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In a student’s life, many students has burdened of study loans or other expenses. they want to manage their bookkeeping, and small business accounting records in a systematic way with using of best accounting software. To get rid of this problem QuickBooks student discount help you. because Intuit provides free QuickBooks software for US students and teachers.

About QuickBooks Software

QuickBooks software is an accounting software package offered by Intuit. Its software achieved a new and strong stand all over the world market as well as QuickBooks software to make a transparent and believable business for all the users and moving user’s business online accounting and helps to growth of user business. That’s why its managing feature faculties are different from the other software. Intuit provides accounting software for both professionals and students. Students’ software known by the name of the QuickBooks student discount.

Let’s read more about QuickBooks student discount.

What is QuickBooks student discount

QuickBooks student discount is an educational program offered by intuit to empower and educators. which helps to access bookkeeping (the skill or practice of keeping books in a systematic way), accounting records of financial transactions(e.g. income and expenses), medium-size business accounting data management in the minimum of time and accuracy.

If you are a student or educator and want to get benefits from the QuickBooks student discount program. So you need to download the free student version of QuickBooks online and desktop for you.

If in case, you don’t get a discount from your computer store or collage bookstore then the purchasing software has become big issue. you can get different software to provide by intuit like QuickBooks student discount especially for student and teacher. it is a really wonderful solution to get rid of your burden of buying the best accounting software.

Offer discounts to students

Around 25 years, students and teachers are offered discounts on this website. they can register again for the version of  QB software such as:

  • QuickBooks Online Accounting
  • QuickBooks Online Plus Payroll
  • Premier accountant Software  with payroll
  • QuickBooks Desktop
  • Profile software

But there is different instruction for student and teacher/school like these QuickBooks accounting software offers free trials for a period of 5 months to students and as teacher or college/school are eligible for a free trial but with the non-expire license of QuickBooks software.

Download and purchase QuickBooks versions according to your needs

You are interested to manage your finance, small business, bookkeeping, and accounting needs in QuickBooks. So select QuickBooks student discount software according to your needs. because Intuit offered many version of QB software with different features as given below-

  • QuickBooks online – you can manage your finance on the Web.
  • QuickBooks Pro/Mac- standard QB product with Accounting features(e.g. Invoicing and tax invoice).
  • QuickBooks Premier/Enterprise- design for medium and large business.

Software is available with different offer prices for the same version of QuickBooks and also keep on changing prices by some causes.

  • New version/old version
    • The price rate depends on new and old version QB software because of versions upgrading so new versions of software costly than the older version.
  • Number of features
    • The same application is available at a different price on the same platform. Because of the difference in the number of features.
  • Pirate software
    • While purchasing any software basically many people face this issue it depends on a reliable scale but to get rid of this issue check customer reviews and all information about software.
  • Buy from the individualism of platform
    • As you know, many platforms have the same policies and prices. So while purchasing software be aware of these precautions like
      • Select the best software for your business
      • Read about key features
      • See prices and read online.

Platforms to get QuickBooks student version

While downloading and purchasing QuickBooks software, you see many platforms and get confused about which one trusted platforms for download and purchase, so here given trusted platforms name to download and purchase QuickBooks version for free.

  • Intuit Official portal of QuickBooks
  • Microsoft official portal
  • Apple portal

You can easily download and purchase QuickBooks software from the official website intuit and above-trusted websites. QuickBooks. Many versions of QuickBooks available for you. might be different prices on different platforms.

QuickBooks Download and purchasing website references are given below:

  • http://quickbooks.intuit.com/
  • http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msstore/html/pbPage.LearnMore/CustomPage
  • http://store.apple.com/us/browse/home/education_routing

Always aware of the third party’s product, because they also provide a free trial and many offers related to QB Student discount but maybe third parties offering a defective copy of the QuickBooks Product.


We have discussed above all the useful terms of QuickBooks student discount.hope it will help solve of accounting software problems. QuickBooks is best accounting software That caters to the need for accountants, self-employed, small business, bookkeeping, finance and students/ teachers who want to manage their own business, finance, accounting needs. its make easy to manage data  by QuickBooks student discount.

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