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Intuit Data Protect Backup Failed (It’s Not Working): Fixed

    Intuit provides the ultimate backup security with intuit data protection feature, which is a subscription service that ensures data protection from any discrepancy like virus attacks, system theft, or file corruption. But sometimes the Intuit data protect backup failed, and we were unable to save all of the data. Now it will not happen with all because, here we are with the article, where you can get the solution to the problem when Intuit data protect not working. If you are facing the same then let’s start the article;

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    intuit data protect backup failed
    Intuit Data Protect Backup Failed

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    How to Fix Intuit Data Protect Backup Failed Issue

    Often the online backup process is halted due to various issues. Thus, there are solutions to problems that are often seen.

    To make sure that the firewall does not look intuit protect the following steps are required. Since Intuit Data Protect requires clear access to the firewall remember the important files aren’t blocked.

    Solution 1: Add Files to Windows Firewall

    Follow the procedure to add files to the Windows firewall;

    • Search the firewall by clicking the window key.
    • Select Allow app through window firewall and allow the apps
    • Choose BROWSE  to find program files and Intuit Data Protect
    • Choose QBIDPservice.exe to open
    • Select Private, network type to add
    • Continue to receive the message that file aren’t exist

    Solution 2: Don’t Forget to Add into Data Protect as a Trusted Sites

    Put the sites as trusted sites. Here is the procedure to do;

    • Use the Windows key and search the Internet
    • Select Security and choose Trusted sites
    • Add the select websites by selecting sites. You can copy paste the websites, or can add them manually as a trusted site.
    • Either copy paste or add manually
      • Ensure https. from all sides is unchecked
      • Choose Close and OK

    Solution 3: Update the QuickBooks Desktop

    There is another solution to fix the backup problem in Intuit data protection, and that is to update QuickBooks Desktop.

    • Opening QuickBooks data desktop
    • Press F2 or control +1 to choose the product information window
    • Do Automatic updates.
    • Select help menu and choose update QuickBooks Desktop
    • Go to update now
    • Choose the ‘Get Updates’ to commence the downloading process
    • Restart QuickBooks once downloading finishes.
    • Accept to install new releases.

    Solution 4: Update Intuit Data Protect

    If any one of the solutions are not working then you can update the Intuit data protection by following the below procedure;

    Step 1: Get Updates

    • Begin with downloading intuit data protect
    • Select help menu and choose update QuickBooks
    • Choose update now
    • Select data protect from the list and then select get updates

    Step 2: Install Updates

    • Choose the arrow on the lower right corner of the desktop
    • Click on the Intuit data protect icon and select About
    • Click on update
    • Finally, select okay to finish

    Solution 5: Use the Intuit Data Protect Diagnostic Tool

    It helps in resolving backup problems since it checks computer memories, space and also ensures the latest version of the app being used.

    How Does it Work?

    • Click on the intuit data protect icon to select about
    • Ctrl F2 to open intuit data protect the tool
    • Run diagnostics

    If an Error is Displayed

    Check the following points for a certain solution;

    • Clear Memory: Since IDP requires 150 MB ensure to clear memory
    • Clear Local Disk Space: clear almost 60 MB for successful backups
    • QBIDPservice: ensure the Service by searching service.msc and restarting the system once you choose QBIDPservice.
    • .NET: Ensure IDP version of 3.5 of NET or higher.

    Clearing space is one major solution to all backup problems caused by the Intuit Data Protect. Hence always remember to free space for updates and successful backups.

    We hope that all of the above-given information will be beneficial for you. And now you are able to fix the Intuit data protect backup failed issue ownself. Still, you may face any kind of problem during solving this issue. In that case, you can contact us through the toll-free number +1-844-405-0904 for an instant troubleshoot solution from certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors.

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