(QBO) Intuit QuickBooks Online Login Problems Resolved

Last Updated on October 16, 2021 by Editorial Team

How to access QuickBooks Online?- This is the most frequently asked question for all new beginners of QuickBooks Online. Don’t worry if you have the same question to ask. This article will guide you to know the procedure of QuickBooks Online login.  

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As we (QuickBooks Online users) know that, QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based web application that has far more automation than QuickBooks Desktop and hence is much easier to manage your books & payroll. And regularly the demand rate of QuickBooks Online is increasing day by day, especially in the COVID-19 pandemic.

At this time, most of the employees applying for COVID sick leave to do their work (accounting) from home with QuickBooks Online. Because it is very easy to access on the web as compared with the QuickBooks Desktop. Now let’s know, how to access it?

How to Login to QuickBooks Online

Intuit provides the direct link to login to QuickBooks Online on the web. But before that, you have to clear yourself that, which QuickBooks Online product you want to access, for QuickBooks Self-Employed login, QBO login, or the QuickBooks Online Accountant login

  • First, check your internet connection, and make sure that you have a strong, and high-speed internet connection on your system.
  • After that, open a web browser, and go for the https://qbo.intuit.com/ site.

Note: Chrome is the most preferable, and trustable web browser for QBO login announced by Intuit.

  • Now you are on the login page.
  • There you can find two ways to sign in to QuickBooks Online.
    • Sign in with Google- If you have the QuickBooks Online account in your google account.
    • Sign in with user ID & password- If you have a separate QuickBooks account with user ID & password.
  • At last, click on the ‘Sign In’ option.

There is another way to login for QuickBooks Online, you also go for this procedure:

  • Visit the ‘https://quickbooks.intuit.com/‘ site.
  • There you can see the option of ‘Sign In’ in the top right-side corner of the page, just click on it.
  • From the ‘Sign In’ drop-down list select the QuickBooks Online option.
  • This will land you on the login page of QuickBooks Online.
  • Then follow the same above sign-in steps to get into the QBO.
  • Now use, and access the advanced level features of QuickBooks Online after login.

QuickBooks Online Login Problems

Sometimes, during the login process of QuickBooks Online, the users got different types of sign-in issues it. Some of them are;

  • Account Services Unavailable, please try back later
  • Login Error 504 ‘Gateway Time-out’
  • Oops! something went wrong
  • Spinning Circle on Screen
  • Error 404: File Not Found
  • Chrome continues showing a loading icon during QuickBooks online login but doesn’t load anything.

Why Can’t Log in to QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online login problems generally, occurs due to wrong credential (user ID, password), slow network, web browser issue, and due to server issue. So first of all we need to detect the exact problem for the login problem to find out the appropriate solution.

Whenever the user enters any wrong password to log in to QBO in chrome. They are unable to log in. This is because the chrome browser is unable to communicate with the QuickBooks database server when we are entering any login detail for QuickBooks Online on the chrome webpage.

Apart from that mostly the error occurs due to incorrect login credentials. At the time of login, users enter the wrong username and password hence they face QuickBooks Online login issues with chrome. But it’s not the only reason behind the QBO login issue, there might be several mistakes that the user has to face during login. So you need to read the complete article.

Besides, there are several reasons behind the QBO Intuit login issue. Let’s see below.

  • Users use antivirus in the system, and this third-party antivirus blocks chrome to communicate with the QuickBooks server.
  • Slow internet speed connection
  • Someone also logs in with the same account detail credential.
  • The firewall has blocked some features of the chrome browser
  • You have not logout your previous session of QuickBooks online with chrome
  • The QBO login issue may occur due to the old cache and history of Google chrome.
  • Maybe there is a problem with Intuit itself.

Normally QuickBooks Online does not create problems during the login process but, the above-discussed scenarios are the possibility of login issues in chrome. So here we have the proper guidance to solve the login problem in QuickBooks Online. 

How to Fix QBO Intuit Login Problem

Here you go for the solutions to troubleshoot the Intuit QuickBooks Online login error. We have mentioned the solutions according to the login problem of QuickBooks Online, have a look:

Scenario 1: If QuickBooks Online has Login Problems on Chrome

At first, we will discuss the solution for the QBO login problem on chrome. If you are a user of QuickBooks Online, Google chrome, and facing a problem then, don’t worry here we have mentioned all the solutions and possible solutions for the problem.

Chrome is the most secure and customizable browser for the QuickBooks Online web application. Because chrome lets you enable you to share your data online according to you. Also, you can customize the privacy setting of chrome. Such as you can easily delete browser history and unplug any unsecured plugin. So when you face login issues with chrome, then follow the below steps to resolve your query.

Solution 1: Login Into Chrome with New Google User ID

As you know Chrome browser needs a Gmail login ID to utilize the chrome facility. So if you already logged in to the Chrome browser, then first log out. And then log in with a different id in chrome. Because some times QuickBooks Online takes Gmail user id directly for login to QuickBooks. So let’s see how to create & log in with a new ID in chrome.

  • Go to the ‘Start button and click on the Chrome browser
  • Then click on the profile icon on the right top corner
  • Then click on the ‘Add’ button from the profile drop-down menu
  • Now type name and select a photo of the profile.
  • Then click on the ‘Add’ button
  • A new window will be open for synchronizing with your new chrome account
  • That’s it you have to log in with the new user ID.

Solution 2: Delete Browser Cache and Chrome History

Sometimes the cache and chrome history is one of the main reasons for the login problem, in this case, you need to delete the browser cache and chrome history. Follow the steps to delete the cache and chrome history:

  • At first, open your chrome web browser, and go for the three-dot symbol at the right-top of the corner.
  • Click on it, and select the ‘More Tools’ option from the list.
  • After that choose the ‘Clear Browsing Data option.
  • Now you can adjust the time range.
  • Click on the ‘Adjust’ tab, and then on the ‘Clear Data’ option.

Solution 3: Put the QuickBooks As a Trusted Site in Chrome

There is another solution to troubleshoot the login problem, and that is; putting the QuickBooks in Chrome as a trusted site.

  • Open your google chrome, and go to the ‘Customize and Control Google Chrome’ icon, You can see this icon at the top-right corner of the chrome, which will be symbolized as three dots.
  • After that, from the list select the ‘Setting’ option, and scroll down for the ‘Advanced’ option.
  • Now go for the ‘Privacy and security’ option, and click on the ‘Site Setting’ option.
  • Then click ‘Cookies’.
  • Now you have to allow the cookies by selecting the ‘Add’ option from the ‘Allow’ section.
  • Enter both site URLs of QuickBooks Online login, which are given in the above QuickBooks Online login procedure, and save it by selecting the ‘Add’ option.
  • After saving all the changes relaunch the browser and try to login to QuickBooks Online again.

Solution 4: Check the Google SSO & Try to Access Through It

In this step, you need to check the Google SSO (Single Sign-On). Because, according to the new update of QuickBooks and Google, after March 30, 2020, you can’t be able to login to the QuickBooks Online app by using the Google account, if you are a user of iPhone or iPad. But if you are a user of iOS then, you can access QuickBooks Online through your Google account easily.

But there is an alternate solution for you by which, you can access your account easily. Use your Intuit account ID and password to log in to QuickBooks Online through the Intuit account.

Use the Google credential to log into QuickBooks Online. Here you need to click on the ‘Sign-In with Google’ button and out your Gmail ID/phone, and password.

Sign in to Quickbooks using your Gmail Account

In some cases, you may not see the ‘Sign in with Google’ button, in this situation, use the Intuit username and password and get into it.

Solution 5: Use Another Browser To Resolve QB Online Login Issue

If all the above solutions will not work for you, then you have to change your browser. You can use Mozilla Firefox and Opera to remove QuickBooks’ online login issue with chrome.

Scenario 2: If the Problem is Due to Internet Connection

And sometimes the login problem occurs, and the QuickBooks Online works slowly because of the internet connection problem. So first you should know the reason or why QuickBooks Online is so slow, then go for the solution. Here we have given some solutions, which will show you the way to fix the problem.

Solution 1: Delete Your Temporary Internet Files for IE

Temporary internet files are the cause of the QuickBooks online login issue with chrome. Because this type of file is already stored in the internet explorer cache. And when you try to login to QuickBooks online then it will automatically take the user id and password that saved in a temporary folder. So the user has to face a QuickBooks error, so let’s see the below steps to delete temp internet files.

  • First, go to the start button and click on internet explorer
  • Then you will need to click on the Tool menu
  • After that click on the internet option from the tool menu
  • Then click on the Delete files Button
  • Now Delete all offline data Checkbox and Click Ok button
  • Then save changes by click on the apply button

Solution 2: Make Sure the SSL Setting is Correct

Recheck the SSL setting by following the below steps:

  • Press window+R to open the run window
  • Then type Inceptl.Cpl inside run’s textbox
  • Click on Advanced Tab and click on the Security option
  • Then check the checkbox of SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0, then click on the OK button
  • Now try to sign in to QuickBooks Online

Solution 3: Restart Your System with Internet Modem

Restarting the system internet modem is another procedure for the problem.

  • Turn off the internet modem or the DSL cable, and your system also.
  • If you are using a wireless connection then, unplug the wire of the router.
  • Wait for at least 30 seconds, then turn on the internet modem or plug in the wire of the router server.
  • After that, start your system, and again try to login to QuickBooks.

Still, if there are no changes in it then, proceed to the next step:

Solution 4: Clear the DNS (Domain Name System)

Before applying this procedure, remember that this process may affect the operating system (OS) of your system. So you may need contact with your internet service provider or the IT professional for this step.

Here in the below, we have separate two methods to clear DNS, and these two methods will be for Windows and MAC.

Clear DNS For Windows:

If you are a user of Windows then, follow the below procedure to clear the DNS

  • First of all, close the browser, and press the ‘Windows’ key.
  • Now in the search field enter ‘cmd’.
  • Go to the ‘Command Prompt’ and ‘Run As Administrator.
  • After that type, ‘Ipconfig /flushdns’ and press ‘Enter’.
  • Again type, ‘ipconfig /registerdns’ and hit the ‘Enter key.
  • After this step closes the command prompt window and again go for QuickBooks online login.
Clear DNS For MAC:

Procedure to Clear DNS in Mac:

  • Start with the ‘Go’ menu, and select the ‘Utilities’ option.
  • Now double-click on the ‘Terminal’, and hit the ‘Enter’ key by typing ‘dscacheutil -flushcache’.
  • Again type, ‘sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder’ , and press the ‘Enter’ key.
  • Close the terminal and try to sign in again.

Scenario 3: If QuickBooks Online Login Error 504 ‘Gateway Time-Out’

504 gateway time-out errors sometimes occur, and stop us to log in to QuickBooks Online. And this can be solved through the below possible pointed solutions.

  • You can refresh the webpage or can press the ‘F2’ key from the keyboard because the 504 gateway error is temporary, so you can use this method for a certain time.
  • Switch off, and re-switch the modem, router, and run the internet properly.
  • Set the default setting, if the proxy setting of the browser doesn’t tamper.
  • Consult with your internet service provider (ISP) and ask for the 504 gateway error.

Scenario 4: QuickBooks Doesn’t Run, It’s Getting a Spinning Circle on Screen

It’s very irritating when we have important work to do but are unable to access QuickBooks Online because of the loading process. You can follow the below procedure to fix this issue.

Solution 1: Use Short Cuts to Run QBO in a Default Browser

You can use the default browser to run QuickBooks Online. Open it in the incognito window. Use the below shortcuts to open it in different default browsers.

  • Google Chrome:- Ctrl+ Shift+ N
  • Firefox:- Ctrl+ Shift + P
  • Safari:- Command + Shift + N
  • Internet Explorer:- Command + Shift + N

Solution 2: Manual Troubleshoot Solutions

  • Refresh your system or reboot it.
  • Review the privacy settings.
  • Try to log in to the QBO once again.

The End Line

At the end of the article, according to our own experience, here we want to say something about this article. Nowadays all QuickBooks users prefer QuickBooks Online to manage their accounting section. Everyone wants to do their work online to make it simpler. And obviously, it will be a common problem in QuickBooks Online (the log-in issue), so there is nothing to worry about. The above solutions will help you to troubleshoot the problem. Still, if you have any kind of doubts or problems to follow the solutions then you can get our QuickBooks ProAdvisor support to fix the problem instantly.

QuickBooks Online (QBO) Login Problem on Chrome