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QuickBooks ProAdvisor Rates: How Much Does the Experts Cost

    Today’s article is all about QuickBooks ProAdvisor rates. This article is especially for those, who have successfully cracked the QuickBooks ProAdvisor certification exam, and want to start their career as a QuickBooks ProAdvisor without having any experience, and knowledge.

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    Whenever a QuickBooks certified guy starts his/her career as a ProAdvisor he/she has not enough idea regarding the QuickBooks ProAdvisor program cost and also has so many questions or doubts in mind regarding this topic. If you are new to this and want to clear your all doubts before starting your work with it or if you are a simple user and need help from ProAdvisor, and don’t know how much does QuickBooks ProAdvisor cost, then continue with us, we will clear you all doubts.   

    Let’s start the blog in detail:

    We will get into the topic in a step-by-step process, so first of all, it will be good to find out the QuickBooks ProAdvisor fee first.  

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    How to Find Out the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Rates 

    To find out the QuickBooks ProAdvisor rates you have to follow the one and only way, and that is ‘Talk to a Specific QuickBooks ProAdvisor’. An experienced ProAdvisor can suggest you to, set the rates as a ProAdvisor, and can train you as a mature QuickBooks ProAdvidor. Find a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, consult with a good consultant, and determine the QuickBooks ProAdvisor fee. 

    Factors to Set a QuickBooks ProAdvisor Fee

    The QuickBooks ProAdvisor rates totally depend on the factors. Before starting any work, consider the rates, or set the rates. Here we have listed some different factors, which will help you set the rates.   

    • The performance of the activity, and service.  
    • Needed experience level for the service
    • The average cost of services in the region. 
    • The needed training of ProAdvisor 
    • The exact time which will be given by you or the ProAdvior to complete the needs. 

    All ProAdvisor or clients final the rates of service by studying the above-listed factors. So keep these points in your mind all the time before final any rates for the service. 

    Survey Report of QuickBooks ProAdvisor Hourly Rates

    Here we have given the recent survey report of QuickBooks ProAdvisor hourly rates, to make you clear about the fee.

    See the average hourly fees for different types of jobs:

    JobsAvg, Hourly rate
    Staff Accountant$21
    Full Charge Bookkeeper$24
    Accounting Manager$24
    Certified Public Accountant (CPA)$31
    Senior Accountant$26
    Senior Staff Accountant$27
    Tax Accountant$25

    According to the Intuit rate survey report, there are only, 35% are accountants, 59% of the members are accountants, 32 % had under 5 representatives, 69 % of members are placed as paid QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program.   

    The survey report also shows that the number of Female ProAdvisor is much more than Male ProAdvisor. The percent of Female QuickBooks ProAdvisor is 82.8% (Hourly rate- $-82.8%), which is much more than the percent of the male QuickBooks ProAdviso)r (16.5%, hourly rate- $16.25%.). 

    Tips to be Good QuickBooks ProAdvisor

    Become a good QuickBooks ProAdvisor is not so tough, as you thinking. But yes, it is very important, and a good person can good this work. Here we have some tips, which will make your working life easy.

    • Provide services in a friendly nature.
    • Ask for the service money with full of details.
    • Follow the above factors for the payment, and also say the clients to understand the factor, so that the payment will be final in the right way.
    • Ask the clients to pay online. QuickBooks payment or QuickBooks Gopayment will be the best option for the online payment because it allows the users to use a charge card or ACH exchange. 

    Wrapping Up

    So here was the blog, we hope you like it, and now you have no doubts regarding the QuickBooks ProAdvisor program pricing. Don’t be panic, if you are starting your career as a ProAdvisor, or if you are thinking to get consultancies from ProAdvisor for the first time, and don’t know how much do the QuickBooks experts cost. You can get our Accountwizy support to clear all these kinds of queries regarding this topic.

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