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How to setup QuickBooks For Restaurant

    QuickBooks can track all types of restaurants such as food trucks, catering, or food trucks. And you can easily track your restaurant accounting process like income and expenses, all profit centers through the Quickbooks For Restaurant. It can also help to track your restaurant’s financial statements, in what position your restaurant is running, you can check with the help of financial statements in QuickBooks.QuickBooks provides solutions for your business accounting needs.QuickBooks manages all your transactions, tracks income and expenses, and gets all meaningful business insights in QuickBooks. QuickBooks helps your restaurant run easily.

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    How To Use QuickBooks For Restaurants

    QuickBooks provides solutions for your business accounting needs. If you want to use QuickBooks for the restaurant business, then you can learn here through this article.  You have to choose the ideal method that depends on your specific accounting requirements. Because, The status of each restaurant is different, But many similar underlying organizational methods still apply.

    • If you have never used QuickBooks before then click on the “Express Start” button. Otherwise, click on the “File” menu and “New Company”.
    • Then Enter the information of your business in given boxes. Example: company name, full address, city, country, phone number, email address, website, and tax ID number fields.
    • In the next section, Select “Help Me Choose” for the Industry type field. And choose a name from the given option according to your business. This option will be “Restaurant, Caterer, or Bar.”
    • Then Choose your company type from the given list of options. such as- Restaurants can be classified as a partnership, corporation, S-corporation or any other option that suits the type of your company.
    • In the next section, click the “My Fiscal Year Starts In” drop-down menu and select the month in which your company begins its fiscal year. Most companies are started in January. If you run a seasonal restaurant, such as a lodge or resort, then select the first month when you conduct the business.
    • In the next section, click on the “Create Company File” and go “Start Working.”
    • Then Click the “Lists” menu and go “Add/Edit Multiple List Entries”.
    • After that Select the “List” and go drop-down menu and choose “Customers”,  or “Items” list. You can repeat this process as per your requirement to set up your customers, vendors and items list. Items are products that are sold by you.
    • Then click the first empty row and enter the details for your first entry. such as Customer Name in the Customers list, a Customers Name in the Vendors list or the Item Name in the Item list and click on the “Save Changes” button.

    Why we use QuickBooks for restaurants

    QuickBooks helps to easily run our restaurant business. QuickBooks manages all your transactions, tracks income and expenses, and gets all meaningful business insights in QuickBooks.QuickBooks provides solutions for your business accounting needs. You can easily use and manage your business anytime from your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. This helps in many ways to run smoothly our restaurant business. Those ways are below:-

    • Automate accounting
    • Manage costs
    • Generate reports
    • Financial statements
    • Control costs
    • Manage expenses
    • Manage labor costs
    • Automate Accounting – In Automate accounting, The Quickbooks tracks every dollar that comes and goes in your restaurant, organize the data. And provides reports that help you to make smart decisions.
    • Manage costs – we can easily track from collecting, reporting, and paying sales tax, income, and expenses all profit centers. And easily manage all types of costs through this QuickBooks.
    • Generate reports – If you know how to change the menu or operations then that will help you to generate a report. The report has to be run, analyzing the performance and adjustment that is all easy.
    • Financial statements – In this financial statement, You can track your restaurant’s business financial statements, check In what position your restaurant is running. And you can Easily run financial statements. And through this statement, you can check your cash flow statement, balance sheet, and profit and loss statement.

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    Which QuickBooks software Is Best For Your Restaurant

    The QuickBooks Online version is not just the web-enabled version of the QuickBooks Desktop version. This is a unique program for small business accounting.

    Some of the best QuickBooks software are given below.

    Best Restaurant Accounting SoftwareBest For use
    Restaurant 365This restaurant 365 software is best for any restaurant that wants to account, payroll and operations all in one system
    QuickBooks DesktopThis QuickBooks Desktop is robust accounting software that seamlessly integrates with its own POS system
    QuickBooks OnlineThis QuickBooks Online software is mainly used for restaurant owners who want a system that they can install on their own
    Restaurant SolutionsThis software is used for people who need their extra accounting help to ensure their books are accurate.
    XeroThis software is used for a food service business that has between 1-10 employees
    Sage 50cloud AccountingA business owner who has an accounting or bookkeeping background

    A Quickbooks For Restaurant success relies on an effective back-office accounting system, and QB financial software can be a part of that success. QuickBooks can be used for purchasing, bill paying, gift certificate tracking, cash management, time tracking, and payroll. However, restaurants that select QuickBooks for their accounting will need to understand how to properly install and use QuickBooks to meet their unique needs. This book will guide you through this process.

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