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QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2023; What’s New in Transition

QuickBooks Desktop for Mac Plus is the desktop version of QuickBooks for Mac. It automates every accounting task and boosts productivity, so you can focus and spend more time on your business. In this article, we will be covering all the new features available in the latest version along with its pricing.

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New Changes in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac Plus

In the year 2023, there are some new features added in the QuickBooks Mac Plus that can save time and also help in running your business smoothly and efficiently.

1. Pay bills Online

QuickBooks Mac Plus 2023 has been equipped with Bill Pay which is powered by Melio.

2. Upload Bills

This feature helps you upload bills automatically from a common macOS Photos album. Or it can be done manually by importing as an image in a PDF form.

3. Customer Group Reporting and Email

This feature allows you to generate customer groups through which you can send emails and run reports on multiple customers.

4. Expanded Photo Sync

Using this feature, you can simply add photos to your company file by putting them in a common Photos album.

5. Additional reports

To help you with important information about your business, we have included 4 new reports such as:

  1. Unpaid Bills by Job
  2. Profit and Loss Unclassified
  3. Adjusting Journal Entries
  4. Profit and Loss Budget Performance

6. Manage items easier

This feature allows an organization to manage its items by duplicating them. You can also merge items using Visible Merge.

7. Improved Condense

This new feature-Improved Condense- is very helpful in managing your file size or beginning a new file using Improved Condense.

Features Available in Mac Plus

QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus 2022
QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus 2023

In the new version of QuickBooks Desktop for Mac, there are many new and advanced features. Have a look at the below-mentioned feature:

  1. Unlimited Customer Support

The QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus provides you with unlimited customer support to use the plan.

  • In this QuickBooks Desktop version, you can get live customer support from the experts without any additional cost.
  • It allows you to add a Call-Back option and concentrate on your business.
  • When required, you can drop a message to schedule for live expert.
  • Save time with easy-to-find help at your fingertips through enhanced searchable content, or from our vast community of users.
  • It helps you to fix corrupt or damaged data by using the QuickBooks Data Recovery service.
  1. Sends Statements Automatically

You can send the statements automatically by using QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus.

  • It can automatically send recurring statements to different customer groups based on their needs.
  • The QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus reminds you to get paid faster.
  • It helps you to review the statements regularly.
  1. Receipt Management

The Mac Plus provides some features to manage receipts.

  • QuickBooks automatically creates and customizes the receipt expense transactions that are imported from your iPhone or a PDF. 
  • The Mac Plus helps you to attach the digital image of the receipt to the expense transactions for the audit trials.
  • You can customize, modify, or record multiple receipt transactions at the same time.
  • In QuickBooks, you can easily review transactions through email.
  1. Apple Silicon Processor Compatibility

It is one of the newly added features of Mac Plus.

  • If you are using the new Apple Silicon computer processor, then it will increase your QuickBooks performance.
  • It helps you to use QuickBooks that are compatible with new Mac hardware standards.
  • The Mac Plus allows you to use your QuickBooks on new or previous-generation Macs.
  1. Improved Bank Feeds
  • It automatically customizes your bank feeds or batch-editing your bank transactions through the payees, accounts, and classes.
  • In Mac Plus, You can refresh all of your bank accounts with a single click.
  • Also, it improves the data integrity with better matching and less manual entry.
  • You can easily review or fix the transaction differences.
  1. Create Customer Group

It helps you to increase your customer management ability, insights, and communication by creating rule-based customer groups. It will update to match your specified criteria.

  1. Improved Transaction Management

In the Mac Plus version, you can see the clear status of all transactions that are convenient for your invoices and checks.

  1. Collapse Rows and Columns Report

If you see the lengthy reports, you can hide the unnecessary row and columns. The Mac Plus version allows you to collapse your columns and rows.

  1. Gmail for the Default Mail

In QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus, you can set Gmail as your default email.

  1. Choose the Right Email Contacts

It helps you to select the right recipients from the vendors’ or customers’ contact lists to send emails.

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Other Features Available in Mac Plus

QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus (2023) is best for business because of its importance and business-needed facilities or features, which make a user more comfortable and easy to manage his business finances. We can explain to you that, how it works.

  1. Track Inventory

The Mac Plus helps you to track products, cost of goods and adjust inventory to account for loss, stealing, and shrinkage. If the inventory is decreased, you will get a notification. Also, you can create purchase orders to track orders.

  1. Track Sales tax

It automatically tracks sales tax every month. You can know which customers and which products are taxable. It runs sales tax liability reports to show you what you paid.

  1. Invoicing

In this edition of QuickBooks Desktop for Mac, you can create invoices for services, goods, billable time and expenses, professional estimates, and payment receipts. It helps you to get payments from your invoices and send automatic reminders on outstanding payments. Also, you can get real-time visibility of invoice status.

  1. Manage Bills & Accounts Payable

It allows you to track bills and purchase orders, maintain cash flow, and find unpaid bills from a vendor to manage payments. The Mac Plus helps you to take action on unpaid bills. It permits you to automate bill entries by using the QuickBooks Desktop mobile app and pay your vendor’s bills by using the funding source.

  1. Track Income & Expenses

It automatically connects your bank and credit card to download and categorize transactions and import previous financial data from Excel and other programs. It permits you to organize your business with Customers, Vendors, and Employee Centers. To save your time, it creates categorized receipt expense entries by using the QuickBooks Desktop Mobile app. 

Pricing of QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus

Now, QuickBooks Desktop Mac is known as QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus. It is accessible to up to 3 users. Below is the pricing of Mac Plus. If you are not satisfied with this version then, you can contact the official representative of QuickBooks directly within 60 days for the full refund of the purchase.

1 User:-  $ 549.99/yr

2 User:-  $ 749.99/ yr

3 User:-  $949.99/ yr

Features Compare with Earlier Versions

Here, we will compare the features of the QuickBooks Desktop for Mac versions;

Pay bills Online
Upload Bills
Customer Group Reporting and Email
Expanded Photo Sync
Additional reports
Manage items easier
Improved Condense
Improve insights and communication to different types
Get the list of your customer or vendor contacts
One-click export to excel
Hide unnecessary columns and rows
Auto categorize of the receipt expense transaction
Automating regularly sent statement emails, tailored
Unlimited access to live customer support experts
Import bank feeds faster by automatically categorizing
Accomplish your accounting tasks faster with a QuickBooks optimized for Apple processors.
Create and reuse email templates
Refund merchant service charges with one click
Easily find and open company files
Restore QuickBooks files with the backup file restore wizard
Refreshed reporting structure
Setup Gmail as your default QuickBooks email
Auto Reminder
Send statements with payment links
Combine multiple invoices into one email
Track sales tax codes
Electronically file 1099s without extra forms or processing
Upload text searchable images to QuickBooks with iPhone scanner
Centralized dashboard
Dark Mode user interface
Search text in any PDF attachment
Electronic invoices with online ACH
Reliable process bounced checks
Resize columns on invoices, and other forms
Print directly on envelopes
Easy-to-use timesheets
Expense Tracker
Attach important documents
Reconcile QuickBooks data with bank statements
Download transactions in the batch
Share documents across multiple Macs through iCloud
Reconcile discrepancies between bank statements and QuickBooks records
Track the mail sent in QuickBooks
Add reminders to iCal/Calendar
Create and print deposit slips
Easily print checks, pay bills, and track expenses
Accept credit and debit cards
Left Hand Toolbar
Customizable Centers
Income Tracker
Past Due stamps placed on delinquent invoices
Import Square sales data
Faster launch time
Allow up to 3 users to work in QuickBooks at the same time
Set user permissions
Synchronize contacts with Mac OS Address Book/Contacts
Batch-importing invoices, payments, and bills
Invoice for projects in phases
Quickly adjust sales tax paid
Invoice multiple customers
Create budgets by fiscal year
Track time, mileage, and expenses to bill clients

Minimum System Required to use QuickBooks Desktop for Mac Plus

You need some specific requirements to successfully run QuickBooks Desktop for Mac Plus. Here are the minimum system requirements for the version.   

  • Firstly, you need good internet connectivity.
  • It is only accessible with Intel and Apple CPU hardware.
  • You must have iOS 12.0 to get all the iPhone-related features.
  • You also need macOS X v11.3 to run the QuickBooks Mac version.  

It was the complete overview of QuickBooks Desktop for Mac users, including the plan, features, pricing, and system requirements. You can contact our QuickBooks ProAdvisors through the toll-free number +1-844-405-0904 if you want further help.

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