Automated Password Reset Tool for QuickBooks Desktop – Method to Use

The number of passwords people have to remember has elevated to a large extent, which is why many cases of forgetting passwords have also elevated in the same proportion. Therefore, it’s truthful to predict that you may forget about your QuickBooks Administrator password too. This brings in a strong need of using the last, QuickBooks Password Reset device to restore your access.

Addressing security issues

Cybersecurity issues have given rise to the QuickBooks password retrieval method. Intuit has usually supplied the QuickBooks password tool for many years. Moreover, as the information about the use of this tool has spread to a larger area, so has been abused. It becomes noticed that a lot of people may obtain a QuickBooks company file, authorizing them to retrieve and steal essential information considering financial & different business data from a personal account. By requiring customers to enter their Canadian Social insurance number, QuickBooks has by some means reduced the growing cases of theft.

However, if anyone faces with problems while resetting their QuickBooks passwords, then we have a solution here. QuickBooks automated Password Reset device will help you reset password in QuickBooks computer.

Uses of the automated Password Reset tool

The automated password reset device may be applied to reset your QuickBooks Admin password in QuickBooks 2008 & future version.

  • Select the tool based on the model of QuickBooks you are currently the use of:
  • Automated Password reset tool for QuickBooks desktop US
  • Automatic Password reset device for QB Desktop Canada
  • Automated Password reset device for QuickBooks Desktop the UK

Choose the version of QuickBooks desktop you use

Fill in the QuickBooks license number & business facts used when registering QuickBooks, then press next.

US Client only:  In case you observe that the information you have provided does not match, then log in your Intuit account to make sure these portions of data are accurate:

  • Primary contact name email address
  • Primary Mailing location (particularly zip code)
  • License number (under services & products)
  • Phone number (under Account information)
  1. Accept the License Agreement. The automated password reset tool might be downloaded instantly
  2. Run the automated Password Reset Device.
  3. Enter the token number received through email.
  4. From QuickBooks Desktop products drop-down, choose the same QuickBooks version.
  5. Choose to Browse for company, then choose the company file which you want to reset the password for.

In case, you’re resetting the password for an Accountant’s copy working file (.QBA), you’ll want to type in the File name box and hit Enter. This may let you see then select.QBA documents.

  1. Enter your New Password, then confirm New Password.
  2. Choose Reset Password to finish the process.

With this, you should now be able to open QuickBooks and log in to your company file the usage of the new password you just set for yourself. The password reset device can only be used for one-time; the verification form will need to be filled out again to generate a new token.

A Way to determine which version of QuickBooks is being used

Search for the product version & launch numbers, after that select the product from the list and check the model & release facts and follow some instructions.

  • QuickBooks Statement Writer: In QuickBooks, select report and QuickBooks statement writer.
  • After this system opens, select help then selects about QuickBooks statement Writers. Model facts can be found in the about window.
  • Point Of Sale: select help > Product facts. There, you will find a version or release records.
  • QuickBooks basic Or Enhanced Payroll: Select Employees > Payroll facilities. Click Payroll Tab.
  • QuickBooks For Mac: choose help > Product data.
  • QuickBooks Desktop: Press F2 to open the Product records Window.

It is crucial for you to have net Framework 4.5 installed to get the Password Reset device. Choose the QuickBooks desktop version you last up to date to open your Quickbooks organization file.

  • From the QuickBooks version, choose your version of QuickBooks desktop.
  • Fill in the QuickBooks license number & business data used when registering QuickBooks, then click Submit.
  • After that accept the license agreement & click the download button.
  • On the next screen, click the Download Now link.

It’s important to make sure that after it asks you to access or save, save it on your desktop.

  • Enter the token number you got through email within the Token number field.
  • Then choose your QuickBooks model on the QuickBooks products drop-down menu.
  • Click on Browse for company document & choose the company file which you need to reset the password.
  • Then click Reset Password.

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