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How to Set Up Prior Payroll in QuickBooks Online

    Today, here in this article, we are going to know, ‘How to set up prior payroll in QuickBooks Online?’. Read the blog, till the end of the article, and do proper payroll with QuickBooks to manage your business perfectly.

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    Payroll functions help to get the right of entry to the QuickBooks online without difficulty by means of customers and update the reports, wage summary reports, and tax reviews. In this article, we’re going to discuss, a way to enter an employee’s Prior Payroll in QuickBooks Online. If you’ve already paid personnel for the duration of the current calendar year at that time it’s important to enter an employee’s prior Payroll information in QuickBooks online before running payroll.

    Many users want to create a w2 even in your former employee in QuickBooks online but they don’t recognize the way to do this in QuickBooks online. Employee’s prior Payroll occurs normally that your former employee has left the enterprise before you start the use of QB Payroll. and also you need to consist of past data for the w2 for that employee. This will be done by means of getting into Employee’s prior payroll in QuickBooks online.

    Firstly, we can find the features of QuickBooks Online for Payroll and some specific features whose you will find in the payroll, later be mentioned a way to enter Employee’s Prior Payroll

    QuickBooks Online Payroll Functions

    We have given some functions of QuickBooks Online payroll, have a look, and use the functions to do payroll properly.

    Time Saving Functions in QuickBooks Online Payroll:

    • Pay and control payments
    • Unlimited invoices send
    • You pay and file taxes from within QuickBooks Online
    • Print and prepare 1099s
    • Stock monitoring
    • Customers can run payroll with the online mobile app at any time and anywhere.
    • Track earnings and prices
    • Get solutions fast with chat guide and a free phone from the U.S. based payroll professionals

    Payroll Functions Inside QuickBooks:

    This features actually you’ll found the inside in QuickBooks

    • Set up in minutes
    • Run Payroll
    • Your Payroll Taxes Calculated
    • Automatic Reminders
    • Easy Payroll inside QuickBooks
    • Unlimited Payroll
    • Payroll reports
    • Payroll Taxes and year-end W-2s
    • Live Payroll Experts.

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    Procedure to Set Up Prior Payroll in QuickBooks Online

    You can set up prior payroll in QuickBooks online in just 4 simple steps. Follow the below steps to set up it.

    Step 1: Keep Employee Info

    Collect all the employee W-4s forms, payroll reports, pay stubs to make it easy to enter employees’ details. Use the employee pay stubs, for the employee year to date amounts.

    Step 2: Get Started with Prior Payroll

    The next step is, started with prior payroll in QuickBooks Online. Follow the below steps to start the procedure:

    • Login for QuickBooks Online payroll.
    • First, go for the ‘Payroll’ option, and click on the ‘Overview’.
    • Go to the ‘To Do’ section, and see the tasks you need to complete.
    • Add your business information, and inform your team.
    • Go for the ‘Let’s Go’ option to start adding the employees.
    • After that, enter your employee’s information. You need to answer some questions, click the ‘Done’ option.
    • Select the ‘Add an Employee’ option to add the rest of your employees.
    • Now you can follow the onscreen instructions, click the ‘Done’ option, if your employee doesn’t have any wages to enter this year.

    Step 3: Steps to Enter the Payment Amount, which You have paid for your Employee this Year

    If you want to see, how much you have paid the employee this year then you can go for the below procedure:

    • Select the ‘+Enter [x] prior pay details’ (here x=year), under the. ‘ How much did you pay [employee] this year?’ question.
    • After that, answer 1-2 questions, select the time period the employee got paid. It is an additional question.
    • The next step depends on your answer, use the reports and pay stubs you gathered to enter in the ‘Year-to-date totals as of today column’.
    • Fill out all the deductions, compensation, contributions as applicable.
    • If you are in the quarter level, or in the level of 2-4 questions then, enter the amounts you have paid the employee for the previous quarters in the column of Year-to-date totals as of [date] column.

    Step 4: Repeat all Employees Paid of this Year

    In the current calendar year, enter the pay information for all employees paid, which are no longer with your company.

    How to Enter Employee’s Prior Payroll in QuickBooks Online

    Enter the employee’s prior payroll in QuickBooks Online, by following the below steps:

    • Firstly click on the employee tab.
    • Secondly, click on the name of the employee.
    • Then scroll down the button and click on the Enter [tax year] prior pay information.
    • After that click on yes.
    • Click next.
    • Enter the YTD totals for this employee.
    • Click next.
    • Click on the extra pay date and enter the company details and each charge date for the cutting-edge region also.
      • Start with the first web page and date of the quarter
      • After that enter all of the details of the personnel per pay date
    • On paycheck history input totals of the taxes from preceding payroll provider reviews
    • Click on done.

    Winding Up

    QuickBooks Online prior payroll is very important to manage payroll perfectly. So here, we have tried our best to put information in this article. Hope you like it. You can get our ProAdvisor support, if you have any kind of doubts, or issue regarding this article.

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