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How to Perform QuickBooks Online Backup & Restore

    Keeping a backup of the company file is a very good thing to manage all the records of a business in QuickBooks. A QuickBooks user should save or keep the backups in a regular interval of time. If you don’t know about the procedure of QuickBooks Online backup, and how to restore it then, don’t worry, here in this blog you will be able to do all the above activities easily.   

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    In this blog, you will get the restore and backup idea of QuickBooks Online or the QuickBooks Online Advanced. Let’s start the blog;

    QuickBooks Online Backup Process: 

    Before proceeding with the QuickBooks Online Backup, you have the knowledge that what data gets backed up, and what data isn’t backed up. Here is the list, have a look:

    Data you will get backed upData you will not get backed up
    Journal, and vendors entriesInformation about QuickBooks Online Payments
    Bills and bill paymentsEntries of audit log
    Time activitiesRecurring transactions
    Sales receiptsCustom reports and templates
    InvoicesDelayed credit and charges
    Credit memosReport on reconciliation
    Purchase bordersBillable expenses (related to account)
    Tax agencies, rates, codesBank rules and bank feeds
    AttachmentsPrice rules
    Company infoBillable expenses with markup

    Now, let’s start the backup and restore procedure for QuickBooks Online Advanced.

    Point to Remember: It is important to note that, the user must have the admin rights to connect and back up a company and make sure that you have connected your company to an external app, before creating the QuickBooks Online backup data.   

    Select File for Data Backup  

    The very first step to perform the backup in QuickBooks Online is ‘Selecting File for Backup’. 

    • Log in to QuickBooks Online or the QuickBooks online advanced company.
    • Then go to ‘Apps’ and select the ‘My Apps’ option.
    • Now you can see a drop-down menu of ‘Action’, just click on it, and select the ‘Launch’ option.  
    • From the menu list, choose the ‘Companies’, and then the ‘Add a Company or Connect to QuickBooks’.
    • After that choose that company that you want to create back up or connect.
    • Now you have to follow the screen instructions carefully.
    • After completing all the onscreen instructions, click on the ‘Authorize’ option to connect.

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    Backup your Company Data 

    There are three options to backup company data, and they are: continuous online backup, one-time online backup, and third one are to save a local backup to Google or DropBox. We will discuss all types of backup options the below:

    Continuous Online Backup Process:

    The continuous backup process is a daily scheduled back process of the company file. To enable it, follow the below steps:

    • First of all, QuickBooks online backup login is necessary, so log into the Online Backup and Restore app. 
    • Then from the menu, click the ‘Companies’ option, and select the Enable Backup option to turn on the Continous backup process. 

    If in case, you need to turn off or disable the data backup then follow the below steps:

    • Log in to Online Backup and Restore app.
    • Now click on the ‘Companies’ option from the menu.
    • And go to the setting icon, and select that company that you need to stop the backup.
    • Then click on the ‘Disable Backup’ option to disable the backup of the company.  

    One-time Manual Backup Process:

    In one-time manual backup process, you can adjust time manually for the backup of the company.

    • Launch online backup and Restore app by sign into it.
    • Then go for the ‘Backup’ option from the menu.
    • Click on the ‘New Manual Backup’ option.
    • After that click on the ‘Backup Type’ dropdown, and select Incremental, Full or Complete.
    • If you want to choose the ‘Incremental’ then the backup will start or the changes will save since the last backup.
    • And if you choose the Full, then it will save everything on the chart of account.  
    • Complete options save everything with the company data. 

    Save a Local Backup to Google or DropBox: 

    Here we have two types of methods to save the local backup: the first one is, Save the backup to dropbox or Google, and another one is, save the backup to Google Drive or DropBox.

    Save the QuickBooks Online backup to Dropbox or Google:
    • Go for the Local Backup from the menu, and select the ‘New Local Backup schedule’.
    • Then from the ‘Company’ field, click on that company that you need for backup.
    • Click on the ‘Once’ option, from the ‘Frequency’ field (You can follow this step if you want to save a single backup for now. And also choose the weekly, monthly, & daily) to the scheduled automatic backup.
    • Click on the ‘Dropbox or Google’ from the Service section, and when you did all these steps perfectly, choose the ‘Create Local Backup Schedule.
    Save the QuickBooks Online Backup to Dropbox or Google:
    • Login to the QuickBooks Online Backup and Restore App.
    • Then go for the ‘Local Backup’ from the menu bar 
    • And click on the Link a Service.
    • After that, you can select any one of the links Google Drive or DropBox.
    • Now you can follow the steps from Google or Dropbox to create backups in QuickBooks. 

    Restore the Company data:

    Whenever you restore any company data in QuickBooks, it restores all the things except history and adjustments of inventory, budgets, and tax rates using expense accounts. Login to the QuickBooks Online Backup and Restore app.

    • Then click on the ‘Restore’ option from the menu, and then click on the ‘New Restore’ option. 
    • From the ‘Company’ dropdown list, click on that company restore you need to restore the accounting data.
    • Then from the ‘Restore to’ dropdown menu, choose the specific date and time you need to restore.
    • Click on the ‘Create Restore’ option and then on the ‘Restore’ option to confirm.   

    We hope you like the article and can recollect some knowledge regarding the restore and backup procedure of QuickBooks Online or for the QuickBooks Online Advanced easily. Further, if you have any problem to follow the steps, or having any doubt regarding this topic then you can get our ProAdvisor support from Accountwizy platform.   

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