubleshooting solution is:

    1. Refresh your system or reboot it.
    2. Review the privacy settings.
    3. Try to log in to the QBO once again.

    Sometimes no solution works but one can solve the problem by logging in from QuickBooks’ official website. So if you face such a situation, sign in directly from QuickBooks’ official website

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